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Young at Heart Days

Young raccoon tries to buy beer.Last weekend, August 2nd and 3rd, the Rose Garden became the Chuck Jomes Elementary School playground as SpinDizzy residents enjoyed the Young at Heart Days event.

The playground was set up with a foursquare court, a baseball diamond and a 'sit and spin' ride. There was also some see saws, a fountain, and some kid sized picnic tables. The Ancient Oak became an Oak Sapling, and it gave out healthy, kid friendly snacks. The legacy of the Rose Garden was maintained by the rose bushes in front of the fences that surrounded the playground.

Local residents got into the spirit of the event by looking and acting like little kids. Patch O'Black, local Jellicle cat and event organizer, became a cute little Jellicle kitten. Argon, local centaur changed his description and demeanor to reflect being a centaur kid of about six. Butterfluff, local fluff, became a smaller fluff, and Austin, local coati, looked like a coati cub. Actually, he looked exactly the same, just smaller.

Some folks decided to remain 'grown up' and help to supervise the 'kids'. Findra, local bunny fae, was the school nurse for a while, but couldn't resist the call to become a kid for a while, and later was a cute little dolphin. She 'swam' though the air, much to the interests of the local cetan kids. Even Morticon, local wallaby and alledged leader of the SED (Society of Evil Doers) became a wallaby 'joey', and reflected himself as he was as a kid, before he turned evil!

Most everyone enjoyed the 'Young at Heart' event, but most are looking forward to returning to their adult lives. There was talk of having a 'Senior Citizen' weekend sometime in the future. Hopefully that'll happen before any of us are senior citizens.

Local Foxes Announce Engagement

Foxes by Effsey.Effsey, local fox, and Slynndra, local vixen have announced their engagement.

Slynndra, whom Effsey met while traveling, is a lovely young lady. Effsey tells that when they first met, he was "..swept off my feet. Just like in the romance novels." Slynndra seems to have been equally impressed with Effsey as she didn't hesiate to agree to call SpinDizzy home when Effsey proposed.

In anticipation of their weeding, Slynndra has already started contstruction of a new home. Effsey insisted that the plans include a nursery and room for a family, and Slynndra happily agreed.

A date for the wedding is pending, but the couple has stated that further information will be presented when the time is right.

Hefon Strikes Again (Again)

Hefon and dragon.Dear Mayor of The World’s Only City,

My grandmother once told me a story that I am sure your grandmother probably told you: The Tale of the Great Flood. Once, water covered the world and threatened the lives of our people; but some survived and became as fish. They swam through the water as the birds fly in the sky and breathed the water as we ourselves breathe the air. Some said they were the only of our kind to speak with the giant turtle on whose back we now reside.

Although it is true that nobody believes that story anymore since becoming a fish is impossible (not to mention how ludicrous the idea of us, the greatest people in the Universe, being at the mercy of some turtle is), our Central Computer claims to have met this turtle and brings us the message to prepare for another flood just like that one. Our research team has already voted to take steps to build a great dome around the Central Terminal. Since our city has the resources, you should lead your people in the construction of great domes to preserve what you can.

~Nora Diamondback

Dear Nora,

First of all, we do not have the resources. Two out of thirty homes still lack game systems and hairnets. Our staff believes that the AI within the Central Computer has either been tampered with by a new breed of cyber-clergy or else has broken down from decades of use… but do not fret, my dear. I myself have just signed a bill that will devote most of our resources to the creation of a brand new, and even more sophisticated, AI for the Central Computer. The older, obsolete, version will naturally be deleted. I also, on behalf of The World’s Only City, order you and your team to abdicate the Central Computer Facility so that the good scientists from KARP may begin their reprogramming.

~Mayor Yetti

P..S. It is a shame that crazy Lilliputian minds like yours cannot be upgraded and replaced like computers can.

P.P.S. Vote Yetti

Weekly Survey

Argon doing the survey.This week, Argon asked folks, "I'm doing a survey for @Action News. The question this week is, 'What is the URL of the 'Home Page' on your Internet Browser?'

  • Argon...Re: The Survey...Mine is http://my.yahoo.com"
  • Fenris growls, "Answer www.yahoo.com"
  • KevMan says, "My browser is set to open as a blank page."
  • Slug clicks, "Mine is http://groups.google.com/ and I am not quite sure why I have it set there."
  • Kai says, "about:blank."
  • Kinsor is one behind, "I have a few browsers, one points to the Mozilla homepage, the other to a blank screen."
  • Furi says, "Argon, www.google.com"
  • Suri -- http://www.google.com
  • BarterGarter -- My webmail page. I'm always hoping for e-mail from my favorite correspondants, even though I'm terrible at answering them.
  • Adara -- My IE "home page" is about:blank =P
  • Cye says, "I don't have one. :P"
  • Pandamonia says, "www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail.html"
  • Gilead chirps, "http://www.google.com"
  • Terry -- about:blank
  • Kai says, "about:blank"
  • KevMan says, "I have mine set to go to a blank page."
  • Alderem's is http://www.mozilla.org/start/

Notices And Corrections

Arbitration Offered

Is your neighbor leaving cat feces on your lawn? Do you want to leave your husband now that you've lost 300 pounds? Are you angry because you loaned a stripper $600 to buy a car and she won't pay you back? These were all recent cases in the court of Judge Judy, and now they can be cases in the court of Judge Adara! The Honorable Judge Adara Skye promises to judge your cases as fairly as possible. No case is too ridiculous or too petty for Judge Adara! To get your cases judged NOW (or whenever is convienient for the Judge), page or mail Adara Skye today! To attend a free taping, check out the bulletin board for the next case, and merely show up at the courthouse!

Judge Adara: Dedicated to bringing justice to furs everywhere! (centaurs, reptiles, birds, etc included. Please see marked packaging for details. Void where prohibited. Is not legally binding in Earth courts. Many will enter, no one will win. Caution: may contain nuts)

The Doze Garden

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

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