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Rose Garden Renovations

Visitors to the Rose Garden this week, have noticed the place has lost it's usual calm and charm as construction workers and vehicles have overrun it. A sign amatuerlishly stuck in the ground gives credit to this defacing of natural beauty to the SED, or Society of Evil Doers, a ruthless, terrorist organization determined to rule the world. (G. I. Joe theme music plays in the background.) It is rumored that the SED, chose the Rose Garden for the site of it's new head quarters due to "..overwhelming requests and support from the local populace."

Another rumor going around is that one of the workmen on the project, after being given a dollar told someone who was talking on the phone and overheard by someone else that the "...SED felt that The Rose Garden is a blight on the landscape. All the grass, and roses make visitors here calm and happy. We can't have that! A public place should be noisy and dirty. Ther plans are to pave this whole area over, placing smelly dumpters full of waste not even Raccoons will want, in various, highly visable locations. Tall stacks to the south will belch smelly smoke that will hang over the landscape. And at night, huge neon signs will blink on and off with messages urging folks to join the SED, and shining into the windows of the Sandcastle apartments. The signs, and the squealing, high decible mechanical noise should perform the neccessary service of keeping everyone awake."

When this reporter asked residents what they thought of the SED contruction project, most indicated that they were not in favor of it. When asked what steps they were taking to prevent it's progress, most replied that they figured Wizstaff would take care of it.

Although the fight for the Rose Garden is far from won, Cye, Local 50 foot Vixen has taken steps to stamp out the cause of the Rose Garden's blight, and refuses to take this sitting down. She has put her foot down, and the results of her work can be seen as squished SED construction workers between her toes. Only time will tell if the SED's plan proceeds.

Mighty Mouse May Once Again, "Save The Day!"

Mighty Mouse coming to save the day!Beloved rodent superhero, Mighty Mouse, who spent a brief period at the Betty Ford clinic after working on a new series under the direction of Ralph Baski before fading into obscurity, may be seen again if the work of research scientists in Boston, Massachusetts is proven to be reliable in changing regular Mice into Mice possessing super strength as was infered in an article on CNN.com which clearly hinted that Mice may become our benevolent protectors and we may, if they are allowed to gain superpowers and become evil, become their unwilling subjects as they claim to be Masters of the Universe.

Arkitah Is On The Case

No detail escapes the scrupulous Arkitah… master of logic and deduction. As soon as Arkitah heard about the spray painting situation down at Neopolis he hopped, skipped, and jumped on over to the scene of the crime.

Unlike some other detectives, Arkitah writes about himself in the third person. Also unlike most other detectives, Arkitah does not need to bother with anything so trivial as ‘clues’ or ‘evidence’ to reach a decision.

Arkitah carefully read the article for several moments… “Hm… It says, ‘The entire city was spray painted in the time frame of a few hours suggesting that more than one individual did the crime.’ But this logic is flawed. One person with time travel capabilities could halt time and single handedly commit this crime.”

“Hm… who do I know that can travel through time… Santa Clause! How else could he deliver all those presents in one night? Since Santa Clause can travel through time, he logically must be the culprit. I’d better get started soon. It is a long walk to the North Pole.”

Weekly Survey

This week, Argon asked folks, "I'm doing a survey to be published in @Action News. The question is, 'Who is the best fictional villian of all time?""

  • Casimir says, "A doughnut!"
  • Drake says, "Argon, I think the greatest villian of fiction would have to be Professor James Moriarty. Criminal, brilliant, completely without any morality....""
  • Gilead chirps, "Juro the Kamaitachi."
  • PatchO'Black mews, "Well, I've always liked Dr. Doom. The mix of noblity and villiany is classic."
  • Carlos says, "Pepe LePew!"
  • Arkitah chitters, "Mordred."
  • Carlos says, "Nessus! ;)"
  • Cye says, "Sauron."
  • "In answer to your survey... Long John Silver was the best fictional villian of all time"
  • Darwin-Best fictional villain? Dr. Doom. :)
  • Massassi-Tetsuo from Akira.
  • Suri-Mort!
  • Gino here. This is in response to your Spindizzy News Survey. I think that Kahn from Star Trek is the best. He's evil, yes, but he's also intelligent and cultured.
  • Darwin -- Best fictional villain? Dr. Doom. :)
  • Massassi -- Tetsuo from Akira.
  • Suri -- Mort!
  • Gina_Doberman says, "Toss-up... Darth Vader and Baron Harkonen!"
  • Mavra says, "That would be Dr. Moriarity, of Sherlock Holmes fame."
  • Alex says, "I'm not sure if it's fictional or not but...The devil...whatever form he might be is the purest of all evil."

Second Survey

I've got an article for the newspaper. Pretty much, I took an extra survey because I was curious. The question is, "What is your favorite pizza topping?"

  • Alicia says, "If I told you my favorite toppings I'd be giving away the family secret to Italian pie"
  • Ba'ar pages, "Can it be more than one? Mine's sausage and pepperoni"
  • BlueJaey opens her Crimson eyes in front of you so that only you can see.. and Her voice Echos in a Soft Growl, "Canadian bacon."
  • Boki pages, "Boki is not picky! Boki will have the tasty fish!"
  • Carlos says, "Pineapple" "And my typist's favorite too"
  • Casandro pages, "Salami"
  • Ceralor deeply says, "Me? pepperoni and sausage"
  • Cye pages, "Pepperoni!"
  • Findra says, "Favourite pizza topping - spicy beef with extra jalapenos. :)"
  • Gilead snickers. "Hmm. Let's see... Canadian bacon. :-9~~~ Unless you count the perfectly abundant amount of cheese, melted and lightly browned just right, and a properly thin tomato sauce as toppings."
  • Jhen pages, "Garlic."
  • Kaya pages, "Cheese"
  • Massassi blinks "Urm... Chicken" :)
  • Max pages, "Anchovies. Natch."
  • Morticon pages, "Pepperoni."
  • Natasha pages, "Whatever's not being watched on someone's plate."
  • Nikon pages, "Cheese and alot of it."
  • PatchO'Black mews, "Sausage with mushrooms!"
  • Peppermint snickers. "Well, IC, I'll say, ganoid fish! ;^> Outside of that, well... who could possibly argue with pepperoni? ;^>
  • Ping would have to vote for black olives, himself.
  • Roofus_roo pages, "Vegetarian equivalents to what I used to have on pizza: pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and cheese. All of it vegan. Yes, it's freakish, I know."
  • Rosey_Raccoon pages, "Cajun chicken, Baby! All the way! Nothing can top that!"
  • Scruffy pages, "gaaaaaarlic. :9~~~"
  • Skolf pages, "Heh. Well.. if I had to pick one, I'd say pineapples. But, I really like mushrooms, olives, and sausage as well, like a supreme. I don't like pepperoni or peppers."
  • Skyler's left half says, "Olive and mushrooms."
  • Skyler's right half taps its toes, then bumps Coldfyre's paw. "I'll add Italian sausage. How's that?"
  • Steve pages, "A different one from whatever I had last time."
  • Suri pages, "Cheese. I like cheese."
  • Tottle grins. "Meat! No veggies, no fungus!"
  • Twohart says, "Ehr...canadian bacon and pineapple!"
  • Xyanth mmms..Pineapple!

Cartoon Network's He-Man (Review)

Cartoon Network, who brought us Ed Edd and Eddy, Cow and Chicken, Samuri Jack, and the new version of Justice League, has possibly combined the mind set that brought us this range of programming to revise the old He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series.

The origional series was based on a line of Mattel toys. Unless you lived under a rock, you know that the series was based on the idea that this Prince Adam guy was given the ability to transform himself into He-Man, Protector Of Eternia, and his pet green Tiger, Cringer into Battle Cat by going into Castle Greyskull and holding his sword in a silly pose and shouting, "By the power of Greyskull!!!" He was assisted in his battle against the evil Skeletor by Man at Arms, Mech-a-neck, Orco, this gravity defying goofball magic user, and others. Actually, He-Man usually showed up about the time most anyone was about to have their backsides kicked by Skeletor. So, Cartoon Network decided to take this old series, that most folks saw as either a 30 minute commercial for Matel toys, as something so bad it was laughable, or something to watch with the sound off and make homophobic jokes about.

I watched the 'premire', a one hour 'origions' episode Saturday August 17, 2002. Having been somewhat jaded by seeing the series when it origionally aired, I was curious if they could so with it what they did with Justice League. Create a somewhat darker, less campy version of the story. In spite of being stuck with the silly names given the origional set of toys/characters, it seemed they have succeeded.

The back story, what Eternia is, how Skeletor got the way he is, and how Prince Adam was chosen to be He-Man are explained in some detail. The interaction between the characters is still shallow, but there is some depth to each of them. Time will tell if character development is continued through the series. The animation style is similar to Justice League, but the art style is markedly different. Quite viewable in my opinion.

All of the old characters are in the new series, including my favorite, Cringer/Battle Cat, and the one I hated the most, Orco. None the less, the series seems to offer a more detailed look at the world of Eternia, and bears further viewing. Again, only time will tell if it measures up to the quality of the animation and writing of Justice League, or the goofy stupidity of the origional series.

The Doze Garden

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

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