SpinDizzy 2010 Mayoral Election - Kefan Q&A

[Recording made by Findra]

Elissa smiles at Kefan and Beltrami. Wishes she could get to know everyone here a bit better.

Ping steps off of the floating disk that carried her up.

Ping has arrived.

Ping bounces in.

Roofus_roo blinks. "I thought the hotel was fine.. better than the Doubletree, certainly.

Nikon says softly, "Roofus, the hotel made it harder to find folks. Being split between two buildings, and having the two floors. Plus there were alot less places to sit and watch the world go by."

Endy steps off of the floating disk that carried him up.

Endy has arrived.

Endy ah-HA!

Andreas is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Andreas has left.

Nikon says softly, "Also, I won't stay at that hotel again."

BunnyHugger tries to give Kefan her attention.

Nikon says softly, "I'm not even sure if I'll go back next year. Depends on the outcome if I move or not"

Nigel paces into the park, lost in thought.

Nigel has arrived.

Skyler says, "Yes, please go on, Kefan."

Ping sits down to listen.

Kefan says, "I'm not running to make great changes because I really like the way things are here. If I'm going to focus on anything, it's going to be as a good-will ambassador for here and a smiling face for new arrivals and old friends both."

Kefan says, "Like I said, I don't have anything in the way of a speech, and this is a Q&A, so I'm now ready to answer any questions you might have."

BunnyHugger raises a paw.

Mavra raises her hand.

Kefan points to BunnyHugger.

Morticon raises a paw too.

Roofus_roo is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Roofus_roo has left.

Loqu has arrived.

Kefan says, "Wow, it's like a real press conference. :D"

Austin grins.

BunnyHugger says, "Kefan, since you've got four legs, do you think that might make you more sensitive to the needs of the four-legged community? You know, including us nonanthros?"

Beltrami nods.

Kefan says, "Well, I hope so. Accessibility's important -- you don't want to know what it's like for me to try to get into a phone booth."

Garrison says, "What's a phone booth? " :)

Kefan says, "I'd hope I'd be sensitive to the needs of the whole community, two, four, six, seventy-three or no legs."

Jimun raises a wing.

Nikon is carried away when a runaway sputnik rams into her.

Nikon has left.

Kefan says, "Mavra was next, and then Morti."

Mavra looks around to confirm?

Jimun nodnods, "Go ahead, Mavra. You were next." ^^

Kefan says, "Yup."

Mavra says, "My question is this: Kefan, as Mayor, what will be your stance on the Wallaby/Centaur conflict?"

Endy parks his butt somewhere and quietly listens.

Morticon gasps!

Elissa smirks at Morti.

Morticon [OOC] For the uninitiated, for thousands of years Centaurs and Wallabies havn't gotten along.

Kefan chuckles. "Wide." :)

Morticon [OOC] Or so Morticon claims. :)

Mavra rolls her eyes.

Morticon hrrffs!!

Elissa [OOC] He would claim it. I bet he lies on his rug.

Beltrami grins.

Mavra says, "At least I was kind enough to put Wallabies before Centaurs, Morti."

Kefan says, "Unless there's been another skirmish since the winter battle a few years ago, and I think that ended in a draw... well, it's been quiet for a while and I certainly have no intention of provoking it."

Jaxen steps off of the floating disk that carried him up.

Jaxen has arrived.

Kefan says, "Morti was next, and then Jimun."

Morticon says, "Should you get elected, are you going to follow Centaur ideals while in office?"

Kefan says, "I can't say as I know any others to follow."

Ping ducks out a back door. RL summons, sorry everyone.

Morticon tilts his head?

Ping is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Ping has left.

PatchO'Black meows...

Kefan says, "Well, I *am* a centaur. It's not like I know how to follow, say, duck ideals because I wasn't raised a duck. Wow, a ducktaur, that would be something to see..."

Morticon mms. "Point taken."

Kefan says, "Jimun, then the floor is open?"

Austin says, "You'd need competent grad schools to create one, Kefan."

Kefan says, "Or a little mad science. :)"

Austin says, "And somewhere to keep the theses."

Jimun says, "Yes, regarding BunnyHuggers question about nonanthro accessibility.... you also said you weren't planning on making any major changes. Does this mean you do, or do not plan to make any changes to improve the accessibility for Spindizzy's nonanthro and aquatic species?"

Skyler raises a paw, then.

Elissa listens..

Jimun apologizes for the sloppy typing. Was trying to type the question quickly enough that no one thought he was sleeping. ^^;;;

Kefan says, "Oh, yes. I think we were discussing that a couple days ago, there were several good ideas going around about that. I do kind of like the idea of swimways paralleling the sidewalks. And anything that helps everyone on two or four (or n) legs remain on an equal footing is good."

Kefan says, "Skyler, yes?"

Jimun nodnods.

Mavra hipbumps Loqu!

Morticon mmms. He ponders that.

PatchO'Black mewmews?

Skyler says, "We've seen a few improvements come from the Mayor's office over the past couple years...would you say that your term as mayor would be first and foremost about 'no real changes', as you believe things are just about right now?"

Skyler says, "...a bit of a follow-up to Jimun's earlier question."

Kefan says, "Yeah. Obviously things like improved access for various species, that's something that always needs to be addressed. I'll always be a willing ear if someone has an idea, but I have no intention of heading into City Hall with a jackhammer."

Kefan says, "Philosophically or literally."

BunnyHugger nods.

Skyler nods. :)

Kefan looks around -- anyone else?

BunnyHugger raises a paw.

Kefan says, "Yes!"

BunnyHugger says, "Which is your favorite of Kant's Critiques: First, Second, or Third?"

Chitter kicks BunnyHugger.

Kefan says, "I Kant say I've read any of them. :D"

Jimun snickers.

BunnyHugger looks a little disapproving, but says, "At least he didn't say Third."

Austin grins.

Mavra raises her hand?

Kefan says, "Mavra?"

Mavra says, "Tastes Great or Less Filling?"

Nigel tsks at BunnyHugger, "That's a bit judgmental of you."

Kefan grins. "Sorry, Mavra, I'm strictly a Guinness 'taur."

PatchO'Black flops over.

Austin holds up a paw.

Kefan says, "Austin?"

Nigel asides, "Can't argue with that. You tou can enjoy Guinness, after all?"

Kefan really prefers this one local microbrew, but that would've been an unweildy answer. :)

Austin says, "You'd mentioned earlier focusing on being a goodwill ambassador for here. Do you mean that in the sense of being, besides mayor, also a presence on other mucks where you can serve as an attractor of interesting people to here, or do you mean it in the sense of seeking out the people who don't emerge into the community here and try to guide them out of shy self-enclosures?"

Kefan says, "I'd say a little of column A and a little of column B. And that's raelly something all of us can do -- if you see someone who you think would be a god fit here, mention it to them. That's how I came here. As for the second part of your question..."

Elissa's player works for Goodwill! :D

Nigel whispers to Elissa, "That's new to me."

Kefan says, "...I think the best way to bring people in is to conspicuously enjoy yourself and enjoy being with others. Now, that doesn't mean being hyperactively happy all the time. It does mean taking the time to say hi, check on new arrivals, that sort of thing. Kind of a helpstaff mentality, even if you're not staff yourself."

BunnyHugger says, "'Conspicuously enjoy yourself' -- what a great phrase! And so true."

Kefan says, "Just make them feel welcome, that does more than half the job right there."

Jimun says, "I pledge to be conspicuously batty."

Kefan says, "Anyone else? Bueller? Bueller?"

BunnyHugger hops anxiously, looking at the food.

Austin mms.

Austin raises his paw again, come to think of it.

Kefan nods to Austin?

Austin says, "Does a mayor need any supporting staff, and if so, who? What kind?"

Endy chirps, "Every mayor needs a badger. Since I'm the only one, I'm the best for the job!"

Beltrami grins at Endy.

Elissa grins at Nigel.

Elissa idles.

Kefan says, "Yeah, each and every one of you! Formal positions as needed; but you're *all* advisors! Oh, and I'd like to have a Minister of Cheese, just because I like cheese."

Westly looks thoughtful a bit...

Nigel says, "Badgers? We don't need no st--Mmmn. You know what? I can't do it. It's too hackneyed."

Mavra likes cheese.

Endy ooh, "Can I be the Czar of made up positions?"

Mavra says, "A Cheese Czar!"

Jaxen says to Austin, "Sure. No mayor is able to do everything, and a good leader knows how to delegate responsiblities to capable people."

Kefan says, "And the vice mayor should know vice inside and out. :)"

Kefan says, "Any more questions?"

Natasha says, "Whoops. Could you repeat your answer to the question about staff, please?"

Kefan quotes himself, verbatim: "Yeah, each and every one of you! Formal positions as needed; but you're *all* advisors! Oh, and I'd like to have a Minister of Cheese, just because I like cheese."

Kefan says, "If there's another question, I think we have time for one more?"

Kefan says, "If not, I'd like to thank you all for coming. Please stick around if you like. And remember -- a Kefan mayoralty means horse sense ... well, bad puns and horse sense. :)"

Morticon acks! Puns!

Beltrami smiles.

Kefan says, "It's a centaur thing, Morti, we can't help it."

Mavra says, "Stuff that pouch."

BunnyHugger looks eagerly at the food table.

Morticon snags some snacks, stuffing his pouch, before hopping off! Sounds like he took Mavra's advice!

Findra grins.

Morticon buahahs! Food thief!

Morticon has left.

Mavra rolls her eyes.