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Spengo moving further away from Spindizzy

A worried otter asks a centaur about saving Spengo.

Studies from the recently remodeled Fruitbat Observatory have shown that Spindizzy’s sister ‘island’, Spengo, is actually on its way to becoming a distant relation. Long featured in the opening credits and website, Spengo has only recently been colonized and is still largely unexplored at this time. It was the addition of two new state of the art imaging satellites that improved the Fruitbat picture of space above SpinDizzy’s skies. “We knew it was moving,” said Dr. Stophane Fruitbat, “but with this new satellite network, called the Silique Net, we can more precisely tell which course and at what velocity we and other nearby objects are traveling in respect to SpinDizy.”

Receding at the rate of approximately 2.4 centimeters a year, it is unlikely any severe effects will accompany Spengo’s departure. Unlike a conventional orbiting moon, the gravitational effects of Spengo’s mass is not so pronounced as to cause a noticeable effect as to tides and weather conditions. And astrologers, sages, and individuals with rare Spengo-related conditions may not suffer the effects of its absence for some time to come.

SED vs. Rown

Becky attempting to snare Rown as Morticon looks on.Two Mondays ago: In a daring act of evil, Morticon, local evil Wallaby, head of SED (the society of evil doers), and now wizard at large, along with Becky, his accomplice, tag teamed Rown, local Centaur and Spindizzy regular. In a match that involved a hovercycle, some rope and quite a few corrections made by Rown about the differences between horses and Centaurs, Morticon and Becky kept Rown moving and trying to avoid being captured.

Morticon first tried to confuse Rown's thoughts by trying to get him to calculate a drawn out equation. Said Morticon; "hey rown! What's 2 + 5 + 200 + 5555 * 666?" To which Rown replied swiftly; "You're psychiatrist's phone number?"

At that point Becky tried to place a rope around Rown's hind leg but the cagey Centaur sensed the trick and bucked at Becky. Becky managed to avoid his hooves but then Morticon got in front of Rown and told him; "You know there's something on you that isn't very centaur like!" Rown replied; "And that would be?"

Morticon then pointed up and told Rown to look up. He did and Becky managed to get a rope around Rown's hind leg pulling him down. Morticon yelled, "Now!?" and hopped onto the hovercycle. As he tried to start the hovercycle Terry was heard to yell "Horse rustlers!" to which Rown corrected; "Not horse, "horselike!" Patch-O-Black then yelled; "Horselike rustlers!"

Morticon, evidently pleased with his accomplishment, taunted Rown as he sat on the hovercycle laughing; "This was too easy! Must be a stupid centaur to fall for the oldst trick in the horse books!"

Of course Rown corrected him as well stating; "Horselike Morti, not horse!", as Becky finished tying his legs together. Rown tried to untie the ropes but they were tied too tight and Morticon, with Becky behind him, dragged Rown off to his lab.

Rown escaped the evil Wallaby shortly after by ordering a pizza for him without his knowledge. While he was paying the delivery boy for the pizza, Rown snuck out the back door to SED and hightailed it back to the Rose garden where he was received with a resounding yawn! Apparently escaping SED and Morticon has become so easy that it no longer qualifies as an accomplishment.

Said Rown of his escape from Morticon and SED, "It was so easy. I can't believe Morti fell for that old Wallaby trick. Then again...?

I asked him if he had any idea that Morticon was out to capture him, he replied; "Well, I kinda had an idea when Morti asked me if I knew his psychiatrist's phone number. It was either his number of the amount of fleas living on his carcass. It might be the latter since before the abduction all his fleas were even eyeing me! He looked like he was wearing a glittery hide with all those thousands of flea eyes sparkling when they opened and closed."

At the time of the interview, Rown appeared to be in high spirits and looked no worse for wear but he told me that the next time Morti and Becky show up he'll make sure he has a knife with him to cut the ropes. He also said that if there is a next time he hoped Argon was there to do the correcting. He could then concentrate on cutting the ropes instead of correcting everyone's concept of Centaurs vs. horses.

A Centaur at Stonehenge USA

Stonehenge USA.Well, I finally did it! I managed to get myself up to New Hampshire and visit one of the greatest enigmas in American history. In North Salem New Hampshire back off of route 111 plus a turn or two rests an outcropping of granite with chambers and walls resting on its southeastern side. Built approximately 4000 years ago, Stonehenge USA has been conceded by most archeologists to be an ancient observatory.

Who built this 33-acre marvel was an enigma until recently. Radio carbon dating of charcoal found on the site dated the structure but the glyphs chiseled into some of the stones and the Celtic ogham found on rocks told the tale of the builders. The stones with the ogham are held in a glass container inside the main lodge.

Outside of the lengthy trip up and the stares I received from onlookers as I gassed up the transport, the reception I got at the main lodge was excellent. Entry for me was easy with the double doors as was exiting out into the archeological site. The desk attendant was a little shocked when I entered at first but when she saw how careful I was around the children’s group who had settled on the floor to eat their lunch, she was more at ease. Of course the children all wanted a ride but I had to decline them the opportunity.

The paths up to the site lead you past the first chamber called the ‘watch house’ because it was the first chamber you came to when approaching the site. Small, like most of the chambers, it was probably just as a indicator of the first day of November (Samhain), an important Celtic day on their ancient calendar. Light enters this chamber only once a year. Unfortunately, Centaurs don’t enter the chamber any time of the year. It’s only a few feet tall.

Next you follow a double walled path to a lower well and a clay pit then to the main gate. Once inside you walk through the various paths to view the different chambers on the south side. You even get a close look at the stone megalith stationed at direct south according to the observation platform, upper well which is called the ‘well of crystals’ and the sump pit. Next you go up to the ‘Pattee area’ where the original founder (last name of Pattee) of the Henge built his house, which no longer exists. You can see the foundation though along with the fireplace, roof slab and steps.

From then on you’re taken up to the true south chamber, the ‘pulpit and the 90 degree hole. No one knows why they cut that hole in the rock but it’s a perfect 90 degree. I had no trouble making it through these passages but when I got to the ‘east-west chamber’ I had a little problem. It’s the only three-section chamber with an east-west axis in the world. I kind of got stuck between the three chambers and almost knocked over the wall on the east side. Fortunately a passer by acted as a flagman while I backed out. It was embarrassing though when the kid began making beeping sounds.

I finally made it to the famous ‘oracle chamber’ with its sacrificial stone and speaking tube. Its six-foot plus ceiling wasn’t tall enough for my height but I managed to squeeze in and get some pictures of the inside. I had to back out and that annoying kid was back there making those beeping sounds again.

I then went to the observation platform and got a look at the megaliths aligned to the various days observed by the ancient Celts. From the observation platform the megaliths seemed to be at least half a mile away but once I went to see the stones up close I realized it was an optical illusion. They were only 100 yards from the platform!

There was also the ‘eye of Epona’ (Goddess of war and horses. Also known as Bridget) carved on the moonstone observing the alignment for the 18.61 year lunar cycle, and the ‘Bert stone’ or gun sight stone. This last stone actually looks like a giant stone gun sight from a muzzle loader and is aligned with the February 1st stone observing the Celtic holiday of ‘Imbolg’ meaning ‘In the belly’ of winter.

For a Centaur, Stone Henge USA was a treat in that not only was it all out doors but it was easily accessible. The pathways were wide and easy to walk and the facilities were up to date and stocked with all sorts of goodies to take home with you. For a Celtic Centaur it was a proud look at the past works of possible ancestral relatives, their life style and beliefs. Not only that but a sort of communion with a people who called that place home at least 1500 years before those who today call themselves ‘native Americans’.

If you get the chance visit Stone Henge USA. It’s definitely worth the trip and I won’t even begin to tell you how friendly the folks of N. Salem are. You can find out for yourselves. All I’ll tell you is, when I entered the ’99 restaurant and pub’ I was greeted with ooos and aaahs by the beautiful females there. Of course I had to make their acquaintance.

(Spindizzy Centaur at large!)

Skyler Hiding Under Bed

Skylers under the bed.In a change from their usual policy of sitting about waiting for people to try them on, Skyler has taken to hiding under the bed this week. The pair of bunny slippers stated that this reflects only their mood of the moment, and is not a permanent change of lifestyle. ``It's just that every now and then, you need a break,'' the left Skyler said. The right agreed, adding, ``We've taken on some great challenges lately, from Roofus_roo through to Argon, and it's really important that we not overwork ourselves or stretch ourselves too thin.''

Skyler expects to be back to normal soon, but is enjoying the experience of lingering underneath furniture, just out of reach or out of casual sight. They emphasize this is not all they will be doing, and point out that earlier this morning they snuck out just far enough that you would stumble over them while walking to the bathroom in the dark. ``That's the sort of thing we live for,'' explained one of the Skylers.

34th Anniversary Of Humans On The Moon

Mankind's first footprint on the moon.Thirty four Years ago, on July 20th, 1969, a human first set foot on the Moon. Pictured here is the first lunar footprint made by a human being.

The footprint and the distinction of being the first person to walk on the moon belong to Neil Armstrong.

It has been estimated that one billion people world-wide watched Armstrong's first step - making the live transmission from a camera mounted on the lunar lander the highest rated television show ever. Upon setting foot on the moon, Armstrong said: "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind."

The Apollo missions to the Moon have been described as the result of the greatest technological mobilization the world has known.

The Human Race is rightfully proud of this remarkable acheivement, however their claim to be the 'first on the Moon' is only partially correct. Neil Armstrong was the first human to set foot on the Moon, however others had been there before him.

As chronicled in The History of Raccoon Day, The cleverness and determination of raccoons actually made them the first to set paw on the Moon.

Still, it is with admiration that @Action News salutes NASA and the brave men and women of the astronaut corps, who completed one of the most amazing feats ever accomplished, even though they were not raccoons.

New Arrivals

Newbie patpating Morticon.Every other week, I will be calling attention to the new members of our community. (Editor's Note; ...with the permission of each of the new folks featured, of course. Folks who don't want to be featured in this series, will of course, have that wish fufilled.) This is not to embarrass them, but rather I do it in the hopes that it will encourage everyone to give them a special welcome and friendship.

The following members are new to our community as of a week or two ago at most. Please give them a warm welcome and offer assistance if needed. Who knows, you might even make a new friend or two!

  • Tuqweptad - magical obsolete big male coyote
  • Jeep - cuddly disorganized jocular female cheetah
  • Syndy - female Fennec
  • Konstantin - male brown bear
  • Beth - cuddly curious cute magical musical plush small snuggly female snow leopard - "Beth is from Ice, another dimension of eternal winter."
  • Joe - literate photographic artistic disorganized Male Vaugely lupine - "I'm a Mechanic, photographer, rally driver and general ne'er-do-well."
  • Neon - Male Siberian Tiger - "I'd like to say that I'm proud to be one of the few tigers on the muck, that's about it besides the fact that I enjoy a good scritchin. :)"
  • Circe - curious disorganized magical musical obsolete transmogriffic Mare Centaur - Circe smiles and waves "I'm a wandering sorceress who is most often a centaur or equine of some sort, but that can change! I'm glad to have found such a friendly place to play."
  • Amaretto - none Flying monkey
  • Diamond - female Big Cat Family

Weekly Survey

Gino doing the survey.This week, Gino did the survey. He asked, "I'm doing a survey for Spindizzy @Action news. The survey question this week is...'If you were animated which celebrity would you like to do your voice'?"

  • Argon would like Tim Daly to do his voice.
  • Gino would like to have Marcel Marceau do his voice.
  • Ba'ar growls "John Madden."
  • Brenda has no idea who would best fit doing her voice...
  • kanganstein chuffs 'Ricardo Montalban.'
  • Cye will have to get back to you on that..
  • BarterGarter hisses, "Whoever did the voice for Maleficent in the Sleeping Beauty movie."
  • Gilead chirps, "Yeardly Smith. :-)
  • Charner hrms, "I wouldn't know. I suppose I'd be uncomfortable with any voice but my own when I get right down to it."
  • Airborn says, "Hmm, a voice for me,... maybe Duffy Duck.
  • Fenris holds up a Wiley sigh, "Sure, mah answer is Mike Myers."
  • Kai says, "Stephen Hawking."
  • Joe looks rather pleased with himself, "Gromit the dog."
  • Butterfluff Says "I want Robin Willliams to do my voice."
  • Leslie writes, "I'd kind of like whoever did Peppermint Patty's voice I think."

Notices And Corrections

SED Fireworks show.July 4th Fireworks Show

Because @Action News was unable to aquire reports of the SED (Society of Evil Doers) sponsored fireworks show, no complete report of the events are available. However pictures of the fine pyrotechnics display were provided by Morticon, local Wallaby and alleged leader of the SED. The photographs of the Assci powered fireworks are available by clicking on the image to the left.

Young At Heart Days Delayed

The chance to be a little kid for a weekend has been delayed due to problems with the youth serum. Researchers who tested the serum have found that the current formula is too strong and is far too retroactive. The gull egg, who is the chief scientist, is expected to hatch in a few days and research will be able to continue.

Hopefully, the serum will be ready to go, and the event will take place the weekend of August 2 - 3.

Errata: Royce raccoony

An article in @Action News of 6 July suggested that Royce was not hungry. This was an error in editing. Royce was in fact feeling, "hungry," and in a statement to the editor mentioned that he was indeed "raccoony" at the same time. @Action News regrets the error.

The Doze Garden

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting Articles

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Thanks! Argon, Editor @Action News