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MySD Survey Results

Rather than give a big introduction, we'll let the survey results speak for themselves.

The wizards' take on it and the actions/plans/changes we'd like to do will be posted at a later time (it won't be anything major of course, so fear not). With that said, here is the summary, in bullet point form, of the 13 survey results. This post will also be in the next edition of the newspaper, so no need to read it in your muck client if it's too much text. Text in itallics indicates a wizard comment. A big thank you to all who participated and offered your insightful comments.

  • Differing ideas of what types of things are good to RP (conflict, etc). Not all characters suited for all RPs. Less conflict oriented RP is desired.
  • Safe haven from other mucks. Escape from reality. Caters to many interests.
  • Some players really like RP, some prefer to socialize. Seems like no one is perceiving a player/character can do both. Socializers viewed as not wanting to do anything new or different day in and day out. It is suggested that some people don't know how to get started with RP (of any sort) or who to turn to for help or suggestions. Some may even feel awkward doing it in the first place.
  • It's a great place to meet and talk with friends. A place to 'chill out'. Great community.
  • One felt SDers aren't voicing their opinions enough. In particular, not talking about issues that are bothering them concerning the muck and others. Perhaps those players would fit in more if others knew how they felt and then tried to join in on the fun.

The wizards have seen instances where lack of communication has caused hurt feelings, especially in the Rose Garden. Simply expressing how you feel can go a long way.

  • RP should be encouraged, but not forced. No amount of forcing will change the players. Don't change the place much otherwise.
  • Some feel that people who only go to the rose garden are missing out on lots of opportunities.
  • Information on one's character (wi, pinfo) should be set.
  • A helpful list of commands to set up a characters (including examples) posted on the BB, etc. every month or so would be helpful.
  • Muck-wide RPs have not turned out well or were poorly planned. Probably should avoid them.
  • Players should not try and hinder other's efforts at events and RPs.
  • The idea of doing whatever you want (and not being forced into a particular mind set or way of doing things) is seen as a great asset.
  • LJ entries from the SD 'guild' should be quoted more in the paper. Make articles out of them.
  • One liked the idea of how SD encourages the creativity of people to come out and play, where "what is trivial about a person is burned off". Imaginations grow and prosper.
  • People that are good at provoking activity could teach others how to do so as well.

These last comments seem to be tightly related to one another:

  • Serious roleplay needing multiple sessions is seen by some as very time consuming, requires a LOT of energy, and doesn't always offer the 'return' desired.
  • Time issues. Short, self contained, even spontaneous stuff is good. Yet some players want long and drawn out.
  • The organized events are fun and rewarding!

How about a 'story session' where everyone could brainstorm ideas that could be used for plots and RPs (large and small), events, and other things? It might make for people comfortable speaking up, at least.

Yummy snack begs to be eaten

It all started with Morticon dropping a Chocolate thing. As he left, the chocolate thing looked around, got its bearings and then announced that it was "animal safe' chocolate. This got the notice of most everyone in the Rose Garden.

Naturally, some folks were suspicious of the treat, especially when it began begging to be eaten. It made sure we were all aware of how tasty it was, and made sure we could all smell its chocolately goodness. In spite of being incredibly tempting, most folks held back wanting to make sure it was, in fact, animal safe.

After pointing out that it had M and M's imbedded in it, and crying, "Eat me! Eat me!" Divina, local skunk, resisted temptation no more and began eating the Chocolate thing. As is disapeared down her throat, the chocolate thing exclaimed, "Oh, I'm so happy...!!!" Davina then shared the remainer of the talking tasty with Darius, local ferret.

Although suspicions of there being some trick to the Chocolate thing proved groundless, it was suggested that since it talked as it was eaten, it might do so once digested. No one volunteered to follow Divina and Darius around to see if this was true. Neither reported problems with talking waste as of press time.

Band organizes; to begin music soon

Earth-elemental rabbit Zach, boy squirrel Felix, balloon dragon/human Beltrami, and fae-kangaroo operator Roofus_roo organized early this week into a band. Zach used his mastery over the ground and the materials in it to create copper cymbals for himself, Beltrami, and Felix, which all took to crashing together quite well, and made a triangle for Roofus_roo.

Felix was most impressed by the cymbals, which he had seen in a parade. Beltrami was most impressed by the noise, after some experiments to determine the best way of making the sound last, and despite some missteps in which she pressed the ringing cymbal to her face instead of letting it ring. Beltrami has also been delighted by the playing of a kazoo given her several months ago.

The band's first performance was dedicated mostly to crashing the cymbals and triangle together and making noise. They hope in future to learn how to crash them together on time, and on purpose, and perhaps to someday take up a career in music. They have not yet announced whether they will also solve mysteries.

Plush Findra to help Easter bunny shortfall

With a shortfall in bunny-ness expected this Easter due to the transformation of Skyler into red panda slippers and Zach's scheduled transformation into a human cub, dragonness Aushae called on her life-weaving powers to increase and enhance the natural bunniness of semicoati bunny Findra Dolphin.

While onlookers might protest Findra was a bunny to begin with, and had from the dolphin community learned shapeshifting powers letting her take on many forms, her natural rabbityness was enhanced and concentrated by the process which turned the slightly cartoony rabbit into a large, overstuffed plush bunny.

Findra has been reported quite satisfied with the toylike form, and expects it will help her duties as an associate Easter Bunny immensely. Those hoping for favors from her are encouraged to offer bribes soon.

Zach turned into a human

Zach who's been an elemental everything the last couple months asked me for help turning back into what he was before Nikon the miniature flubber raccoon gave him elemental magic powers--he used to be a human kid about ten years old and just wanted to be that again.

So we tried using some fairy-bunny magic to put him back in his old body. He particularly wanted to get turned back before Easter because he was an Earth-elemental bunny rabbit and he didn't want to have to work Easter! He also said it was a *lot* of responsibility being elemental and he is just a kid anyway.

So with a little help from Roofus_roo the candy'roo we pushed a bunch of magic in a nice heavy violet glow into him. We tried even playing tic-tac-toe on his back but it came out tied. When that was all soaked in fully we started patting down Zach's fur and pushing his feet and paws and they got back to a pretty good human shape easily. Zach's tail we took off and spread out and made into a couple pairs of summer clothes, shirts and shorts and stuff, that fit perfectly (since he wouldn't have fur or dirt-as-fur anymore and he'd need it). And we even took his bunny-ears off and made them into a bunny flipflops for his feet.

There was some elemental stuff left over, and we put that into a necklace so if he needs these magic powers again he can get to them easily. Nikon was sad that Zach wanted to be human again but was okay with it, and Zach figures his mommy and daddy are going to be really happy to have him back to normal. Plus there's Easter still too.

Gilead the otteress

Gilead the otter turned into a girl this week thanks to Nikon the miniature flubber raccoon. That really surprised Gilead who was kind of sleepy when it happened and she wasn't even sure he could be turned into a girl otter until it happened! He can be a girl seal when he wants and a girl co-otter-mundi, but this is new.

Gilead says it's not a whole lot different being a girl otter and it's fun. She doesn't have any cubs to nurse and both boys and girls stand on all fours. She's a little smaller than she used to be too, so has to be more careful. She's worried about other animals trying to steal her territory now that she's littler (but not as little as Nikon is!).

Gilead helped Nikon who can change her shape be a little girl otter in trade too. Nikon said she wasn't starting up a new Coonlective only for otters, yet anyway, but I bet she will anyway.

Local elastic community applauds release of "The Incredibles"

With the release of the Pixar CGI movie, The Incredibles on DVD, it is expected that the elastic and stretchable population of SpinDizzy will be first in line to purchase copies.

Why, you may ask? Because of Helen Parr, or "Elastigirl". Her ability to stretch her body gives her a very formidable superpower. And, as centaur fans flock (or herd?) to see movies and buy items related to centaurs, it seems only natural that elastic folks would enjoy seeing a brother, well, sister elastoid in action, and getting the credit she deserves for her, and other elastic folks, remarkable abilities.

It is expected that Helen Parr, or Elastigirl, will joint the ranks of other elastic heroes including Reed Richards of the Fantastic 4, also known as Mr. Fantastic, and Mr. Impossible from The Venture Brothers.

Hopefully, this film will show film makers that having elastic characters is a guarantee of a film's success.

Patch O'Black joins the elastic crowd.

Patch O'Black, local Jellicle cat, was found to have become a coati Saturday morning. Stepping into the Rose Garden, this reporter was greeted by the new procyonid with a cheery, "Chulo, Argon!" A closer look revealed he was indeed a coati mundi, long striped tail raccoony face markings, and of course a wiggly nose.

Further investigation revealed that it had been discovered that Patch had been wearing a Jellicle cat fursuit. Not only that, but he had on two other fursuits beneath it. When all three were removed, it revealed Patch as a coati.

Austin, local elastic coati, remarked, You say, "We found ... what was it, a Jellicle zipper in him; he unzipped and we found the Patchy inside had Jellicle buttons; and then inside that was another Patchy with Jellicle velcro, and inside that was the Jellicle Coati."

When asked if local fursuit, Dellway. was being worn by Patch, Austin replied that there was no evidence that he (?) was.

When Scandal, local fox expressed hope that the coati form might be another fursuit and that it could be removed to reveal Patch as a fox, Patch expressed suprize that Scandal had hit on "the truth". However, Patch said this with a grin as he found some snaps on the coati fur which he undid. As the coati fursuit fell away, it revealed Patch back to his true form, that of a Jellicle cat.

Gilead's basket of colorful puns

Q. What holiday is characterized by small, short-tailed rodents expelling eggs from their cheek pouches into hidden places?
A. Hamster.

Q. What holiday is characterized by pinching crustaceans hiding roe all over your lawn?
A. Lobster.

Q. What do you get when you put jelly beans and colored eggs in a wok?
A. An Ea Stir-Fry.

Q. Why was the fire lizard's tail sore?
A. It was dragon on the ground.

Q. What is it called when a fire lizard puts on lipstick and fishnets?
A. Going in drag-on.

Q. Why is the atmosphere so colorful on Easter?
A. Everyone's eating jelly beans.

Q. Why don't ferrets celebrate Easter?
A. Because they either don't catch a rabbit, or they don't get their eggs, so it's a lose-lose deal either way.

Q. Why are bunnies sometimes unhappy when they look at their neighbors?
A. The cellophane grass is always greener in the other basket.

Q. Why did the impulsive otter get a tummy ache.
A. Well, he ate something unnatural and indigestible, but when the vets asked him to say what it was, they found they couldn't get a Peep out of him.

Zach's Quoted Quote Question

Can you guess where the quote was said and who said it? See the bottom of the paper for the answer...

This week's quote:

"Sneaking is bad? _________ seems defintely harmfull!"

News from Duma Mountain, or, Spotty Journalism

Ray's filk.

Spindizzy's weekly Bardic Circle (Poetry/Filk gather) met Friday, March 25, at 7:00pm Spindizzy time, at the Agora of the Ancients, moderated by Ray. In attendance, at varying times, were: Elizabeth, Logan, Ping, Zach, Clarisa, NeverNever, Findra, Scandal.

Ray started the reading with an original poem rather generically titled, "Springtime."

"Springtime" (03/18/02)

'Twixt Winter's deep and icy sleep
And Summer's fiery blaze
The nights still wane, and warm winds sweep
The lengthening of days

Her cloak of ice and dark at last
By Nature laid aside
Replaced instead by flow'rs and grass
Which in this time abide

Green shoots push up through fertile ground
Buds bloom upon the tree
And life across the land abounds
Renewed for all to see

The rains and Sun a garden make
Where once all was as dead
And from this start later will take
The fruits of days ahead

And when the Spring gives up its place
The Sun in zenith climbs
And cycling Seasons stately race
Across the span of Time

Zach followed with an original poem he had just written, "Weeds and Seeds." Ray then read another original poem, titled, "Without You," dedicated to Elizabeth. Elizabeth followed that with a poem by Robert Frost,"To the Thawing Wind." Logan performed an original, untitled poem about Spring, "...(T)hrown together in about 30 minutes. Even a little disjointed, but here goes."

Ray followed with a pair of original Spring Haiku, "Green Spring Haiku," and one untitled, as such. Zach followed that trend with his own Haiku, which began "End winter storming..." NeverNever continued with that Theme, her Haiku beginning, "Falling rain on grass..." Elizabeth then read three of her own Haiku, "Cherry Blossoms," another, untitled Haiku which began, "nature's pure beauty..." as well as one titled, "Rain."

Scandal then presented another original poem, freshly composed, which began, "Word tumble from me..." about the genesis of poetry from disordered words to verse. In honor of the Easter holiday, Ray reprised his original filk, titled, "Bunny" (To the tune of "Money," by Pink Floyd, from the album "P.U.L.S.E."). He followed that with two more original poems, "Malachitia," and "Lonesome Road."

Finally, Scandal ended the session with another original, extemporaneous poem, amost an invocation to Spring, which began, "Sing to the spirits/That live in the woods..."

The next session will be Friday, April 1, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm Spindizzy time (luge S7 E4, [B]asalt [P]illars, [E]nter [P]ortal). All are welcome, either to read or just to listen. Check the eventlist for more details.

Notice: If anyfur would like to see any of the poems, songs, or filks mentioned in this or any previous edition of Spotty Journalism printed in its entirety in this column, please pmail Ray to request it. Space permitting, I will make arrangements. -R.

This week in history

Back issues from a year and more ago. Remember when...?

Newspaper Circulation Report

@Action News, SpinDizzy's weekly paper, apparently has a fairly healthy circulation, so we figured we'd show just how healthy it is.

Each week, as long as there's room. I'll show the 'hit graph' for the @Action News website.

Graphic of @Action News website hits.

Bearing Up

Bearing Up logo.

Welcome to the latest edition of Bearing up, the advice column where Ba'ar (That's me!) has answers to your most challenging questions.

Dear Bearing Up:
Why do bees dance?
- F. Astaire

Dear F. Astaire,
It's a good source of exercise.

Dear Bearing Up,
Does the rain in Spain really stay mainly on the plain?
- H. Higgins

Dear H. Higgins:
Sure. The plain's big enough.

Dear Bearing Up,
I heard Disney is considering releasing "Song of the South". Any truth to this?
- Aunt Jemimia

Dear Aunt Jemima:
Sho 'nuff Mammy!

Dear Bearing Up,
I'm shedding my winter coat and it's getting all over everything. No matter how often Mavra brushes me, and I her, we have hair all over the place. What can we do?
- Argon

Dear Argon:
Be happy you have hair. Some furs have no hair at all.

Dear Bearing Up,
Is the Easter Bunny real?
- Larry Leprechaun

Dear Larry Leprechaun,
No he isn't, but Santa Claus is.

Remember possums (to steal a term from Dame Edna ;-D), if you have any questions,please page mail me (Ba'ar) online or send mail to big_bear@operamail.com. Thanks.

Weekly Survey

Argon doing the survey.This week, Argon is asking, "I'm doing a survey for @Action News. The question this week is, 'How much chocolate can Vixie eat in one sitting?"

  • Morticon - Probably enough to make her un-cute!
  • Findra - How much chocoalte can Vixie eat in one sitting? Clearly, as much as there is available.
  • Brenda - Not as much chocolate as Cye. Trust me on this
  • From: Roofus_roo - I don't think there's enough chocolate in the world to truly satisfy Vixie.
  • From: Logan - In response to the survey, my answer is, "How much chocolate is there in the world?"
  • From: Ray - What? You'd try to put a limit on Vixie's chocolate supply? You fiend!
  • Austin - Not much, I'd think. Even the slower chocolate bunnies would run fast enough she'd have to get up and run after it.
  • Zach - Whatever amount is deemed acceptable by the society of cute vixens.
  • Carl - Who is Vixie?
  • Darius - I say she cant ever eat enough
  • Terry - "None, because it'll poison her and she'll die?"
  • Leslie - "Uh, I guess half a bag of those little candy eggs Mr Argon?"
  • Selethrial - "I don't know Vixie, but guessing by the question, if she remains sitting, she'll eat any chocolate brought within paws reach."
  • Ba'ar - How about 5 pounds of chocolate"
  • Gina_Doberman - "The world may never know!"
  • Gilead - "As much as her little heart can stand?"
  • Felina - "Twice her weight? Though.. If she ate that her weight would increase meaning she'd have to eat even more and more and more.. Unless she's weightless.

Zach's Quoted Quote Answer

Centaur Arms to serve and protect from any theft. We have the finest security for rent and to own. Come by anytime for a free investigative search.

Today location takes us to... The Rose Garden, yes somehow you must have known, you're brilliant! Our missing word is Snatching and our patron or rather matron that offered it was Elericia.

Congratulation to all of you that guessed right!

The Doze Garden

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting Articles

Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy! Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org or qmail or page Argon, Carl or SDN about it.
@Action News is published weekly on or after 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Sunday. Most any type of story or article will be accepted. Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy. Things that occur in public areas are fair game. The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (any more than anything that happens here does) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have. These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.

Thanks! Argon, Editor @Action News