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Dread pirate steals operator

Dread pirate fae Flutterz stole the operator pack belonging to Beltrami, balloon half-dragon, Friday the 10th. Flutterz was fascinated by the operator pack, a plastic half-globe almost as large as the fae and with a complex pattern of lights which flashes within when it is turned on. Beltrami had it on, with the intent of scanning the pirate, when Flutterz made her move.

``"S'that bein' s'treasurez?'' Flutterz demanded, and assured it was, she announced ``S'pretty'' and pressed her nose against the operator pack. ``S'coolies! S'Flutterz be takin'! Yerp!''

Royal Dragon Nighteyes said, ``You will not be taking Beltrami's operator pack,'' to which Flutterz protested, ``I will too be taking the operator pack!'' Flutterz zipped over to the ears of Skyler, cartoon bunny, and tangled up in them. From that perch she reached out to take the operator, which Beltrami yielded. Flutterz hammocked the plastic dome between Skyler's ears.

Nighteyes offered Flutterz a deal, trading the operator pack for something more unusual; Skyler doubted Flutterz would stick to one. But Flutterz was interested, and Nighteyes offered the trade of a crystal faerie made of pure magic. She giggled, grinned, and shook Tailina (her tail) against Nighteyes's clay, ``S'deali-o. Yerp!''

Flutterz tucked the crystal on Skyler's head, took out a club, and announced, ``S'Skylerthingie be stealin' it ... and S'Flutterz be stealin' s'Skylerthingie!'' After a set of blows to Skyler's head, the bunny luged away to Flutterz's hideout, with pirate, crystal, and operator pack.

Nighteyes pursued; he was disheartened to find himself unable to follow the pirate, and also upset the enchantment placed upon the crystal -- which was to steal all the magic from Flutterz and attack her in the case of a double-cross -- did not frustrate her at all. He was unable to trace her, and while Skyler was able to burrow out, it was without the other stolen articles. Skyler described the hideout as ``a torture chamber for captives!'' and muttered something which ended in ``...pillows and blankets, but who am I to judge?"

Beltrami's operator is an all-purpose tool she uses to scan, store, and alter objects. She has used it to give JayTee a tail; to create outfits for herself and friends; to study events such as PatchO'Black's discontinuous aging and Felix's sore inflatable feet; and to store her otherwise loose objects. Use of the device can be taught to any, but it does present and receive data through a color language. She is not disabled by the loss of the operator but is inconvenienced.

Extra arms for everybody!

Last Saturday B.J. the ringtail brought out a neat new toy for everybody in the Rose Garden to play with. It's called a Multiplexer and what it does when you use it is give you brand new arms or legs or heads or tails or everything like that. He said he came up with the idea when he was studying Tottle who's a two-headed rabbit (or sometimes a two-headed raccoon) and he wanted everybody to have fun with having extra arms and legs and everything. It gives you different stuff every time you try, or at least it's supposed to, with sometimes one more pair of arms, sometimes two more, or legs, or even two new heads.

It even gave Selethrial the fox a whole second body! The two Selethrials started chasing each other all around the Rose Garden, sometimes knocking stuff over by accident but playing a fun game of tag. Gilead the otter didn't know if he wanted to use it if it'd give him two whole bodies, and one of the Selethrials said he shouldn't but then the other did! B.J. had a new pair of legs right behind his old so he was kind of a short ringtail centaur, and it gave me two whole extra pairs of arms so I could hug and wave and scritch everybody a whole lot and more. Gilead really liked that even if he didn't get extra arms.

B.J. was working on a whole bunch of things he wanted to put in in Neopolis, which means New City, and he got help from Tottle who didn't always have two heads. B.J. said Tottle got the second head by accident when he was working with somebody's new machine. ``As far as I can tell, it was supposed to be a machine that could make anything you could imagine come true... Only instead of making what you were thinking of appear, it just made more of yourself appear.'' B.J. didn't know why Tottle didn't just use a magic wand to make stuff appear.

B.J.'s built a lot of stuff, like he said, ``there's the HoloChamber, in Hologram Park. That's worth a look... I'm actually starting to revamp my old Neopolis area and make it a little cleaner and more modern... One of the new places there is Club Shiva, which is going to be the Multiplexers' permanent home once people in the park get sick of 'em here.'' Shiva's the name of a four-armed god known for dancing he said. Gilead said he was happy B.J. didn't make a Ganesh-izing device. (That's another god with four arms and an elephant's head, but B.J. said he doesn't like changing what people are so much as he likes giving them more arms and legs and heads and bodies.)

He's also going to make the Multiplexer so it can give combinations of things so like Tottle people can have two heads, four arms and two tails. Selethrial wondered about a ``two-headed, four-armed, four-legged, two-tailed multiplex'' and Gilead said he was thinking all about a ``one-eyed, one-horned, flying, purple people-eater.''

Newspaper delivery stopped by hurricane

Last week's Spindizzy @Action Newspaper was hot off the presses and ready to be given to its hungry subscribers when things took a turn for the worse. Argon, local centaur, was on his way to deliver the paper when he was caught in a huge gust of wind brought by Hurricane Ivan. This gust reportedly picked up the papers and blew them out to sea. Argon, meanwhile was shaken up but otherwise unharmed by the incident. ``Our readers will be unhappy but what can be done? We've already used up our paper and ink for this week.'' Argon is quoted as saying. ``I guess that our readers will have to wait until next week to find out what's going on in Spindizzy.''

Felix adjusts to changes; Beltrami's backpack stolen

Not too long ago Felix, a boy squirrel on the Spindizzy, had a lot of things happen. Cause he waded in a stream in balloon fields, his feet are filled with air, and he got dunked in it later so he's all blue colored too.

It's kinda neat, except Felix can't stand long without getting really tired. It's cause his body doesn't know how to stand up on things that are like little air pillows.

A raccoon said he should exercise more, and somebody else said he should have something like crutches to walk easier, and a balloon dragon woman named Beltrami wanted to help too. First she used her backpack to shine on his feet, and now he sometimes doesn't get so tired when he stands on them.

Then she gave him a gift, sandals like she has. They're kinda see through and light blue and dark blue. They're neat cause you don't need straps to wear them. You only have to tap the bottoms of them to stick them on and then they stick to your paws, or tap the sides when you want to take them off again. At first they were kinda funny because they were really big cause they were for Beltrami's feet and Felix tripped a lot. Beltrami squeezed the corners later to make them shrink to the right size so they're thicker now. Felix can walk easier since he started wearing those too. Austin the stretchy mixed up coati thinks that that's cause they're shoes for balloons.

Felix traded his shoes for the new sandals, only Beltrami doesn't have the shoes anymore cause her backpack was stolen! She says a little fairy and Skyler the bunny did it and that it's called an 'operator pack'. It does magic stuff like turn things green or make them bigger or other stuff like magic. But Beltrami says it isn't magic. She's kinda sad she doesn't have it anymore though. Her mom gave it to her.

News from Duma Mountain, or, Spotty journalism

The first session of Spindizzy's new weekly Poetry/Filk gather met Friday, September 10, at 7:00pm Spindizzy time, moderated by Ray. Chanspot was also there, apparently having camped out to get a good seat, but, regrettably, slept through the actual event.

About an hour after the scheduled start, Ba'ar arrived, and, once comfortable seating was established (after Ba'ar sat first on Ray, then on a boulder on which a fire was burning), the readings began. Ray asked Ba'ar if there was a particular subject he would like to hear readings on, and Ba'ar replied Adventure. Ray first read a ``Pirate Haiku,'' then ``Pirate Limerick,'' followed by ``Pirates, Raiders, and Business Buccaneers.''

Next, Ba'ar read a limerick about a ``Honeybadger's Burrow.'' Ray then returned to the theme of Adventure, reading a filk titled, ``I'm a Viking'' (Words: Elfride the Landless Music: ``Oh, Susannah!''). Ba'ar recalled another filk to that same tune about Spider Robinson's Callahan's Crosstime Saloon books, which Ray actually located and read (From The Westerfilk Collection, Volume One Words copyright 1979 by Jordin Kare).

Afterwards, Ba'ar and Ray pawsed to reminisce about Butterfluff, who was an inveterate filker, itself, with a richly developed sense of the silly. Ray followed with a silly piece titled, ``Nonsensonnet,'' and its companion piece, ``Nonsense Haiku.'' Then Ray read another filk, titled, ``Anime Eyes (Or, the Fanboy's Lament)'' (Original song Ebony Eyes by Bob Welch).

At that point, the hour grew late, and the session ended. The next session will be Friday, September 24, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm Spindizzy time (luge N5 W4, [B]asalt [P]illars, [E]nter [P]ortal). All are welcome, either to read or just to listen. Check the eventlist for more details.

World doomed!

Though most have viewed the approach of Spindizzy toward the planet seen in the opening screen with calm or modest curiosity, some ominous signs have been detected. The Ancient Oak in the Rose Garden has occasionally begun transmitting strange, inexplicable gibberish. Far-off explosions have been heard; several times the ground rumbles and shudders. Chicken Little has several times run through and announced our imminent doom, and salesrat Annon has begun selling Landing Insurance. Catch him quickly when he does.

To date when consulted about the imminent destruction of Spindizzy and all its inhabitants Amalfi has had no comment. Fruitbat Labs and the Society of Evil Doers are maintaining their study of the ever-growing planet. Future announcements are anticipated.

What I did on my summer vacation

This past Labor Day weekend, I made my annual pilgrimage to Atlanta, Georgia, to join about 20,000 other fen at Dragon*Con, a colossal fantasy/sci-f-/gaming/literary/media/comics convention. Here are the highlights:

Thursday, September 2, 2004

After collecting my badge, I attended an evening concert by Mighty McFly, a Seventies and Eighties cover band. They also performed their own, original songs, as well; it was a blast!

Friday, September 3, 2004

Checked out the Exhibit Hall (the Industry Dealer's Room), as well as the Regular Dealer's Room. Bought the complete sets of Crest of the Stars and Banner of the Stars, two of my favorite anime series in the Exhibit Hall, and found some old, long-sought-after gaming materials cheap at the Dealer's Room. I resisted the call of my latent Starwoid, and did not buy the lights-up-with-sound-effects authentic light-saber (Mace Windu version, no less). It was a pretty thing, though.

Later, I attended a live performance by Dr. Demento, who DJ'd (f that's the right term) a filk and parody-music and video concert. Woot!

Saturday, September 4, 2004

I attended a coupla panels in the morning, returned to the Dealer's Room again, and also wandered the Art Room... pretties! Along with the paintings, statues, video graphics, and jewelry, there were some gorgeous fur and feather sculpts in about 1/4-1/3 life size of morphic critters and the like; griffins, dragons, werewolves and vixens (no centaurs, sorry, Argon), some in hand-made fitted costumes.

That evening, I managed, once again, to get good seats at the Dawn Look-Alike Contest, a costume contest revolving around depictions of Joe Michael Linsner's comic book goddess, Dawn. The quality varied, but there were some beautiful entries. Well worth the hour plus I stood in line before the show.

Sunday, September 5, 2004

Attended more panels, including one with members of the cast of Firefly, Joss Whedon's sci-fi series which Fox brutally murdered by the same ham-handed scheduling tactics that nearly did for Babylon 5 (get the Firefly dvd set!). Nathan Fillion and Jewel Stait were great; funny and friendly, they also dropped such hints as they could about the new Firefly movie, Serenity, coming to the big screen in April (buy tickets and see it!).

Later, I attended a performance by the Atlanta Radio Theater Company, a group which actually performs old-style radio-plays (recorded on the spot, not actually broadcast). Quite literally, the theater of the mind's eye, with spirited acting, foley (sound effects) and live music conjuring the scenes in one's imagination.

Monday, September 6, 2004

As a nice followup to ARTC (see immediately above), I attended a live musical play by ARTC's sister group, the Mighty Rassilon Art Players, or, MRAP, titled, The Return of the King and I. It was a howlingly funny parody of the climax of Lord of the Rings, performed by a talented cast. I rounded out the con with another panel, and then raced hurricane Frances home.

This represents a rather light schedule, even without elaboration; there are panels throughout the weekend on writing, and space science, and things Goth, and Pern, and a whole lot of different subjects... Concerts... Robot Battles... Celebrity Guests (David Carradine was there, among others)... I wasn't able to get a digital camera, or I'd have photos aplenty to share, too, including the hundreds of fen who wandered the hotels (both the Hyatt and the Marriot) in really fantastic costumes. For more info (and pictures!), go to Dragon*Con's website at: http://www.dragoncon.org/ . Next year, Dragon*Con will run September 2 through 5 (Friday through Monday); if you can make it, the previous Thursday, September 1, is a great day to break in easy and get your badge early, so you don't miss anything. Mebbe I'll even see some of you there!

Phoobia gets it together like her big brother Bob

My cousin Phoobia has written me about her experiences in getting a summer job. Her tale may be of interest to those concerned with the economic life of Lemurs, or who just want to know what life in Madagascar is like. Anyway, I'll summarize it here.

Phoobia decided that she was going to need a job until school started again. After a few unsuccessful tries, she ended up at the local branch of the Thinking Brain Lemur Society. This is kind of like the Seeing Eye Dog Society, except that instead of Seeing Eye Dogs, they're concerned with Thinking Brain Lemurs. These are Lemurs that really dumb people wear on their heads, and get told what to do by; much like the Dogs tell blind people where to go. The job doesn't pay a lot, but it has good fringe benefits. Chief among them is the fact that the guy you're sitting on is really dumb, so you can remind him to feed you every half hour, and he won't know the difference.

Unfortunately Phoobia took over-advantage of the benefits, so that her guy eventually developed a neck injury from her weight, and she needed a new job.

Because she was now big and fat, she decided to get a job that would give her some exercise. She found a place doing charity canvassing for the Stop Smelling the Lemurs Society. This is a special-interest charity concerned with educating people of the dangers of smelling Lemurs too much. Most people don't realize it, but if you get smelled too much, you can disappear! Everytime someone smells you, it uses up some of your molecules. While these will naturally replenish over time, if you're smelled too much in a short period of time, it uses them all up, and you vanish.

The society prefers to hire fat Lemurs for their door to door canvassing, since they've got more molecules than thin Lemurs, and are consequently in less danger if people smell them a lot. Unfortunately all the exercise she got from walking door to door made Phoobia thin again, and she had to quit the job before she vanished.

Next she got a job as a Physics Lemur, helping test various hypotheses of physical science. In her first assignment, she got tossed out of a tower alongside a much smaller Sugar Glider, to test Newton's hypothesis about falling objects. While being a Physics Lemur proved to be a very painful occupation, it's exciting to be involved in research, and to see her name on a publication overturning such a long-held assumption of physics (Phoobia did in fact hit first) so that she thinks that after she's out of the hospital she'll continue on as a Physics Lemur.

Just take those old records off the shelf

Music has returned to the Rose Garden, in the form of ambient sounds which occasionally draw one's attention. The sounds -- evocative of the last Beach Party weekend, and tentative attributed to crowds at The Beach one block east of the Rose Garden -- began last Thursday with oppressive frequency. The amount of noise decreased considerably after that and now provides only occasional distraction.

Common sounds include the radio switching to new music; soap bubbles wafting in from somewhere; volleyballs, beach balls (miniature, normal-sized, and macro), and volleybunnies bouncing in or out; people afar laughing; the radio transforming into Shockwave, the Decepticon; and Prisoner-style rovers rolling over and swiping food. Several children running through having supersoaker fights have been reported, and prompted retaliation from Darius, ferret/kitsune, who feels the children need to learn respect. The children have to date failed to respect Darius.

Crop of bears hatches!

The crop of ball bearings me and Ing planted a couple months ago hatched finally and there's a lot of new bears running around! Bedtimebear and Grumpybear came out bears, but because Ing put a little rubber ring around a couple of them they hatched into Brightheart who's a raccoon that is a washer-bear and Nikon who didn't get enough water because it didn't grow up too big. Planting new crops of bears and other things are all part of the important work we birds do keeping the cycle of nature turning smoothly and fully wound-up right. Ing didn't yet decide what's right to plant for the next season.

You say it's your birthday?

Wednesday, September 15 saw several long-awaited births in the Spindizzy community. Adara, feline, and KevMan, cheetah-bat hybrid, saw the delivery of their first child, Leian, a bat-winged spotted-and-striped kitten. Cithara, Foxcat, and Wulphe, wolf-centaur, had two cubs delivered, Sheridan a tiger-striped and Lynne is a griffin-centaur. Sheridan and Lynne are believed to be shapeshifters.

Gliding with NeverNever

Thursday 9th NeverNever, shapeshifting demon, showed to the Rose Garden her new form of a fire elemental. As this form presented the risk of melting or burning to those near her, those present able to fly took the chance to practice gliding. As a great source of heat NeverNever created a steady thermal lift, used to gain altitude. Beltrami, balloon half-dragon, and Star-Sight, My Little Pony Pegasus, took turns in gliding long circles which, thanks to the steady lift, could have let them glide indefinitely without effort.

After enough time as a source of altitude NeverNever changed shape again into a vixen, and flew up to sit on Beltrami's shoulders. In this form (as with most) she had no true weight, and so did not make her sink too quickly. The remainder of the morning passed with few complaints from the ground.

Magic felt; Roar heard

PatchO'Black, the Jellicle Cat, realized Saturday morning he could become a Jellicle ThunderCat, following a chance remark by Austin, elastic coati-rabbit, that all Patchy needed was Thundranium. Patchy objected that would give him power for his mechanisms, but would weaken him; Austin pointed out Patchy misremembered the trivial 1980s cartoon, as Thundranium was the power supply while Thundrillium was the Kryptonite-like chemical that weakened ThunderCats.

Patchy quickly began considering a Thunderan Jellicle, for which he expected he would need ``a special costume with the ThunderCat symbol. A particular 'occupation', like Tigra was the architect and Panthro was the engineer....'' Aushae, dragon, suggested entertainer, but Patchy hoped for something more useful. Aushae asked, ``Are you telling me that entertainers are not useful...?''

``Also, as a ThunderCat,'' Patchy speculated, ``I would have to have some special power, like Cheetara's speed or Tigra's ability to turn invisible... and a signature weapon.'' Gilead, harbour seal, suggested farmer, which Patchy approved of: ``Farmer/gardener would work, so they have their own food for a change and stop having to bum off the Robearburbles =^_^=. Powers...hmm....''

Aushae offered ``Plant control ... perhaps a bit of green tint to your fur, even ... '' (Offered Gilead: ``Like a polar bear.'') And an ability ``to heal or rest, by photosynthesis... ;} ... And one disadvantage... a bit of an obsession about the soil... it's texture, the mineral content... etc etc...?'' This Patchy found sensible: he does grow gemstones, after all.

Exact details of PatchO'Black's new look were derailed by consideration that, as Snarf appears to be at least partly feline, and Jellicle Cats are also all cats, that would imply that Patchy is in part Snarf's annoying nephew Snarfer, a fate too horrible to consider. The prospect of a Jellicle Ball -- matching Patchy's birthday of September 23, perhaps -- or a ThunderCat Ball was raised, but not explicitly planned.

Ancient Oak reported missing

The Ancient Oak has been missing from the Rose Garden. The first complaint about the snack-dispensing, swing-carrying tree not being present was made Saturday morning by BedtimeBear. Speculation rapidly turned to the notion the Ancient Oak might have been taken in for repairs, which would be supported by the odd transmissions coming from it of late. Still no announcement of its fate has been made as of press time.


Wednesday morning NeverNever, demon, showed the remarkable versatility of her nearly hollow form. She demonstrated to an amazed Rose Garden crowd the zipper tab at the back of her standard demonic form, which, after a while, Austin, elastic coati-bunny, used to unzip her back. NeverNever has no insides, instead being a hollow pseudo-flesh shell. Her inside is a purple latex rubber-like layer.

Austin used this chance not to explore NeverNever's fursuit-like nature, but instead to tickle her insides, then grab her arms and legs and roll them partway inside. Her arms and legs were left folded back into themselves for a good tickling session, following which she was fully inverted -- except for her head -- and zipped back closed. She did not regard her inversion as inconvenient or even uncomfortable.

Spindizzy Role Play Report

The Society of Evil Doers interviewed and gave a tour to a possible new member, Aarylnn. She was given a tour of the base, and facilities, and was allowed to meet several members of the wonderful team at SED. Morticon led the party, staying very close to the guest. Also, as part of the night's activities, there was some practice at the firing range of various firearms, and an explosives demonstration, by Darius. The night concluded with some friendly coversation, and everyone went their seprate ways.

Weekly Survey

Hurricane Charley. Hurricane Frances. Hurricane Ivan. Is this incredible streak of severe weather attacking Florida really just Argon's newest trick to delay his much-anticipated wedding to Mavra? Let's see what the community thinks.

  • Morticon: No no, it's not HIS trick. It's the SED weather machine, of course! You see, if Argon got married, the positive energy generated at the ceremony would cause my pouch to disappear! And we can't have that!
  • Ray: I think the recent spate of seasonal hurricanes might be used as an excuse to delay the wedding, but, really, given this couple's track record, might it not also simply be a continuation of their questionable fortune in this endeavor?
  • Brenda: [ With a smirk ] You're assuming that there was a wedding planned in the first place.
  • Wulphe: I'd pick the last choice [ Leslie is really cute! ]. They definately got something in their mind!
  • Airborn: I'll take ``Leslie is really cute''.
  • BedtimeBear: Maybe the Centaur Liberation Organisation for Unruly Disturbances (CLOUD) caused the hurricane that delayed Argon and Mavra's wedding!
  • Findra: Yes. =:) Or maybe just to distract people from it, while he sneaks off to Las Vegas with Mavra instead?
  • Leslie: Oh Gosh no, it's just hurricanes start when there's a lot of warm water in the Atlantic Ocean and the winds are really right for them going near Florida.
  • Gilead: Morticon did it.
  • Beltrami: Leslie is really cute -- Also Felix.
  • Darius: Leslie is cute.
  • PatchO'Black: Well, Leslie >is< really cute...
  • Shady-Raccoony: Sure thing Brain, but me and Pippi Longstocking? I mean, what would the children look like?
  • Ping: I'm not sure, but there's a decent chance of it. That's my vote. ;)

These answers were provided via the Spindizzy Community Livejournal, where we offered as potential answers, ``Yes, he called some friends at the National Weather Service,'' ``No, it's all coincidence,'' ``No, but Mavra called some friends at the National Weather Service,'' or ``Leslie is really cute.''

  • Nimble: Leslie is really cute! ;>
  • Flutterz: S'Mavra be havin' s'weathery type friendthingies, yerp!
  • Terry: They foolishly allowed Zephyr to invite three guests.
  • Tarka: It's a Republican plot ya see. Bashing Florida into submission.

Say the to-be-married couple:

  • Argon: Well, there's still Jeanne and Karl out there. But I'd stand in a hurricane with Mavra by by side.
  • Mavra: No! ``Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these centaurs from the swift completion of their appointed matrimony!'' Egad, it does feel like lately events are trying to keep us from getting married! I hate it! Grr! ... Besides, if this doesn't happen when we want it to... I will go `postal'! ^_~

The wedding is planned for next weekend.

An Invitation

and Argon
request the company of your presence
at their wedding.
To be held
Saturday, September 25, 2004
at 10:00pm, (22:00) SpinDizzy time
at the Chapel in the Glade,
just off Centaur Square. (enter CS).
Please see the bulletin board later this week for additional details.

Bearing Up


Welcome to latest edition of Bearing up, the advice column where Ba'ar (That's me!) has answers to your most challenging questions.

Dear Bearing Up:
My son is acting like a zombie. He's very listless and shows very little interest in activities. What should I do?
-Concerned Mother

Dear Concerned Mother:
Take him off the Ritalin.

Dear Bearing Up:
Due to Hurricane Ivan, we have alot of extra water in our area. What can we do with it?:

Dear Floridian:
Send it to Arizona. We're in the middle of a drought.

Dear Bearing Up:
My daughter is acting up. I've tried bribing her with money but to no avail. What can be done?
-Delinquent's mom

Dear Delinquent's Mom:
If she won't respond to being good for a reward, then tell her to be a 'good for nothing'.

Dear Bearing Up:
I'm a young, single lady who likes to party all the time. Is there anything wrong with this?:
Party Animal

Dear Party Animal:
There is. I'm not there with you, sweetie!

Dear Bearing Up:
My doc told me that I 'ave to go on a diet... but I do nothing but beg for and eat fish all day. What is a fat otter to do?

Dear Tarka:
Find another doctor that's fat.

Dear Bearing Up:
Who to vote for in 2004? George Bush or John Kerry?
-Interested voter.

Dear Interested Voter:
Neither Vote Morticon! You KNOW from the start he's corrupt.

Dear Bearing Up:
Why is it that many male kangaroos have pouches?
-Pouched Boomer

Dear Pouched Boomer:
So they can share child rearing duties with the females.

Remember possums (to steal a term from Dame Edna ;-D), if you have any questions, please page mail me (Ba'ar) online or send mail to big_bear@operamail.com. Thanks.

Notices and Corrections


Sunday, 19 September, is Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrr! It is also Jiffy Squirrel's birthday, which is only coincidental. Roofus_roo celebrated his birthday the 16th with quiet observances and a visit from Leslie.

Pete, skunk-dragon, has reached his 200th connection.


Lost: One Mind. Reply to Whiffert's Head.

For Sale: Rusty bicycle. Contact Jiffy.

Vacancies: Apply Whiffert's Head.

The Doze Garden

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting articles

Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy! Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org or qmail or page Argon or sdnews about it.
@Action News is published weekly on or after 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Sunday. Most any type of story or article will be accepted. Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy. Things that occur in public areas are fair game. The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (any more than anything that happens here does) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have. These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.

Thanks! Argon, Editor @Action News