SED Press Release SED Denies Involvement with Orion Theft
         The SED denies any involvement with the theft of the Orion Spacecraft, formerly located at N8 E8.  Furthermore, the SED and it's associates were everywhere but N8 E8 at the time, making a theft physically impossible.  Clearly, this means the birds in the nearby trees took the spacecraft.
Newswire Sources Crevice Seems Stable
         The famous crevice, the apparent splitting off of a portion of SpinDizzy on it's northeast corner, seems to have become stable for the time being.  A popular tourist spot, the Crevice appeared some time back. The deep opening in the surface, the wreckage of what seems to be a ship, and the giant staples used in a past attempt to keep the portion from breaking off are admired and marveled at by many.  A full day of exploration and theorizing are often finished by a visit to Flutterz's Shroomie Farm located nearby.
      Earthquake McGoon, Local 'Wrassler' and noted Geologist said, "Recently we have noticed a marked drop in seismic activity here.  Seismic disturbances in this area have been within expected tolerances for normal ground structure.  We find this unusual considering the size and severity of this rift in the configuration of the foundation of SpinDizzy and it's past history of high seismic activity."
     When asked if he thought the Crevice was now safe to explore, Mr. Magoon said, "Only an idiot would climb down in there.  Just because it hasn't clamped shut yet or broken off doesn't mean it won't."
     Tourist traffic hasn't increased or decreased at this news, partially due to the fact that no one knew about it until they read this.
Argon Major Announcement
  Ladles and Jelly spoons. I come before you to stand behind you, to tell you something I know nothing about. Next Tuesday, which is Good Friday, there will be a Mothers' Meeting for Fathers only. Admission is free, please pay at the door, then grab a seat and sit on the floor. It doesn't matter where you sit, someone in the balcony is sure to spit. Coming soon, The Four Corners of the Round Table.
Doze Garden


@Action News Info Guidelines and Procedure for Submitting Articles
>> Procedure for submitting an article:
 *  The newspaper building is located at Role Play Central (rpc).  When you
enter the building you will see a bulletin board.
 *  Go ahead and 'write' your story.  If you decide you don't want to write
one, hit .abort and forget about it.  Otherwise page 'newspaper' alerting
us that you wrote one when you finish pasting it in.
 *  An alternative to this is to page #mail newspaper with your story OR
email it to newspaper@spindizzy.org
 * We will edit it and tell you where you can look at it to make sure it wasn't mangled.  You can then p #mail the editor involved saying that it is ok.  Otherwise, suggest changes that should be made. If you trust the editors feel free to put something to the effect that you pre-approve the editing in your rough draft.
 * That's it!  It'll appear in the paper!
>> Guidelines for writing articles:
When writing articles for the paper...
 * Try and do some proofreading before submission.  That means spell check!
However, if you're no good at that sort of stuff, just send it as-is and the
editors will try their best.
 * No articles whose sole purpose is to flame someone.  You can use the SpinDizzy BB for
that ;)
 * Please strive for accuracy.  If they have time, the editors may check up on some of the quotes and perhaps the basic facts of the article.  Otherwise, it is assumed you did your best to write an accurate article.  If this is abused and inaccurate things are complained about, stricter rules may be put in place.
* Submitting your article anytime on Friday evening through the normal publishing date (Saturday night) will usually waive your right to review the edited version because of time constraints.  You will be contacted and informed but if you cannot get on before the publishing deadline to check your article it will be published regardless UNLESS you specify otherwise.
 * The editors' decisions are final.  This is not a wiz ran paper so do not
complain to them.  We can be reached by paging 'newspaper'.
 * Just about anything is published, so be creative!  It can be IC views on
RL topics, RPs that occurred around the MUCK, or most other things you can
think of.  You have creative license when it comes to documenting RPs, so
feel free to expound on the action, etc.  If you aren't sure if a story is
acceptable, page 'newspaper' and find out! :)
 * The AUP applies, so keep language and content acceptable.
  The End