SpinDizzy Mayoral Debate Jan 27, 2010

Mina steps out to the center of the stage as the candidates take their place behind her. "Well... welcome to the mayoral debate! I'm Mina, and I'm moderating, but I'm not sure what that means! Guess I just ask the questions!" She giggles, nervously. "Our candidates on stage are.. Kefan, Natasha, Bonney, Zeta (or they're nearby!), Skully (as a write-in), and Dingo!" "Please give them a little applause!" She smiles.

Gilead's birthday suit and swimsuit are the same.

Kit_Skyfire looks for an empty seat, or if there are no seats, sprawls himself into.. well, it looks like he's sitting, but there's nothing there?! Just a faint blue glow where his body would contact said seat/chair.

Gilead eeps!

Gilead eyes Mina...

Beltrami waves at Mina- she points to GIlead.

Dingo smiles to the audience. :)

Skully takes a place on stage and plomps down on her haunches.

Gilead licks Beltrami!

Gilead curls up alongside Skully.

Mina's tail swishes, "Now... the first question... well, it's an important one to me, and not on the cards... but I'm gonna ask it anyway! Do you all like cookies? What kind?"

Kit_Skyfire catches up with the scroll and waves to Beltrami and Austin, and claps politly for the canidates.

Skully reaches up with her forepaws to brush her mane into more of a Ron Reaganish affair.

Zeta scrambles up the side of a podium and gives the camera a stoic stare.

Elissa giggles at Mina.

Fuzzy says, "These questions are only for the candidates, yes?"

Gilead licks his lips.

Zeta says, "The resemblance is uncanny, Skully. Especially now."

Mina [OOC] You can all answer at once... just start typing.

Kefan says, "Home made chocolate chip, preferably still warm from the oven."

Mina nods, "Yes, only for the candidates."

PatchO'Black has arrived.

Natasha says, "Oh, absolutely. Cookies are a vital part of the Spindizzy's economy."

Gilead chirps, "I like those lobster chips they have in Thai restaurants. They're delicious cookies."

PatchO'Black looks for a place to sit.

Skully says, "I don't eat cookies. On a diet, you see. But they're an ideal opiate for the masses."

Dingo yips, "I love all sorts of cookies, from oatmeal raisin, to chocolate chip, to M&M, and even my own Pup-Scout cookies. Cookie flavors are as varied as the folks here on Spindizzy. And I like them all."

Elissa yay!

Zeta looks to Mina. "Not especially. Cookies are superfluous and a contributor to kithood obesity. But I will consume balanced rations, reasonably sweetened, and cut into geometrically aesthetic circles."

Dingo bats her eyelashes.

Natasha says, "If it weren't for cookies, we wouldn't have much of anything to trade at all. Personally, I'm partial to chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and pecan pralines...though, um, not all at once."

Bonney bahs, "Cookies? NAy! I wants shineys! I be sick 'o' people givin' me chocolate shineys, tae, those dunnae count!"

Gilead chirps, "And I do have to say, on behalf of the hostages, Cookies are NOT a "sometimes food.""

Mina also introduces Gilead, who is running for mayor as well. She forgot!

Dingo snickers.

Zeta says, "The end of December must be very frustrating for you, Captain."

Elissa yaps, "'ello, all you candidates!"

Gilead tailwaves to Mina and Elissa. :-)

Zeta tail-flicks to Elissa.

Skully says, "Greetings, voter."

Mina giggles. "Well, it's good most of you like cookies. That's very important. Now..." She flips a card. "For the first question: What are the most pressing concerns on SpinDizzy? How would you address them?"

Westly snickers.

Mina [OOC] Feel free to respond to each other's responses too, for a little bit. You know, something like a debate. :)

Beltrami nodnods.

Bonney hrms, "Th' most pressin' concern be th' lack 'o' pirates, boaties, an' shineys. Elect me, an' I'll fix alla that! I'll assemble th' finest group 'o' scalliwags, an' make all th' docks give birth tae plenty 'o' ships," she muses and huhs, "We mayhaps will 'ave tae arty-ficially knock up th' docks, but, ye know, we'll solve tha' problem when we gets there. Aye, an' shineys! Methinks we shoul' raid other MUCKs fer their shineys!"

Natasha says, "I'd say the biggest difficulty is getting people to open up and get involved in things, take risks with themselves. If folks put aside their inhibitions and make earnest attempts to join in on events or scenes, they can often surprise themselves."

Gilead chirps, "The increasing emmigration out of the Rose Garden is but one symptom of an increasing fragmentation of the poplace here. It's where newbies show up, and when they find it empty, they don't come back. We need to get people back together, to stand for the same thing: fun."

Dingo yips, "Spindizzy is a wonderful place, it is very difficult to think of anything really being wrong... but one pressing concern would be the lack of togetherness. Believe it or not-- most people tend to hide away in their rooms and don't want to join us in fun activites."

Gilead nods sadly to Dingo. :'(

Skully says, "I have no idea what Bonney just said, but the population has become increasingly relaxed and sedentary. Fewer and fewer of the living get scared out of their skins. They need more activity to either start up or stop their hearts or various other blood-pumping organs."

Dingo hmmmms. She needs to pick something more unique. But there really isn't much else wrong with Spindizzy.

Kefan says, "I can't say I see a lot of problems that need to be addressed. If any turned up I suppose I'd address them using the complete ZIP+4. On a nice label. With correct postage."

Mina mms, tail swishing? "Some of you didn't answer the second part, on how you'd address or fix the problem. Could you give some details?"

Elissa could create some problems!

Zeta says, "I must on this point echo the sentiments of my opponents: A balkanization of our interactive social networks into largely disparate cliques. While a certain modicum of privacy is to be grudgingly accepted, we must encourage participation in shared activities and employments. Unlike them, however, I can offer concrete proposals to facilitate these solutions: Mandatory dress codes, occupational re-assignment, and reasonable surveillance measures to ensure suitable expression of autonomy."

Gilead chirps, "If people are alone for no good reason, I could bite them."

Skully jumps out of her skin, literally, before throwing her headback and emitting a deep, echo-y laughter that resounds throughout the locale.

Bonney hrms, "Methinks I done answered it! R'cruitin' pirates be th' 'ardest part, but, I dunnae. Mayhaps we makes press gangs, 'n' shanghai us some r'cruits t'go raid other MUCKs 'n' loot their shineys.

Natasha says, "There's a valiant band of folks who are reliable for joining in on any kind of thing going on, but there're also ones who feel hesitant because they're afraid of making fools of themselves...or saying something stupid...or being ostracised...or getting mocked on Something Awful or some such thing. Really what we need to do is rack people's brains for what they'd be interested in, and encourage them if they're feeling uncertain. Heck, I've had to do that with some of the other candidates, even."

Bonney ohs, "An' cute fellers, tae, na' jus' shineys. An' I s'pose cute lasses, tae, iffin' we must. We needs them, aye, cause who else is gonnae dance w'yer shineys?"

Gilead reflects on fun fox foolery.

Dingo yips, "I would fix the problem by providing people with various activities and places where we could come together and enjoy each other's company. Even if that meant having to gently coax people out of their hiding spots."

Zeta looks at Natasha coolly, "Indeed. It seems superfluous to worry about being mocked on Something Awful, Natasha, when there's a much more immediate risk of being mocked by their colleagues here."

Skully says, "Chasing people out of their homes and private rooms while shrieking, herding them to the slau...I mean, public places would work."

Gilead chirps, "Slurping everyone by page and heading to the rose garden by default is helpful, I think."

Dingo blushes at Natasha.

Gilead chirps, "I think being cute helps too. Who doesn't want to come to the rose garden and pet me? I'm soft as heck."

Natasha smiles sweetly at Zeta. "Occupational hazard."

Zeta says, "Duly noted."

Mina giggles, "Yeah, otters are really soft!"

J.P. says, "So are squirrels."

Beltrami smiles.

Kefan says, "I think the best way to coax people out is to just publicly have fun. That doesn't necessarily require new events, but it might mean better use of the events calendar. If someone's planning on something, go ahead and throw it up there. We're all creative folks here. Almost anything's bound to appeal to someone."

Dingo yips, "And balloon aliens."

Kit_Skyfire blinks, looking up over the top edges of his vidshades.

Gilead's glad he's not running against a sea otter though, they're the only thing softer than a river otter.

Mina nods, "Anyone have anything to add before we move to the next question?"

Fuzzy says, "You could cover yourself in marabou feathers"

Zeta says, "One thing."

Dingo yips, "But we *already* publicly have fun... and guess what? The same group of people come out to have fun. I've been here for about 6 years and haven't seen many new people come out to join us lately."

Mina notes to the audience, if you have a question you'd like to see ask, whisper it to me! She'll try and pick one and ask it at the end. One question per person, please.

Mina pauses, to let Dingo talk.

Dingo yips, "I'm finished, sorry..."

Zeta says, "Since no one has mentioned it yet: Tasteful utilization of the @pshout program is also expedient. Furthermore, it is important to impart the understanding that events do not descend from on high, the eventlist engraved on stone tablets brought down from Zion. We must create an environment in which not only do citizens feel secure in attending events--but in running their own. And advertising it amidst the eventlist and @pshout."

Zeta *Sinai

Mina changes to the next index card.

PatchO'Black sheepishly puts away this engraved stone tablets version of the eventlist.

Dingo yips, "I've always wanted to 'shout' about why there are 30 or so people online and nobody hanging out together, but some of us are nervous to use it, because we don't know about whether or not it's ok."

Dingo oopses. She's done. Really.

Mina asks the candidates, "What accomplishment on SpinDizzy are you most proud of? As in, something you did or helped do."

Zeta says, "We were wondering where you got your chiseled features, PatchO'Black."

Bonney wells, "I be th' winner 'o' not one but tae Festival 'o' Cuteness awards. Both fer Cutest P'formance!" She grins cheerfully. "Also's, I ... uh... live inna light 'ouse, tha' be ri' awesome iffin' ye asks me!"

Gilead chirps, "I try to set a good example, defending the powerless and sleeping, coming up with new morphs for all the holidays, making my home pretty, sharing my fish. that last one is hard. Otters don't share food easily."

Mina giggles. Fish.

Kefan says, "I make great furniture wherever I am. Always there to be leaned on or even sat on."

Zeta nods to Bonney, "Efficient, that. You can toggle the light switch as particularly affluent ships sail close?

Natasha says, "I'd say the whole streak from voodoo cookie to singing curse to rhyming to (finally!) being cured is something to be proud of, since it was largely improvised and drew in quite a few people who wanted to join in just for fun."

Dingo yips, "As a Spindizzian who has been here for quite a while, I can't really say that I have much to really show as far as accomplishments, but I do like to believe that I'm a good friend and an honest person who will always tell you what she thinks. I've also helped with our Space program."

Skully says, "I'm not one to feel much in the way of pride. Though I suppose if I did... Probably setting a nearly positive role model for the mortality-liberated."

Skyler has teleported in.

Skyler has arrived.

Mina looks to Zeta for her response.

Beltrami waves hello to Skyler!

Azure waves

Zeta says, "I'm afraid that I am not at liberty to discuss my own accomplishments publicly," for a brief moment the squirrel's eyes flick to Mina meaningfully, "but as far as unclassified activities are accounted, I remember fondly our dedication and subsequent exploration of Squirrel City, and whatever small part I had in that."

Findra has arrived.

Gilead chirps, "Speaking of pride, there are things I think I haven't managed to do yet. Getting all our lion population together for a pride march, for example."

Skyler waves!

Findra sneaks in the back.

Bonney snickers at Zeta, "Aye, tis mo' useful than' yer classy-fied nonsense, t'be sure."

J.P. sneaks over to Findra.

Skully skellypawwaves to Skyler and Findra, from the stage.

Dingo smiles at Miss Findra from the stage. :)

Gilead tailwaves to Findra.

Dingo smiles at Skyler too. :P

Findra waves an ear to Dingo, smiling.

Kefan waves at Skyler and Findra.

Zeta has seen Bonney's ship and, to the contrary, is not very sure at all. But only a light tightening of the eyes betrays her skepticism.

Beltrami waves to Findra too!

Mina looks around, "Anything more to add?"

Findra grins, waving back to Beltrami.

Dingo yips, "I'd like to add that I'm secretly whimsical too."

Gilead chirps, "I see a sinking ship not as a disaster, but an opportunity. Especially if Leonardo diCaprio sinks."

Dingo nods. O_o

Skully says, "More bloated corpses to be had."

Dingo high-fives Gilead.

Mina changes index cards, tail swishing! "It says this is a big question, and that you might have a lot to say: Why should people vote for you? What does being Mayor mean to you?"

Gilead licks Dingo!

Gilead chirps, "This place is my home. I don't want it to fall apart."

Bonney wells, "Iffin' ye dunnae votes fer me, I'm gonnae 'ave t'steal yer shineys insteada gettin' 'em elsewheres! An' yer cute fellers tae! 'side from that, bein' mayor means makin' this th' most ship-shape place in th' 'tire world! Aye, run it likes a good ship 'n' makin' things good fer me crew!"

Dingo yips, "In all sencerity, a lot of people probably see me as very immature and unable to really do anything meaningful in life, but this place is very important to me, and if being Mayor is the only way I can make my voice heard--then so be it. I've sat in the corner for years and almost no one noticed I was around until 2 years ago. I'd like to make it easier for other's voices to be heard as well, and I'd also like to bring the same whimsy and imagination and life back to the place that brought me here when I was very young and had a horrible life that lacked all of those things."

Natasha says, "Let's see. I feel that as mayor I could show my support in a public way for the kind of creative, surreal, absurd, imaginative play that I'd like to see. That's not the same as saying it's the only kind of play there *should* be, but I hope I can give encouragement here and there as it's needed."

Kefan says, "Well, I offer a mayoralty with twice the legs of the average candidate. I should like to think I would be an approachable mayor. I certainly don't plan to stop making a couch of myself in the park or anywhere else."

Skully says, "People should vote for me because I'm not one of these slick, insider 'living' candidates. I'm so underground, I was buried a couple times. As for what being a mayor means, I have seen many mayors in the past. Mayors who direct pitchfork-wielding mobs, frightened, teeming masses banded together to destroy monsters like me. They had it all wrong. By bringing flesh-devouring monsters into society, they could have strengthened the ties that bind and also culled the weaker and slower from their society. Likewise, I wish to strengthen society by drawing the horrors of the night and darkness into society, perhaps with slightly less culling. I can't guarantee this, however."

Natasha says, "I *don't* have the same kind of 'oh noes, the sky is falling' feeling that a few people seem to, but I *do* get bored with people sitting around and cuddling, hugging, snuggling, etc. Even when they're cuddling *me*. =>-"

Zeta says, "The mayoral position is not one of self-aggrandizement, of being in the spotlight, but of bringing out and encouraging the best in others. The previous holder, our gracious Beltrami, is perhaps the exemplification of this ideal: Drawing out new things from others both figuratively and", the squirrel eyes the operator palette, "literally. All whilst not speaking a word herself."

Gilead chirps, "Cuddling is fun. But like catching fish and grooming fur, it's only one thing to do. Sometimes other things are more fun at the moment."

Zeta says, "It is an example I promise to live up to. People should vote for me due to my experience in quietly emboldening others. I promise to draw out your true potentials--kicking and screaming if necessary."

Dingo yips, "But the reason why people should vote for *me* is because as well as a good Goobernator, I would also make a great liason-- from the citizens to the people they are afraid to approach with their issues."

Natasha says, "I mean, staying in your safety zone is nice and fun, but really, we're all intelligent, literate people; we're in an environment where nearly anything goes, giving us practically a mental link from those typing to those reading. We're capable of better. We *can* do better. I wouldn't say 'mustn't', but we *can*."

Skully says, "Indeed, cuddling is good as filler. But filler alone doesn't make a good food."

Dingo yips, "But, Skully... You don't have any innards. :-/"

Zeta says, "Check the tag."

Skully says, "Unlike some of you, I'm not foos."

( food )

Gilead chirps, "Nigel might disagree."

Zeta says, "Just because they're 60% polyester, doesn't mean her innards aren't real."

Natasha smirks. "I wouldn't say 'must' either, for that matter."

Dingo thought Skully was bones... she takes a peek.

Zeta says, "A demonstrative illustration of our literacy and the mental link between those typing and those reading, Natasha."

Skully hopped out of her 'skin' a while ago.

Kefan says, "I'm not sure the rest of us are food either, Skully. Not to say a good nibbling-on is unwelcome..."

J.P. giggles.

Westly coughs a bit.

Zeta says, "We could combine two questions: 'Do you like cookies? What about cookie citizens?'"

Beltrami smiles.

J.P. hmms...

Mina giggles. "Anyone have more to say on the question?"

Dingo yips, "I sometimes joke about others being food... but I never really bite. However... Borris is on my election team. You guys should vote for me. :)"

Skully under her lack of breath, murmurs "French cuisine and Amazon cannibal fare."

Zeta says, "Although Natasha might have the edge on the cookie constituency, having lived amongst for it a period."

Zeta *it for

Natasha says, "'Amongst for it'? Physician, heal thyself."

Mina changes index cards and reads it...

Zeta says, "I did so! It's not my fault you're contagious."

Findra laughs. =:)

Mina's tail swishes as she looks down at the card, reading aloud, "How would you help those on a different time zone who may never get to meet you personally? After all, we have a somewhat different set of people on the opposite 'shift'."

Beltrami nodnods to Mina.

Mina giggles at the previous conversation.

Gilead chirps, "I find insomnia and narcolepsy to be helpful with that. Some of the time I wind up seeing them instead."

Elissa yaps, "Personally as in, in SpinDizzy through pages, Mina? or.. *shudder* *peeks through the 'fourth wall'... out THERE *tailbristles!*"

Dingo yips, "My hours are very flexible. My player is able to set her own schedule, and if there were people about that needed her she could somehow find a way to be around to visit at a set time if the need arose."

Gilead watches Elissa's tail, and tries hard not to squee.'

Mina mms, "I mean on here."

Kefan chuckles. "I hardly keep to my own time zone as it is! I should show up more during the day. I can do that, though."

Natasha says, "Obviously, page-mail is available...likewise, the spindizzy_muck LJ...I can also contact people via e-mail if need be."

Skully says, "Being active at various times during the day, combined with liberal use of methods such as bulletin boards and mail question-and-answer sessions. And possibly physical threats."

Gilead chirps, "We otters are more adaptable than our smaller weasel bretheren. We don't starve to death in 24 hours. But basically we get up when we're hungry."

Zeta says, "An excellent question. The majority of our activities seem to be temporally clustered around this time slot. Rather than promise to indulge in the massive consumption of caffeine to commit myself to multiple time slots in a way which is commendable but probably untenable, perhaps the most effective solution is to run many of our events *twice*, organizing things with a representative of our otherly timely kin to be in charge of the complimentary event."

Elissa giggles at Gilead, swishes her tail provocatively at him. }:>

Gilead's ears blush.

Bonney wells, "I be available lots. I'd come on more, an' be able tae spent lotta time 'ere t'meet as many folks as possibl."

Zeta says, "Attending both would of course be laudable, but deputizing one of their own in this regard also facilitates a greater sense of participation and ownership amongst the common citizenry over the events."

Bonney adds, "Mayhaps there kin be mo' get t'gethers at varied times udder 'n' 7 PM PST. 'specially mornin' stuff, ain't much goin' on 'ere in th' mornin's."

Zeta says, "As such, I would ask someone from the time zones in question to take a lead in this regardless of whether or not I myself can attend. Although populations in this, forgive the arguably pejorative formulation, 'off hours' may be low now, I believe that by empowering them, we will see it grow."

Borris has arrived.

J.P. waves to Borris.

Borris walks in and finds a place to sit

Kefan heys at Borris.

Dingo smiles at Borris from the stage.

Mina changes index cards....

PatchO'Black waves to Borris.

Mina says, "What should be done about the newspaper? Would you write a Mayor's column for it? If so, what would you write about?"

Gilead chirps, "I'd write lots of puns. Maybe make stories of them sometimes."

Skully says, "Such a column should naturally outline one's plans for the near future, regarding town halls, holidays, and other meetings of note. It should also give room for answers to mailed-in questions."

Dingo yips, "Argon was one of the first people to become my friend here on Spindizzy and he was one of the people who made this place special--especially with the newspaper. It should definitely be continued... and although I am rather shy, I wouldn't mind helping with that."

Natasha says, "As a matter of fact I've been speaking with some wizards and some interested parties about possibly relaunching Spindizzy News. Can't give any details yet, but I've been looking at possibilities."

Kit_Skyfire sneaksneaks over and changes out Mina's next set of index cards with playing cards.

Mina doesn't notice yet. She's too busy watching the candidates.

J.P. giggles at Kit_Skyfire.

Dingo yips, "I would write about anything people seemed to be interested in at the moment."

Bonney wells, "I dunnae, th' paper be a wee bit outdated. Methinks th' crew 'o' th' MUCK shoul' take it tae a vote, an' iffin' a m'jority wants it, I be 'appy t'help modernize 'n' put it back t'gether again. I'd be makin' it easier t'contribute tae, 'n' indeed I t'would contribute m'self when I 'ad somethin' t' say!

Gilead chirps, "If something struck me as funny about some current events, maybe I'd write about that too."

Kit_Skyfire slips back to his seat and turns off the hologram that's been mimic-ing him in his absence.

Kefan says, "If there was a desire for a column, I could write one. No idea what I'd write about, although I'm always open to suggestions. Might be a random observation, might be proposed designs for our coinage, might be just about anything. Certainly, I hope to see the paper continue; I haven't been part of those discussions."

Dingo yips, "I think the paper was great the way it was. How many other places have a paper?"

Elissa yaps, "I like the paper! I want to see it continue!"

Gilead chirps, "It was a paper that was so good, I didn't use it to line the ferret cage."

Zeta says, "A sad subject. Someone has to take up the reins of the old gray mare. Better it were someone fully dedicated to the role, but if no one suitable can be found, perhaps it will have to fall to our Mayor. A column would be fitting in any case. The paper is strongest when it imparts a sense of belonging to the constituents, and everyone likes to see their name in print. As such, I would use my column to extoll the accomplishments of Zeta's Sitizen Of The Week."

Zeta says, "As an example to other, potentially less loyal residents."

Borris Gruffs, "Any one know how to put the paper togater?"

Beltrami grins.

Mina goes to look at her index cards, and suddenly looks terribly nervous and scared!

Elissa eep?s at Mina?

BunnyHugger has arrived.

Chitter follows his friend in.

Beltrami waves hello to BunnyHugger and Chitter!

Findra waves to BunnyHugger and Chitter.

Skully skellywingwaves.

Zeta says to Borris and Mina, "You have to know when to fold."

Austin says, "Chulo!"

Mina repeats the last question, for our candidate BunnyHugger! "What should be done about the newspaper? Would you write a Mayor's column for it? If so, what would you write about?"

BunnyHugger tries to come in unobtrusively so as not to interrupt, though is perhaps not successful.

Gilead chirps, "We could start instituting a purity test via the paper."

Elissa yaps, "I would think just copy the last web page from the Internet thingamajig and substitute new text!"

Gilead nuzzles BunnyHugger!

Zeta says, "Printing it on litmus?"

Gilead chirps, "I like the 500 question one from MIT."

Gilead chirps, "Put maybe 25 questions a day."

Mina's cards seem to be replaced by playing cards! Her tail flicks nervously. She looks around.

BunnyHugger tries to smooth her fur down and look presentable. She has obviously run in from somewhere distant and is out of breath.

Zeta curls her tail into a ? and stares at Mina.

Gilead pledges to help people like BunnyHugger, by staying under water a lot of the time and conserving his breath, while the poor don't have any breath of their own.

BunnyHugger says, "I believe that the newspaper issue should be tabled until after the election, at which time those interested in becoming editor should come forward and explain their interest."

Mina [OOC] Anyone in the audience have any questions they want asked? Just making a last call.

Skully says, "Full house, eights and fives."

Borris Gruffs, "Aces and Eights!"

BunnyHugger says, "I also would happily write a column, and in fact intend to contribute regularly regardless of whether I were Mayor. I enjoy writing about events I have been involved in, and I involve myself in events as often as possible."

Gilead wonders what BunnyHugger is hiding, not wanting journalism until after the election. ;-)

Skyler giggles.

Gilead giggles and rolls on his back, wiggling. ;-)

Findra grins.

BunnyHugger says, "I think that the community only really needs to be faced with one chaotic issue at a time, is all."

Borris Gruffs, "Has BunnyHugger parteken of the "Herb"? :)"

Zeta says, "That's why the paper only puts out one issue at a time."

Gilead chirps, "I have spent time under water...but I did not inhale..."

Mina tries to remember the questions...

PatchO'Black chuckles.

Mina says, "Oh yeah... next question....."

Dingo smiles. :)

Mina says, "How would you help with the upcoming SpinDizzy winter Olympics? (This is meant more for the other candidates, but BunnyHugger is welcome to respond)"

Kefan says, "Mostly by getting out of their way. Putting skis on a centaur is a good way to re-create the 'agony of defeat' footage."

Skully says, "Negotiating TV rights with the various channels."

Dingo yips, "If I were elected I would make sure that a sizeable crowd were here to enjoy the events and even participate! :)"

Jimun zooms in and screetches to a halt. Street luging.

Jimun has arrived.

Kenko sneaks in behind Jimun.

Gilead chirps, "I would try to organize all the really fun winter sports. Snow penmanship, sliding, swimming in icewater."

Beltrami waves to Jimun and Kenko!

Dingo blushes!!

Gilead chirps, "Making snow otters, snowball fights."

Jimun wing-waves.

J.P. wingwaves.

Gilead nuzzles Dingo!

Elissa yaps, "No business like snow business!"

Borris Gruffs, "Ah, is fun to swim in water that is near freezing ;)"

Skully says, "I can't swim. Not enough surface area, too heavy."

Gilead chirps, "There are two types of snow otters. Ones made by putting snowballs together, and ones made by flopping back in the snow and flapping your forelegs."

BunnyHugger says, "I have started trying to work on the Olympics by advertising it on the other worlds that I exist in. I have not finalized a schedule as I had heard there might be a town hall meeting soon, and thought perhaps I should wait for input from that, however, I might post a tentative schedule soon."

Bonney wells, "I'd use 'em t'analyze th' st'gic capabilities 'o' other MUCKs 'o' course! By seein' their best 'n' brightest, I kin best judgee th' easiest set 'o' shineys t'get. Mayhaps even rob 'em whilst they're busy playin' the games." She snickers, "An' give th' winners chocolate shinies what I dunnae even wants anyhoo."

Zeta says, "Judging, handing out medals, and the design events. For example, I have one in mind where athletes ski to a secure location, use a rifle for a silent takedown, and must escape unnoticed. Should desperate times require it, my coloration also would make me suitable in a mascot capacity."

Skully says, "I would also ensure through cautious negotiating that we get the next winter olympics here as well."

Zeta doesn't look too happy about this last one, but then Zeta never really looks happy.

Andreas has arrived.

Jimun says, "I do apologize for my late arrival. Did I miss anything important?"

Findra grins at Bonney.

Beltrami waves to Andreas!

Mina adds Jimun to the list! "Yeah, some questions, but we have more! Step on up!"

Mina reasks the current question: How would you help with the upcoming SpinDizzy winter Olympics?

Gilead ponders Zeta as a mascot.

Borris Gruffs, "Borris will provide Security!"

Dingo giggles.

Zeta looks coldly at Gilead. Is that a demonstration of her suitably or...?

Jimun nodnods, "Do we have a set format for who gets to speak, or should we just throw our comments out there?"

PatchO'Black has to remember to put in his bid for hosting it in the Winter Wonderland.

Mina [OOC] Candidates just throw out comments as questions are asks.

Mina [OOC] asked

Borris Gruffs, "Nyet, no bid. Will be in Winter Wonderland!"

Zeta says, "Just throw them out; they'll be better organized in print."

Dingo [OOC] is having a tough time keeping up that way...

Zeta indicates the foreboding camera.

Mina looks to Natasha, Jimun, and BunnyHugger for their answers.

Natasha says, "Well, I'm not certain about sports I could participate in...maybe once there's more of a schedule set up. Of course, setting up a schedule requires some critical mass of people showing interest, and therein lies the rub, eh?"

BunnyHugger thought she had answered, actually.

Mina [OOC] You're right. Sorry.

Borris Gruffs, "Is hoping Bunny sliding will be an event :)"

J.P. giggles.

Jimun nodnods, "Oh well. I certainly support the Spindizzy Olympics. I think it's a wonderful opportunity for us to get together and enjoy ourselves. I'm willing to offer my assistance however I can..."

Elissa burps, blushes, covers her mouth. "Sorry."

BunnyHugger says, "I would love for others to help by advertising on other worlds they may belong to, and bringing over friends."

Dingo giggles.

Zeta says, "Commendable audacity, Borris, in selecting venues. Sliding into what?"

Gilead chirps, "I'll make sure that the very first day at the stadium is "Tailwarmer Day." So the coati citizens won't risk frostbite and tail loss from the cold."

Kefan says, "My favorite winter sport is free-for-all snowball fights anyway. :)"

Dingo yips, "An oven, hopefully Zeta."

Gilead chirps, "FOr Borris I'll make sure the second day is sno-cone day so he wont' get too hot."

Borris Gruffs, "Bunny sliding, instead of using the stones"

Dingo licks her lips.

Elissa likes playing chase-the-tod.

Findra squeaks at Dingo!

BunnyHugger says, "I do not approve of bunny abuse."

Mina asks BunnyHugger and Jimun, "Do you both like cookies? If so, what's your favorite?"

Borris Gruffs, "No abuse, just sliding bunny on ice :)"

Dingo yips, "Oh no... Findra's here! I didn't mean it. O_o"

Bonney bahs, "Tis th' only question th' daft stripes cares 'bout!"

BunnyHugger frowns at Dingo.

Dingo smiles at BunnyHugger. "Oops!"

Jimun says, "I think peanut butter cookies might be my favorite... though I do like chocolate chip a lot too. Especially when they're soft and hot from the oven."

Mina blushes. She tries to remember the next question...

Zeta says, "It's more convincing if you don't smile with your teeth."

Gilead puts on a red tailwarmer with a white tip, and waves it to Elissa.

Dingo closes her muzzle.

BunnyHugger says, "I am a well-known cookie fanatic, and am sometimes called the Cookie Doe on account of it. My favorite are, perhaps, M&M cookies, although I like very many varieties and could take much too much time listing them all."

Zeta nods.

Mina giggles.

BunnyHugger says, "But I won't because Chitter is giving me a sharp look."

Mina says, "Do you think SpinDizzy's population should grow via immigration? If so, how would you go about growing it?"

Mina, meanwhile, organizes the rest of the audience questions. If we have time at the end, we'll reask a few previous ones for the latecomers.

Zeta says, "In any case, Quid pro quo: Sliding canines across the ice might be more suitable than rabbits. We can call it 'cur-ling'."

Borris Gruffs, "Bunny Curling!"

J.P. giggles.

J.P. says, "What about squirrels?"

Zeta says, "Squirrling?"

J.P. chitters.

Findra groans at Zeta.

Gilead chirps, "Well, as I mentioned earlier, I consider making the rose garden more busy again is critical. Guests who show up there and find nobody around, don't move here permanently. Sometimes that's their own loss. But sometimes it's everyone's mutual loss."

Borris Gruffs, "Hm, Squirrling could be fun"

Elissa facepaws at BunnyHugger. "Cookie doe..."

Zeta bends her tail into a handle and looks at it. "I fail to observe the attraction."

Jimun says, "I feel that Spindizzy's population should grow naturally however it should be. Encouraging other to join us is a nice thing to do, but ultimately it's their decision if Spindizzy is right for them. I feel that the quality of the experience here is more important than the quantity of the citizens."

Borris Gruffs, "We'll need brooms"

Skully says, "Caution should be used in any case. While growing the population will help with some issues, we should be careful not to draw in too many undesirables. Perhaps an 'import-a-friend' drive of some sort, with modest rewards for those who recruit friends in the form of some notation in the newspaper or upon a monument."

Dingo yips, "I think Spindizzy should approach immigration carefully, by suggesting it only to people who would further enrich our nation's unique environment. Only the most whimical, imaginative and polite people should be allowed to join us! Not just anyone like places like FurryMuck or Taps. Those places are huge--and look at them. They lack imagination and whimsy."

BunnyHugger says, "I think that we have had many new people in the time I've been here who have contributed a lot, and some of whom are regulars now. I have myself been responsible for at least a couple of people coming here, as no doubt have others. My feeling is that the best way to grow the population -- or at least replace those who have sadly drifted away -- is for people to directly invite those that they think would be a good fit for our culture."

Zeta says, "Most people who arrived here arrived here through a friend. That's what growing 'naturally' means. We should not set out open advertisements or the like."

Natasha says, "Well, as well as the Spindizzy News, I've also been in discussions about what to do to modernize the Spindizzy web site to appeal to potential new players. Right now it's decidedly outdated, not very attractive, and not very welcoming. Just getting people to use telnet or a MU* client is exotic enough nowadays, we might have to consider leading people around by the nose (so to speak) to explain just what sets this game apart from others on the web, like MMORPGs, or Second Life, or general."

Borris is loosing track!

Kefan says, "Growing Spin is important, yes. That's something we can all do when we go visiting elsewhere: inviting people over, give them a chance to see us. There's no reason not to mention the place to someone any of us thinks would like it here."

BunnyHugger says, "The Winter Olympics, if successful as a cross-MUCK event, could also bring in a few people. But I'm not sure we need to grow the population considerably, as it seems stable right now."

Borris O.O!

Borris idles to get more foods

Zeta says, "Instead we should encourage our citizens to invite their friends if they think they might be interested. Events such as the Olympics are a suitable excuse. If this fails, however, we are prepared once in office to resort to less conventional population sustaining measures."

Gilead chirps, "I will also personally bite anyone antagonizing newbies over cliquish things. I watched FT essentially die because Random drove everyone away. As Mayor here, I'd be sure to perforate the ankles of anyone being a complete ass for no good reason."

Elissa OOCly knows of a project called FlashTerm which she is using on another project to let people connect to her telnet bulletin board system. The same could be adapted for in-browser connectivity... http:/www.flashterm.com

Dingo yips, "This place was--at least for the while that I've been here, rather small... It doesn't need to be like the others to be great."

Zeta says, "Cloning and mandatory breeding programs, for example."

Kit_Skyfire has disconnected.

Mina bites her lip at Zeta's comment.

BunnyHugger says, "There's actually already a Web client at spindizzy.org."

Mina looks to Bonney for her answer?

Zeta looks at Mina phlegmatically.

Elissa ohs at BunnyHugger, ok.

Dingo yips, "It would just be nice if the people we have would just show up in public every once in a while and let immigration happen slowly."

Skully says, "I find cloning and breeding measures offensive as a way to grow the population."

Skully says, "These heavily favor the living."

Jimun says, "I think I agree with Gilead to some degree. Though my methods wouldn't be quite so violent. I want Spindizzy to be a welcoming and comfortable place for everyone, including newcomers."

Zeta says, "This one is better, however: Flash is better supported and efficient than Java on modern browsers."

BunnyHugger says, "I agree. I enjoy welcoming new people and would continue doing so as Mayor -- but then, as with many things, I confess I will continue doing so regardless."

Zeta says, "Skully, with reasonable resources, I am also willing to resort to raising the dead."

Gilead nods and supports flashing. He doesn't usually wear anything other than his fur.

J.P. giggles.

Bonney hrms at Mina and shrugs, "Sure! WE coul' always use mo' crew! In fact, we kin press-gang 'em from other places, aye, whilst we be takin' their shineys."

Bonney [OOC] Sorry for pause!

Dingo yips, "Will we be able to discuss our own issues later?"

Natasha says, "I honestly can't remember the last time I installed either a Java or a Flash plugin, but there's at least one javascript plugin too; that's pretty much built in to nearly every browser out there. Anyway, those are technical details."

Mina nods, "I can give free time at the end. Three audience submitted questions, then I'll open the floor. I'll also give the previous questions to our late comers in case they want to use that time to address them."

Zeta says, "The best kind of details."

Natasha says, "Er, javascript *client*, rather. Foo."

Mina asks the next question: What's a recent specific activity you feel didn't work out, and how might you have tried it differently?

BunnyHugger pauses to think, paw on nose.

Dingo needs to think about that one.

Jimun says, "While a flash or javascript client would be nice for people trying Spindizzy out as their first muck, I feel it's important to encourage them to try a real client if they intend to stick around for any length of time."

Bonney shrugs, "I dunnae... methinks some 'o' th' activties... well, methinks some 'o' th' pop'lace cou' do w'some loosenin' up. Methinks all events shoul' 'ave plenty 'o' rum served t'elp with that."

Dingo yips, "A lot of them tend to work out in the end... but the problem is setting a good time so that everyone can show up, and getting the word out to folks."

Kefan says, "I don't like to think about failures. Move on to the next and apologise when appropriate."

Gilead chirps, "Well, the mayoral debates were more of a mayoral debacle, really..." He giggles and slurps Mina. ;-) "Just kidding. There was a recent mutilation of someone on here, that went very badly... But I don't really want to bring that up...""

Borris Gruffs, "Mayoral Free For All!"

Dingo yips, "I'm all for Bonney's idea! :P"

Mina giggles at the slurp!

Borris Gruffs, "Last Canidate standing wins!"

Gilead chirps, "Or lots of lite beer and whoever runs to the bathroom last wins."

BunnyHugger says, "Well, the Christmas tree transportation event was very badly attended. I don't know that I can say much bad about it, as I enjoyed it, but that was, I think its organizers would agree, less than optimal. And I think my answer would be that it probably should not have been run during FC. However, I understand that there were reasons for this that were beyond the organizers' control. A more helpful suggestion is that I think it could have been publicized on the MUCK's Livejournal -- as far as I can remember, it wasn't."

Elissa [OOC] :wonders whether LJ supports RSS feeds?

Azure [OOC] LJ does support RSS feeds!

Kefan [OOC] Yes, though I don't recall how.

Gilead hopes so. He'd hate to think of LJ going hungry.

Mina earperks as the other candidates formulate their responses.

BunnyHugger says, "I might also suggest to myself that I should publicize the events calendar that I maintain more, because that has helped me keep track of events better myself. I can have it email me 12 hours (or whatever) before events so I don't forget them."

Azure [OOC] http://community.livejournal.com/spindizzy_muck/data/rss

Azure [OOC] Behold, rich, chunky XML.

Jimun says, "Hmm. I can't recall an event off the top of my head that's gone particularly badly..."

Skully says, "I can't think of any specifics. However, it does seem the attendance at events varies wildly. It may be an issue of timing, or perhaps proper advertising - though I do believe there was plenty of the latter in-MUCK for the tree transportation."

Zeta says, "Tree retirement. Though not for any failings of our participants, who were enthusiastic and excellent sports. Lots of little lessons but the overarching ones, I think, are a less formal and perhaps intimidating build-up. I must disagree with my opponent's formulation, I think: It was not due to a lack of awareness that so few attended, as it had been advertised heavily. Rather, perhaps, we should have presented it as something more casual. It was a stark demonstration, perhaps, of how events must be portrayed as light and casual."

Gilead chirps, "This isn't a campaign thing because I just thought of it, but maybe we can put some sort of voting system in place to try to find better times for events."

Zeta says, "Once they show up, of course, we can then subject them to whatever we wish."

Borris Falls over, a glazed look in his eyes!

Mina looks to Natasha?

Gilead chirps, "I can't speak for everyone, but sadly, I sometimes can't be here. :'( Advertised or not, I won't attend events that are there when I'm not."

Fuzzy checks the transmitter chip in the back of Borris' skull

Natasha says, "The tree transportation seems to be on most people's minds, alas. As for me, ah...I missed Twelfth Night and Argon's memorial entirely, tsk."

Zeta sniffs at what Fuzzy's doing. "It's the receiving chip that's blown. He's no longer responding to your control."

Borris Gruffs, "SEAL!"

Mina asks the second to last question before she opens it up: "Is there a place for other civic positions besides mayor/deputy mayor- and if so what positions?"

PatchO'Black gives Borris a seal sandwich.

Westly has disconnected.

Borris CHOMPS!

Jimun says, "Getting events when most people are around is very difficult. Maybe we should consider recruiting folks on a different time schedule to run events at alternate times, or on different days, to increase the odds of people being able to attend."

Westly has connected.

Westly 's form blurs to finally form a dark tendriled mist, like stirring black ink into water. After a moment, the mist clears, and he's left his normal self.

Kefan says, "Well, I've promised to appoint a Minister of Cheese. Cheese is very important."

Gilead chirps, "Vice-mayor. for times I can't be here. :'("

Borris sits up "Space" then falls over!

J.P. loves cheese.

Bonney shrugs, "I dunnae, d'pends. On 'ow big 'o' apirate crew we gets. I mayhaps need some mateys t'help out, aye, 'elp run th' show. Bu' iffin' the crew stays small, methinks we only needs one cap'n."

Jimun says, "Well... perhaps a position that assists with organizing events, I'm not sure."

Skully says, "Civil defense commander; sheriff; chief of staff -someone has to secretly control the government's inner workings while the mayor serves as a mouthpiece; press secretary - someone willing to publish all the crap the mayor says and take questions when they're not there."

Gilead chirps, "I suppose we could use a city fishcatcher. But if I were elected Mayor, the position might go unfilled."

Gilead chirps, "Visier, Skully?"

Kefan says, "I think it's important that the vice-mayor be good at vice, too."

Borris twitches

Zeta says, "Replace the wizzes command with vizzers command, Gilead?"

Elissa [OOC] Sweet, thanks Azure! <3

Jimun nods to Kefan, "Yes, It would be nice if the Vice Mayor would help to attend at times when the Mayor is not available.

Natasha says, "It would be nice to have a substitute appear for events I can't show up to personally, but I think I'd rather appoint people on a case-by-case basis, if they're particularly enthusiastic or knowledgeable about a given topic. I think 'deputy mayor' or 'vice mayor' or whatever is a tad too general to be a persistent position."

Dingo yips, "If I were elected, anyone who wanted a position could be or do whatever they wished. It's up to the people, whether or not I get elected and it will be up to them to tell me about things they want done if they can't do it themselves. That's Laissez-fur gov'ment for you."

Dingo is kind of joking...

Findra grins.

( Kind of. )

BunnyHugger says, "I think we may not really need any more positions. With two members of the Mayor's Office, that should cover planning holiday events and such. It's fun to give oneself ceremonial positions -- I should know -- and I wouldn't be opposed to the Mayor getting to name cabinet members. However, I don't think there are any that are really *needed* -- it would just be for fun."

Zeta says, "The 'deputy mayor', probably determined by the runner-up of the election will be suitable for replacing in most events. A 'vice mayor' could be useful, however, for participation in those vices for which I am unsuitable."

Skully says, "We don't need an endless list of czars."

Borris Gruffs, "CHEESE!"

Andreas yips, "The SpinDizzy imperial guard"

BunnyHugger says, "I believe a Mayor and a Deputy Mayor, as we had before Portia left, would suffice."

Dingo loves vice.

Borris pats Dingo!

Gilead chirps, "What about a bunch of Cossacks?"

Dingo winks at Borris.

Gilead chirps, "With wolves for daemons?"

Kefan looks back and forth between Borris and J.P. Looks like we have two candidates for the ministry! :D

Fuzzy says, "A soviet of people's commisors"

Zeta looks at Dingo briefly, "I can think of suitable candidates off-paw."

Dingo smiles at Gilead.

Dingo giggles at Zeta too. :P

BunnyHugger says, "I do intend to make Chitter my top aide, of course."

Borris Gruffs, "Aide d Chitter!"

Jimun nods, "If both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are active, and attend to their duties as best they can, that probably will be enough. If more positions are needed for any reason, that'll be something to be considered when the time comes."

Zeta says, "But overall, I agree: A plethora of positions doesn't foster a sense of inclusiveness, but of cliquishness and exclusivity."

BunnyHugger nods.

J.P. headtilts at Kefan.

Dingo rolls her eyes. "My dingo-plush is gonna be VP. Vice Plushie. Er... Vice Mayor, sorry.

Kefan says, "Not if everybody has a position -- then we're all in it together, Zeta."

Zeta continues amidst BunnyHugger's nodding "Which is why minion uniforms and numerical designations are much more egalitarian."

Gilead chirps, "But what if BunnyHugger won and Zeta came in second and became Deputy Mayor? Her and Chitter would probably wreck the place fighting."

BunnyHugger stops nodding very abruptly.

Zeta says, "I can answer that one, BunnyHugger."

BunnyHugger says, "Yeah, that's what used to happen with the U.S. president and vice president, I believe, before they changed the way the vice president is elected."

BunnyHugger says, "But please go on, Zeta."

Beltrami smiles.

Gilead snickers into a paw.

Dingo yips, "What is this... U.S.?? Some new planet!??"

BunnyHugger says, "It's the place I originate in."

Borris Gruffs, "MARS!"

Natasha says, "Mars. Needs. Women."

Gilead chirps, "No, she's a girl bunny. She's from Venus."

Zeta says, "Obviously, due to certain... incompatible proclivities, I do not always see eye to eye with certain members of BunnyHugger's proposed staff. However, the point is moot: To ensure the stable transition of governance, the Deputy Mayor and Mayor would maintain separate residencies and offices at most times. This way, should some unforeseen and fatal disaster befall our illustrious leader, power would transfer smoothly and efficiently to me."

Fuzzy adjusts the trim pot

Skully says, "The United States. A constitutional democracy born in war."

Dingo yips, "I agree with Zeta on that one. "

Mina's tail swishes, "And... last question before we open the floor to the candidates: What will the candidates think will be the most difficult aspect of being the mayor for them, personally?"

Gilead chirps, "Maybe it wasn't really war, just mink mating? That'd explain something being born."

BunnyHugger says, "I would like to suggest that Zeta consult the book on morals that I gave her more closely if she is elected."

Borris prefers a Republic

BunnyHugger scratches her ear as she thinks.

Gilead chirps, "Ooh, I love morels. They're delicious, especially with a little oil of truffle."

Elissa prefers foxocracies.

Kefan says, "Most difficult? Being called 'mare' when I'm a stallion. :D"

PatchO'Black meows.

Zeta answers immediately, "The door knobs of City Hall."

Borris pats PatchO'Black!

Skully says, "Being a decayed zombie, leadership skills and charisma never came naturally to me. They are things I'm still working on."

Jimun hmmms, "Staying awake during any daytime events, maybe."

Dingo yips, "The most difficult aspect of being mayor for me would be naming the money everyday. It's small, but I can only think of so many things to call pecuniary devices. O_o"

Gilead chirps, "Making sure that I bite only the guilty. Sometimes it's tempting to bite 'em all and let the enzymes sort 'em out."

Andreas is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Andreas has left.

Bonney wells, "Obv'iously I be born tae lead. I be a fine cap'n' w'many years 'o' 'xperience 'n' smarts 'n' such. All taty-cal an' fine in all matters both mil'tary 'n' judicial-like."

Gilead chirps, "But as mayor, I'd have to not bite the innocent citizens."

Kefan says, "Oh, and I hope there's not a lot of marble floors in City Hall. Polished marble and hooves don't get along."

BunnyHugger says, "Honestly, for me, it will probably be making sure I spend time elsewhere. I already love being here so much that I spend a great deal of time here. But, I do have obligations to the squirrels that I instruct that require I spend at least some time away. Making sure I still fulfill those obligations despite my enthusiasm for being Mayor will require discipline."

Skully says, "Make being bitten part of the citizenship test."

Borris Fires a Broadside across Bonney's Bow!

Natasha says, "Diplomacy. It's far too easy to call someone out for doing something bad or stupid. Not so easy to encourage and nudge one into doing better and smarter."

Borris Gruffs, "Gunboat diplomacy is best!"

Fuzzy says, "Gumboot?"

Jimun says, "But more seriously, I suppose the most difficult thing with me is being more outspoken. I tend to be rather quiet and keep to myself at times. But I've been making a personal effort to be more social and active."

Mina grins, "Thanks for answering the many questions!" "Now, take a few moments to talk about whatever you want, in a few paragraphs, before we finish up."

Borris Gruffs, "Ah, Australlian Diplomacy, Gumboot! "

BunnyHugger says, "Also, my esteemed opponent Zeta is in luck. City Hall seems not to actually have door knobs -- I was in my Embassy office earlier today and was rather unnerved by how the... doors... if you can call them that, seem to open themselves."

Gilead could sing a song about what's best, but decorum prohibits singing it here...

Beltrami blinks?

Gilead chirps, "Does it have bedknobs and broomsticks?"

Fuzzy says, "Did the audience questions get asked?"

Findra snickers at Gilead.

Gilead thinks Findra may know the song.

Skyler believes they did, but that not everyone may have answered yet (?)

Findra tries to look innocent!

Dingo heard of it. :P

Zeta says, "In that case... I would anticipate certain anti-social vigilantes to pose a trifling obstacle, however piddling, to my endeavors enacting progressive policies for the betterment of the planetoid."

Borris goose Dingo!

Gilead chirps, "Unsurprising, it's an Australian song."

PatchO'Black mews, "I have one!"

Zeta says, "But these annoyances would be ephemeral at worst."

Dingo yips, "Gilead likes Australian stuff. ;)"

Natasha says, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, eh."

Borris flops over

Dingo yips, "In the most delightful way. :)"

BunnyHugger says, "I'd like to answer some of the questions that came before that I missed. One is what accomplishment I am most proud of. There are a few things I am rather proud of, but I think the best was my Twelfth Night party. It was, I thought, a lot of fun, and it went beyond just 'hanging out but someplace besides the Rose Garden,' because I planned specific -- and traditional -- activities for it, like the selection of a King and Queen and wassailing the fruit trees. I think it had a lot going for it and helped me understand what makes for a good event."

Skully says, "It's time for Spindizzy to open itself up more to the mortality-liberated. We don't want to drive down your property values, we don't want to replace all your buildings with crubling gothic architecture and haunted mansions, we don't want to ban your religions. All we want are your brains. As the first mortality-liberated mayor in a plush skin, I would pledge to serve as an example of the living, post-living, and animated objects coming together, with equality, fraternity, and succulent brains."

Gilead rises from the grave...

Gilead chirps, "I agree with Skully on that point."

Borris Gruffs, "Dogs and Cats living togather. Mass Histaria!\"

Elissa tailbristles again at Skully. o.o

Findra grins at Skully and claps. =:)

Skully says, "Someone wants to be my chief of staff I see!"

Gilead chirps, "Plus the arcane magical powers."

BunnyHugger says, "Also, as for the question about getting to know those in different time zones -- in the past I used to connect during my afternoon more, but I have fallen out of that habit. If elected I would try to make sure to connect earlier in the day at times, to help meet others. I am also often around so very late at 'my' night that I start lapping the next shift. So I think I should be able to visit enough different times to make myself known to people."

Natasha says, "Magical powers are overrated. Solar power is underrated."

Kefan says, "Well, I'd like to thank my fellow candidates and our citizens for showing up tonight, and pre-thank anyone who chooses to vote for me, and I would of course like to encourage everyone to vote 'taur!"

Mina [OOC] Yes, the audience questions were asked.

Gilead chirps, "I promise to develop a methamphetamine habit, and be on 24/7 until I drop dead from immune system collapse."

Gilead chirps, "Or not."

Elissa pokes Gilead!

Gilead chirps, "It's a campaign promise, I'm not expected to actually do it."

Gilead licks Elissa!

Borris has lost track completely

Elissa swoons, licked by a candidate!

BunnyHugger says, "I will not do any more speechifying right now because I have a scheduled speech and Q&A session tomorrow at 6:30 server time. I invite people to come then and talk to me more, and I will share more of my vision with you."

Gilead returns to normal.

Gilead smiles.

BunnyHugger bounces over to Chitter and hugs him.

Gilead ponders hugging Zeta to counter that move.

Gilead hugs Dingo!

Gilead hugs Skully!

Zeta gives Gilead a cool, red-stare.

Mina gives them a few more minutes before she has to get the tape off to the reporters at the newspaper.

Dingo hugs Gilead!

Dingo yips, "So when do we get to talk? :)"

Mina says, "Right now, silly! Talk about whatever you want."

Fuzzy says, "Aren't you talking now?"

Kefan says, "I'll be arranging a public Q&A in the near future; it will be scheduled on the eventlist."

Borris Gruffs, "TIGER!"

Gilead chirps, "If she wins because of the squirrel-hugging vote, it's on your head, Zeta."

Skully says, "Talk all you like. A more appropriate question is, when will people listen?"

Skyler says, "...was there to be a second debate? I don't know."

PatchO'Black mews, "I had a question....=^_^="

Mina blushes. at Borris.

PatchO'Black baps Borris.

BunnyHugger says, "I had thought there would be another debate."

Elissa listens to everyone!

Zeta says, "Again, I think the mayor promising to personally attend more during the off-hours, as rewarding as watching Gilead fulfill his would be, is suboptimal juxtaposed with assisting a representative of the 'disenfranchised timeframe' in running complimentary events. Especially as it is easier to sustain and less likely to come from a 'stranger'."

Borris acks and falls over again

Kefan points at Patchy. "You have a query?"

Dingo yips, "This question is for BunnyHugger. She mentioned denouncing her Mayorship at Furtoonia if she got elected as mayor here. If she is so quick to abandon those there who need her, how quickly would she abandon us?"

PatchO'Black nods.

BunnyHugger says, "I would attend more just so people could know me, not as a way of dealing with the events issue; I regard that as a separate issue."

Jimun says, "I'm usually up at strange hours, and usually have a fairly flexible schedule for when I can attend. But if necessary, it might be wise to help those in other timezones to assist with events and the like."

Jimun says, "Err... to ask those in other timezones, sorry."

BunnyHugger says, "I didn't say denouncing, I said resigning, which I think is very different."

Skully says, "Either way, a valid point."

Dingo yips, "Yeah. That's what Palin said."

Mina [OOC] There is supposed to be another debate, but I don't think I'm hosting it. I don't know who is yet.

BunnyHugger says, "I would hold elections in that case, but I do not think FurToonia actually needs a Mayor the way SpinDizzy does."

BunnyHugger says, "It is... much more a ceremonial position than the Mayorship here."

Dingo yips, "Are your followers on Furtoonia of any less importance? >:("

Gilead ponders asking all the other candidates, "So, have you stopped beating your wife yet?" Or maybe accusing them of having openly and publicly matriculated.

Austin says, "Her followers on FurToonia are me, Toledo, and Skyler."

Zeta says, "The two are not separate, but complimentary. Ideally not all events can come from the office of the mayor. The mayor cannot run all events just as they cannot be active at all times. As important as running events is, in the long term, enabling others to run them is our greater task. The Sitizens for Efficient Democracy have a saying:"

BunnyHugger says, "Indeed. I have run many events of my own accord, and so can anyone. All it takes is posting something on the eventlist."

Fuzzy says, "Shoes for industry?"

Zeta says, "Make a man a fire, and he's warm for the night. Set a man on fire, and he's warm for the rest of his life."

BunnyHugger says, "I don't think it's the job of the Mayor to make sure everyone gets the events they want; I think it's the job of each citizen."

Zeta says, "Vote for me, and we will ensure a warm future for the rest of your lives. Thank you."

Borris Gruffs, "but Borris likes Cold!"

Kefan snickers at Fuzzy.

Bonney snickers, "VOte fer me, an' I'll 'elp ye get mo' shineys!"

Skully says, "I am not married. However, I do beat on Fluffy on occasions, when we engage in furious life-or-death struggles of plush against plush. So yes, I beat the equivelant."

BunnyHugger [OOC] It's not in character for me to come out and say it, but I hope everyone is aware that my "Mayorship" of FurToonia is basically a joke, right?

Gilead chirps, "We otters also have a saying. Give an otter a fish, and you make a friend for four hours. Try to teach an otter to fish, and he'll laugh at you.""

Bonney says, "And cute fellers 'o' cute ladies, d'pendin' on yer preddy-lections.""

Dingo yips, "Vote for me and I'll make everyone's voices heard. I'll make everyone's dreams come true."

Zeta [OOC] So! The role of mayor is a joke to you, is it?!

Beltrami rubs her forehead.

Natasha says, "Remember, a vote for Natasha is a vote for someone who refers to herself in third person."

BunnyHugger [OOC] Here, no. There, yes. As, I think, is known to people who are familiar with both places.

Zeta says, "Stop stealing Gilead's positions, Natasha."

Borris Gruffs, "Vote for Patchy, keep the space program alive!"

Fuzzy says, "I want to know who will get Moose and Squirrel."

PatchO'Black would ask Gilead what happens if you give an otter a really big fish, but he doesn't want to use up his question.

Dingo yips, "Borris. That's my platform."

PatchO'Black mews, "Who to the what now, Borris?"

Gilead chirps, "I wonder if I still exist on FT."

Natasha says, "Also for looniness, although I'll be glad to give consideration to battiness, nuttiness, and loopiness."

Gilead slurps PatchO'Black!

PatchO'Black mews, "I'm not even running for mayor!"

Mina gives them just a few more minutes. Of course, everyone is welcome to stay around after, it just won't appear in the posted log.

Elissa yaps, "How abou' foxiness?"

Borris Gruffs, "Your not, Patchy?"

Skully says, "I cannot promise I will make dreams come true. I cannot promise you will end my term happier than you are now. What I can promise is change."

PatchO'Black mews, "I have a question, though, of the candidates!"

BunnyHugger says, "Speaking of FurToonia, the Embassy is now open for business as of today and you're welcome to visit."

Gilead chirps, "I approve of foxes wholeheartedly. Procyonidae and rodents too, herps, cats."

Borris Gruffs, "Well, who ever gets the job, will have to be told!"

Elissa yays!

Azure yips, "Herps?"

BunnyHugger points at the Embassy.

Mina asks one last questoin, that she forgot about! "How long should the mayoral term be?"

Dingo frowns at Borris.

Gilead chirps, "Lagomorphs, pups."

Zeta says, "One year."

Gilead nods to Azure. "Reptiles, etc."

Natasha says, "As long as anyone has patience for."

BunnyHugger says, "I think it should be two years, as going through this annually feels like it would be a bit much, and that gives people time to grow into it more."

Borris Gruffs, "Patchy knows!"

Gilead chirps, "Including dead, plush, and inflatable ones."

BunnyHugger says, "But, my feelings on that aren't strong."

Dingo yips, "I think a year is more appropriate. It gives people a chance to change things if they wish."

PatchO'Black mews, "So use a comma, BunnyHugger."

Zeta says, "As useful as growing into it is, one can continue most of what they did as mayor once they leave office."

Gilead chirps, "Without an assassination or coup, even, Dingo."

Dingo scritches Gilead!

Kefan says, "A year or two seems reasonable. Subject to recall. No term limits, though. An informed and engaged electorate should be allowed to choose the same person over and over if they want to -- or throw 'em out if they want to."

Skully says, "One year, with inability to serve consecutive terms. Let someone stay in power too long and they cease to think of themselves as a citizen with authority and begin to think of themselves as a career ruler."

Zeta says, "So the growth continues. A higher turn-over rate ensures more participation, and the opportunity to involve more citizens."

Dingo agrees with Zeta.

Zeta says, "No one has promised to do anything as mayor tonight that they can't do as a common citizen, really."

Dingo yips, "It's more fair."

Gilead chirps, "I promise to fight for truth, justice, and the SpinDizzy way!"

Zeta says, "But giving people the chance to be mayor, more often, makes others stop and think about doing the same."

Borris Barks!

BunnyHugger says, "Very true, and not only that it's honestly what I have been doing and will continue to do. I suppose I'm undermining my campaign by saying so, though."

PatchO'Black waits...

Zeta says, "And we do appreciate your doing so."

Mina looks to Jimun, Gilead, and Bonney for any comments on the term length?

Zeta doesn't indicate whether that concerns what she's been doing or the undermining.

Jimun says, "Oh, I'm sorry. I got distracted."

Gilead chirps, "Since I'm running for Mayor I don't have to appoint myself Supreme Maximum Overlord for Life. So one year is fine."

BunnyHugger sits up and bows, awkwardly. "Thank you."

Bonney snickers, "P'rates always op'rate on a vote. Iffin' somebody votes me as nae worthy, I kin be r'placed at any time. P'rates do true d'm'cracy!"

Mina smiles, "Well, that's all the time we have for tonight! Let's give a big round of applause for our candidates!"

Zeta says, "You will also note that I have indicated as a campaign promise that I will not seek re-election. After only one year in office, I'm confident that further elections will be rendered unnecessary."

Kefan chuckles at Zeta. "Vote for you and never worry about elections again?"

Elissa aroo!

BunnyHugger applauds politely, though her furry paws don't register much sound.

Jimun says, "I'm not really sure. A year or two might be fine..."