Suri Curious Facts of Science
     It's a well-known fact that when you run really fast, you'll be hot when you stop.  Many people seem to believe that this effect is due to atmospheric friction.  While a certain amount of heat is generated that way, some elementary calculations should serve to convince one that friction can't be accounting for all of the heat.  Anecdotal evidence (which many scientists will tell you is the easiest sort for proving a hypothesis) supports this position as well.  No one ever reports feeling hot /while/ they're running, as would surely be the case if the heat were due to friction.  The heat becomes apparent only when you stop.  Where's the rest of the heat coming from, then?

   The surprising fact is that most of it's due to the conversion of the planet's rotational energy into heat as you stop.  This occurs in much the same way that brake pads convert a brake rotor's energy into heat, or a piece of steel held against a spinning grinder becomes hot.  When you stop running you're braking against the planet, and so you heat up.  An experimental confirmation of this theory can be seen by noting that at the north and south poles where the planet's rotational speed is lowest, people don't report becoming hot from running, whereas at the equator where the rotational speed is greatest, such reports are common.

Mouser More news from my desert journey
     June 7th - The Prides:  I should take a moment to explain some of the society I have found myself in.  Life here in the Village is dominated by the existence of three or so separate lion prides, wolfpacks, and other gatherings of larger predators.  They keep the oasis here safe from hostile locals and generally keep the lesser creatures about in line.  Peace among them seems to be maintained by their keeping out of each other's way.  As for me, however, I have found myself crossing paths with members of each group to a lesser or greater degree.  Apparently I'm something of a curiosity to them and am considered a "guru" of sorts.  They often come to me for sage advice (such as it is).

   My biggest problem is that, as a solitary hunter, a lion is a lion is a lion.  This was struck home when I received an inquiry from a charming young lioness about a hunting expedition to one of the local watering holes. Having been there before, and knowing that the game there was quite choice, I naturally agreed and looked about for some of the local lionesses I've been associating with to join me.  Much to my dismay, I was told by them that hunting was forbidden in that preserve.  It took me several days to realize that the two ladies were from different prides, with different rules regarding where and how they could hunt.  Since venturing out alone is out of the question here, I find myself facing an entirely new predatory challenge -- trying to adapt my needs around the arcane purposes of these different social groups.

   June 13th - Among the Locals:  Having been thwarted earlier, I have adapted my approach, keeping a regular eye out for pack hunts that I could join in with.  I've made friends with a very clever fox chap who is keenly interested in hunting among the local villages, a somewhat more hazardous but definitely more rewarding prospect.  Having discovered his network of similarly-minded friends, I've become a member of their party and have had much luck with them.

   Our first expedition was only marginally fruitful, as I was unsuccessful in bringing down game.  However, I managed to get a good lay of the land and set my eyes on some choice exotic prey unavailable elsewhere but among the natives.

   During that first expedition I came across a most peculiar scene.  I've mentioned previously that the locals have many curious taboos, mostly centered around the behavior of males and females towards one another.  One of these taboos concerns fur.  Apparently it is considered highly improper for a female to show off her fur when other males are present (mates excepted, I presume).  As a result, females outside our village have to cover themselves with large flowing garments to hide the offending pelt.  I guess I should count myself lucky that I'm male; I'm not quite sure how one could design such a garment for a serpent.  

   Anyway, during a break in the hunt I noticed a trio of young cheetah ladies gathered about a kill, sharing dinner and chatting as is their wont.  Thinking nothing unusual of it, I was surprised when a large, somewhat elderly hyena approached them and began barking furiously in the local native lingo.  I studied the scene for a while until it finally dawned on me:  The ladies had uncovered their heads in order to eat, and the hyena -- one of the local holy folk I mentioned in an earlier dispatch -- had taken offense at this breach of modesty.  After a couple of minutes of the barking harangue, the ladies covered their heads until the hyena departed.  I noted with some amusement that the moment he left, they promptly uncovered and finished their meal.

   A later hunting expedition was less eventful but more successful, and I hope to return from my travels with some truly unique specimens.  As strange as the folk are here, both inside and outside the Village, it is quite a rewarding experience to be among them.

Kulan Sheens Sighted!
     I was busy working in my office in the newspaper building, when I looked out the window and noticed a floating robot heading northward.  I quickly got outside and followed it, ending up at RavensScatter's place where she was in the heat of battle defending her home from the sheens!

   My first glance around revealed a disabled sheen, it's legs severed, on the ground, and a floating sheen careening randomly, probably damaged during combat.  The raven/coyote was in the middle of it all and was trying to use the careening sheen to take out a remaining smaller hovering sheen nearby.  She missed her target, but managed to do away with the careening sheen by causing it to hit a tree.

   The last remaining sheen charged into her, causing her to tumble to the ground.  She got up quickly and was about to ax the floating menace when it made a hasty retreat for whatever reason.

   Afterwards, I had the opportunity to briefly chat with RavensScatter.  She was apparently just defending her home from the 'pests', as she described them.  She's seen them before in other parts of Spindizzy, and warns that "Theey fiight wiiith eleectrisssity, eeeleectiic burstss.  You can huurt the jointsss...otherwissse, they collecct samples from ssurrounding areaaasss."  She also mentioned something about destroying the little probes that come out from their bodies.  It was also strongly recommended to stay away from her area and the sheens themselves, as they are quite dangerous.  This was demonstrated when she went to pick up some of their remains; the parts shocked her and started a small fire!

   I quickly hopped away, hoping to never meet up with a sheen alone.  I shudder to think of the result if a fur of lesser skill was in her position.

   For more information on Sheens and the Sheen RP, please visit Role Play Central (type 'rpc' anywhere).

Spindizzy Press Release 4th of July Picnic to be held evening of July 3rd
     Flutterz and Clarisa are planning to hold a 4th of July picnic on July 3rd, 7pm MUCK time at the Pier in the Glimmersea area (somewhere around S4 E7). Everyone is welcome to attend.  July 3rd also corresponds to Spindizzy's 1000th day in existence and the recently returned 910's birthday, among other events that are sure to occur that day.

   It is requested that if you decide to attend, you should try and bring food and/or snacks of some sort for the other attending guests (simply @create and @desc an object, dropping it in the party room).  Morticon and AliciaVulpnine have offered to do the fireworks held later in the evening, probably near the end of the party.

   For more information, check the Bulletin Board (with +read) or contact Flutterz or Clarisa.

Boki The Doze Garden (Click for a larger image)
The bomb!
@Action News Info Guidelines and Procedure for Submitting Articles
  ## Procedure for submitting an article:

 *  The newspaper building is located at Role Play Central (rpc).  When you enter the building you will see a bulletin board.

 *  Go ahead and 'write' your story.  If you decide you don't want to  write one, hit .abort and forget about it.  Otherwise page 'newspaper'  alerting us that you wrote one when you finish pasting it in. 

 *  An alternative to this is to page #mail newspaper with your story OR  email it to newspaper@spindizzy.org

 *  If you wish to see the edited version before it is published, please note that somewhere before or after your article.

 * That's it!  It'll appear in the paper!

## Guidelines for writing articles:

When writing articles for the paper...

 * Try and do some proofreading before submission.  That means spell  check! However, if you're no good at that sort of stuff, just send it as-is  and the editors will try their best.

 * No articles whose sole purpose is to flame someone.  You can use the  SpinDizzy BB for that ;)

 * Please strive for accuracy.  If they have time, the editors may check  up on some of the quotes and perhaps the basic facts of the article.   Otherwise, it is assumed you did your best to write an accurate article.   If this is abused and inaccurate things are complained about, stricter  rules may be put in place.

 * Submitting your article anytime on Friday evening through the  normal publishing date (Saturday night) will usually waive your right to  review the edited version because of time constraints.  You will be  contacted and informed but if you cannot get on before the publishing  deadline to check your article it will be published regardless UNLESS  you specify otherwise.

 * The editors' decisions are final.  This is not a wiz ran paper so do not  complain to them.  We can be reached by paging 'newspaper'.

 * Just about anything is published, so be creative!  It can be IC views on  RL topics, RPs that occurred around the MUCK, or most other things  you can think of.  You have creative license when it comes to  documenting RPs, so feel free to expound on the action, etc.  If you  aren't sure if a story is acceptable, page 'newspaper' and find out! :)

 * The AUP applies, so keep language and content acceptable.

  The End