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SpinDizzy Oscars

Furry Oscar.The long awaited and breathlessly anticipated awarding of the first annual SpinDizzy Oscars happened this week. With the usual Pomp, Circumstance, and Hollywood bizzarness, an awards cerimony was held to present the winners with their awards. There was some confusion about the ceremony, which was to be hosted by Argon, local Centaur, and Boki, local Seagull, but that was all worked out.

The ceremony was was held at The French Quarter (N3 E0). There was a good sized crowd of nearly 30 folks and everyone seemed to have a good time. In addition to Argon and Boki, PatchO'Black, local Jellicle Cat / Bunny, Gen, local Human, MaxSkunk, local Skunk, Carlos, and KevMan. local Bibreed, helped the show move right along with their snappy patter and clever dance numbers. A dance number by the SED Ninjas was one of the high points of the program.

The audience was dressed to the nines, showing off the wonderful and weird fashion sense of SpinDizzy's residents. As the program was just ending as this paper went to press, no photos are available. Hopefully some pictures (Contributed artwork) will be published in next week's @Action News.

If you missed the swarming media coverage, or the whispered rumors about the winners, they are listed here. exclusively in @Action News.
Category Total Votes 1st Place 2nd Place Others
Most Innocent Fur 38 Leslie (17) Sunni (12)Findra (6) Vesper (1)/ Kendra (1)/ MaxSkunk (1)
Most Fish Eaten 36 Boki (21) Gilead (11) Royce (2) / Tarka (2)
Most Unique Physical Feature 31 Austin (10) Convergence (7) Eris (4) / Dellway (4) / Flutterz (3) / Butterfluff (2) / MaxSkunk (1)
Most Likely To Suceed 30 Austin (12) Cye (7) Peppermint (4) / Adara (1) / Ark (1) / Morticon (2)
Strangest Diet 31 Criatura Castle (14) Dellway (8) Argon (6) / Max (3)
MUCK Clown 31 Boki (14) Tarka (9) Suri (6) / Morticon (1) / MaxSkunk (1)
Best Puppeteer 29 Tiresta (14) Ba'ar (5) Gina_Dobermann (2) / Adara (1)
Most Inept Villan 32 Morticon (16) Fenris and Tarka (4) Adara (3) / Mozdoc (2)
Best readaptation of a known animated character 28 Sunni (8) Steve (4) Sonic (3) / Airborn (1)
Funniest 27 Gilead (14) Austin (8) Peppermint (3) / Cye (2)
Scariest 30 Eris (8) Carlos (7) Gen (6) / Inigo (2) / Nimble (2)
Most Mysterious 32 Dellway (8) Eris (5) Leslie (5)Terra (4) / Austin (2) /Butterfluff (2) / Kinsor(2) / Adara (1)
Best Morphs 27 Carlos (12) PatchO'Black (6) Warwick (4) / Ping (3) / Adara (2)
Most Foreign 28 Mouser (7) Nimble and Waydya (6) Iejasu (5) / Tanuki (3) / Butterfluff (1)
Person who stays in character the most often 18 BarterGarter (8) Leslie and Boki (4) Morticon (3) / Flutterz (1) / Amy (1)
Cutest Fur 33 Leslie and Skyler (6) Findra (4) Nikon (3) / Terra (3) / Sunni(2) / Morticon(2) / Wind-Dancer(2) / Butterfluff (1) / Roofus_Roo (1) / Kendra (1) / PatchO'Black (1) / MaxSkunk (1)
Strangest 32 Dellway (9) Flutterz (7) Proteus (4) / Terra (4) / MaxSkunk (1) / Tarka (1)
Best Mav 28 Terra (6) Adara Fenris (4) /Kamida (2)
Most Loveable 35 Gilead (10) Cye (6) Flutterz (4) / Roofus_Roo (3) / Nikon (4) / Ba'ar (2) / Ceralor ({2) / Patch (2) MaxSkunk (1)
Best Zombie 29 Criatura Castle (11) Mosi and SED Probe (5) Sock-Mouser (4) / Kendra (3) / Adara (1)(Probably for Adara the Homework Zombie…this is a literal interpretation of the award.)
Sexiest Fur 29 Cye (7) Olivia (6) Morticon(2) / Skanee(2) / Wind-Dancer(2) / Patch(2) / Natasha (2) / Adara (1) / Mouser (1) / Tarka (1) / Tarien (1)
Nicest Fur 33 Findra (10) Gilead (9) Patch (5) / Leslie (5) / Nimble (3) / MaxSkunk (1)
Best Mediator 32 Austin and Argon (11) Skyler (8) Adara (2)
Cutest Couple 33 Gilead & Cye (9) Patch & Nikon / Argon & Mavra (7) Spin & Dizzy (5) Maxskunk & Cara (1)
Best made-up and unique species 34 Cetans (in general) (9) Marshmallow ferret (in general) (8) Butterfluff (6) / Skyler (6) / Dolly (2) / Skanee (2) / Dellway (1)
Most Improved Rper 27 Morticon (9) Adara (3) Alderem (2)
Most Creative 30 Argon and Morticon (10) Adara / Butterfluff / Flutterz (2)  
Best Dressed 32 Lavender (9) Lady_Ravenwolfe (5) Bigears (3) / Carlos (2) Vassily (2) / Adara (1)
Most Helpful 33 Argon (10) Austin (8) Morticon (5) / Gilead (3) / Butterfluff (2) / Adara (1)
Most Evil 37 Morticon (22) Tarka (7) Max (4) / Mouser (3) / Sakura (1)
Most Mischievious 17 Findra (5) Tarka (4) Morticon (3) / Flutterz (3) / Wind-Dancer (2) / Sunni (2)
Best Vixen 21 Cye (7) Vixie (5) Nikon (3) / Butterscotch (1)
Most Adventurous 21 Morticon (7) Terra (5) Tarka (4) / Butterfluff (3) / Carlos (1) / Seth (1)
Most Heroic 17 KevMan Mosi / Alicia / Gilead (3) Crusader Rabbit / Argon (2) / Brongaar (1)

Spirited Away Review

Spirited Away PosterSpirited Away, is a beautiful movie. An animated film worthy of comparison to 'The Last Emperor'. Visually stunning, the art, color, music, and voice talent is superb.

As 10-year-old Chihiro and her parents embark on a trip to move to a new town, Dad takes a wrong turn and ends up lost. Ending up on more of a pathway through the woods than a road, they end up at a large gate. Against Chihiros's wishes, Dad and the family go through the gate and find themselves in what Dad thinks is an abandoned theme park. Ignoring Chihiro's warnings, she and her parents are seperated. This leaves Chihiro on her own with no idea what to do next, forced to depend on her own quick wits and positive attitude.

Chihiro finds herself having to find a way out of the 'theme park', which is actually something entirely different, save her parents, and help friends she makes along the way. A number of frightning and amazing events and people assist and delay Chihiro's quest, but the little girl bravely faces her fears to find her way home.

As Chihiro meets and matches each challenge, she becomes braver and more confident. She learns lessons about the power of love and friendship and the importance of knowing who you are.

The story by itself is interesting, but the amazingly beautiful art work, and almost roto-scope appearing natural movement of the characters make this film a joy to watch.

I was lucky enough to get the wide-screen DVD version, and was able to see it on large TV. I can only imagine what it would look like on an HDTV, and on the theatre screen it must have been breathtaking. The voice track was well dubbed, although I'd only give the sound and surround effects about a 7 out of 10.

None the less, I highly recommend this film. This is not your typical Japanese giant robot, Samuri, old west-modern anime, but a real work of genius. It's being distributed by Disney, so get a copy before they seal it away for their usual seven year cycle.

Advertisement For Ottrix

Argonplush.Come to Ottrix, the only place to shop in relaxed surroundings in Spindizzy. This otter operated company is here to serve everyone, combining fun with daily chores. Sort out your daily business and mix it with pleasure from having the best pasties that we have to offer, to deliciously hot pizza. Go crazy and make your very own ice cream sundae with our special icecream maker machine. More stores are coming your way soon.

Into sports? Then we have the things for you. From a gym, to a racing track to exercise even the most demanding centaurs that need lots of space to run. Or you can relax in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Coming soon will be the ten pin bowling alley, ice skating ring, dry sky slope and our new indoor mountain climbing room.

Want to relax or have fun? We have that to from all the latest blockbuster films at our own comfortable cinema. To the best arcade games that you can find, then pop into the arcade area and finally for all you bubble wrap poppers everywhere, the room has just that for you. Loads and loads of bubble wrap with a new improved, bubble machine. Go and stand inside of a actual bubble. Coming soon will be the nightclub, bingo hall and indoor go-kart race track.

Otterix is located west 7 from the rose garden and then north 3 times (W7 N3).

Ottrix. Serving the public citizens of Spindizzy.

Weekly Survey

Argon doing the survey.This week, Argon told folks, "I'm doing a survey for @Action News. The question this week is, 'When you eat one of those chocolate Easter Bunnies, what part do you eat first?'"

  • Brongaar -- The head definately... :)
  • Fenris growls "Chocolate is bad for canids, but I eat the head off the marshmallow bunnies first.^u^"
  • Austin says, "I always save the red ones for last. Wait, wrong chocolate."
  • "Ears," barks Tanuki.
  • Standen mreeps, "The candy eyes, if not...I go for the ears."
  • Rick says, "The ears, so the he can't hear me eating him."
  • Standen mreeps, "Its been years since I've bitten into a chocolate bunny."
  • Gilead usually...um...licks away...the hips area...
  • Librum remarks, "The ears."
  • Boki squalls, "The eyes are the tasty part!"
  • Butterfluff says, "I usually get the surplus rabbits after Easter, and they are broken up already. So I just grab a piece. Usually the side of the rabbit has been caved in. So I would call it a rib."
  • Carlos says, "First I lick the features off to thus destroy its personality, and avoid guilt. Then I gulp it down whole!"

The Doze Garden

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

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