Rown Cupid Visits SpinDizzy
Cupid made his rounds this past weekend at Spindizzy celebrating Valentines Day (his busiest season and best chance to make enough to pay his yearly taxes). Using his laser equipped archery equipment he didn't miss any of his targets. Of course one would ask how he gets paid for doing such romantic deeds. That question was asked of him as he stalked local Centaur and Spindizzy resident Argon.

His reply was that his "method of payment was not open for discussion". He was then asked how he could afford such fine high tech archery equipment on a shoe string salary. He replied "I'm very frugal with my money". As he was drawing down on Argon he was asked if he actually liked shooting innocent Centaurs with an arrow. His reply was that since Argon has already found a mate, he doesn't mind helping him along down the steep slippery road of romance. He does mind wasting arrows on hopeless cases. "My archery supplier has raised his prices and it's hard to make ends meet when I waste arrows on those kinds". He then let his arrow fly, hitting its mark with laser guided accuracy.

While Argon was dressing the wound on his rump, Cupid explained that sometimes he uses the wrong arrows when he visits some on Valentines Day. He's really sorry when these things happen but it can't be helped. "All those arrows and rumps begin to look alike after a few thousand years and I can't be held responsible for the few mistakes made", he said. He does however, have a very good insurance agent and policy.

He did finally hit Argon with the correct arrow sending him on his way to Mavra, local Centauress and Spindizzy resident, with a clouded head and love on his mind.

Newswire Sources
Plane Crash Due To Collision With Unidentified Flying Object
An AirWorld 747 jet crash-landed in Arkensas last Wednesday, the 14th of February, with no casualities. The plane was found by a local rancher who woke up to find the plane's nose in his bedroom. "Circumstances surrounding the crash are not yet completely resolved", the lead
reasercher in the AirWorld crash, Dr. Rex Archer, told reporters yesterday. "It appears the plane hit a bird of some sort. The odd thing is that the damage caused to the plane was too extensive to be caused by any bird yet known. Frankly, it's got us stumped." The object, which
could only have been flying at the time it hit the plane, entered the jet's right engine and was immediately shredded into small pieces, leaving no evidence of its passage but broken fan blades, a battered arrow and a couple of pure white feathers.
"The remarkable thing," says Dr. Archer, "is that none of the passengers appeared to have been injured. In fact, they seemed mirthfully contented! I speak for my whole team by saying that there was something awry in the way that they all filed out two by two, kissing and hugging each other
amorously. It was strange even by our standards." According to the researchers, the crash was caused when a hunter shot an abnormally large bird but didn't kill it. Incidents like this have
happened before where an arrow shot at a bird didn't puncture any vital organs and the bird survived. The bird was then sucked into the jet intake and was shredded, leaving the hard arrow behind. The question remained how the bird could have flown at such an altitude and is yet
Dr. Archer's team continues to look into the matter. There were no injuries apart the bird, and the autopilot managed to land the plane relatively stably. The pilot was at that time proposing to the co-pilot and planning their wedding ceremony. This reporter remains mystified by the incident
* * *
On a side note, Cupid, Greek god of love, has failed to report back to Mount Olympus. If anyone knows anything about his whereabouts, please contact zeus@mountolympus.com.
Mavra Centaur Apparel

It has come to attention that there are those out there who think that centaurs are not at all concerned about fashion and in clothing in general.  On the contrary, it is of great importance to those of the six-limbed-equine sort, for as ironic as it seems, centaurs don’t wear all that much of it.  Think of it in the sense that since centaurs wear so little, special care has to be taken as to what is indeed worn, for that is all there is to show for the individual’s dressage acumen.  

Now, what do centaurs wear?  That in and of itself can vary to wide degree as much as humans (yes, those things) wear, with as almost as many different combinations.  The main thing to keep in mind is that centaurs don’t wear pants, period.  Once that is taken into consideration, just about anything else goes, just keep in mind as well the tail and two extra legs.

So, what do centaurs wear?  The most common items are shirts, blouses, vests, and all of the rest of upper-torso coverings along that line.  Pockets, while optional, are often an important part of the garment, but are often found on vests most of all.  Other options are withers packs (fanny packs to humans), purses, or some other general means of carrying things.

While shirts and blouses are the same as humans, taking into consideration any differences of size of course, what is often forgotten is the skirt or short dress for females.  This is often overlooked, thinking that it either looks bad or worse, silly, but if tailored to an appropriate length, it can greatly accentuate the appearance of the lady.  Kilts, similarly tailored for males, can also work for those who are trying for a Gaelic or ‘Highlander’ look.

The next column will deal with accessories and what to do when a ‘bad mane’ day occurs.

Argon Superpower Test
  Ever wondered what your secret undiscovered  Superpowers might be?  Take the test at: http://www.emode.com/emode/tests/superpower.jsp and find out!
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