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Spindizzy Scientists Discover New Element! - Reiter
Spacecraft, Trees, and Chat Collide When Well-Known Furs Meet - Kulan
Unusual Smell Noted In South-West Quadrant - NewsWire
Unknown Suspect Puts Depilatory in Fountain - NewsWire
Advertisement - Ask Auntie Findra -Findra
Guidelines and Procedure for Submitting Articles

Reiter Spindizzy Scientists Discover New Element!
Next Story   After years of extensive research, some of Spindizzy's top scientists have discovered a new element, Cutonium. So far, they have yet to find a suitable place for it on the periodic table of the elements due to the presence of a newly found micro particle called 'Cuton'.

  Cutons are naturally found in 'cute' elements such as poofy pillow, adorable puppy, and fluffy kitten. They are absent in objects such as fingernails scratching on metal, cow patties, and Howard Stern. When in the presence of Cutons, brain cells are activated in the officially named 'aaaaaawwwww... sector' of a living creature often stimulating ridiculous smiling, language reverting to baby-talk, and a constant desire to fuzzle.

  Cutonium will bring new hope to ugly creatures as our scientists look for ways to insert Cutonium into the body safely. Dosage seems to be the major problem; one of the anonymous volunteers took too large a dose of a Cutonium injection and turned into a puppy for a whole week. He was happy but the scientists weren't.

  Cutonium (element 123) was originally going to be called Argon after it's discoverer but the name was already taken.

Kulan Spacecraft, Trees, and Chat Collide When Well-Known Furs Meet
Next Story   In a landmark event this Monday evening, Austin, Max, Skanee, Frommer, and Suri gathered in the park. The combination of all these well-known Spindizzy regulars released a tremendous amount of energy unstoppable by Ping and Seaweed.

  The release of energy caused park topics to focus intensely on the space program, aircraft, and obscure cultural trivia. This caused Suri, local Lemur, to think of building a home based around NASA's Launch Complex 19, which Austin agreed was a fine choice. It is expected that much metal and concrete will be arriving at the new area. Where the complex will be is not known, but one possibility is on one of the extreme edges of the map.

  In other news, Austin, head wizard, is encouraging everyone to plant trees around Spindizzy for Arbor Day. Just @create a tree, describe it, and drop it where it seems appropriate on the map.

Spindizzy NewsWire Unusual Smell Noted In South-West Quadrant
Next Story   A sometimes overwhelming odor has been noted in a small area of SpinDizzy. Described as 'Sorta smelly', 'Stinky', and 'Ewwww!', it has caused several residents to move out of the area. SpinDizzy's Public Works Department is looking into the problem and it is hoped that a forecasted weather front, sending in winds from the northeast, will clear the air.

  The source of the odor is rumored to be a pile of dirty underwear and socks belonging to @toaded players that had stacked up in the area. No confirmation of this theory was available at press time.

Newswire Sources Unknown Suspect Puts Depilatory in Fountain
Next Story   An unknown prankster, apparently attempting to gratify his bizarre desires to see normally furred creatures without their fur, replaced the water in the fountain of the Rose Garden with hair removing liquid earlier this month. Although the switch was noted and corrected by a maintenance worker, who now has non-furred paws, the implications of this act are enormous.

  Many folks enjoy jumping, splashing, and drinking from the fountain, and the loss of fur might have been not only embarrassing but dangerous as well. Luckily, no harm was done by this act. Authorities are investigating, but as of press time no suspects (Other than the usual group of SED members) have been questioned or charged.

Findra Advertisement - Ask Auntie Findra
Next Story Hi folks!

  As some of you might know, I did a piece for @Action News a while back called Ask Auntie Findra, where I attempt to answer questions put to me. Sometimes I even managed to make the answer fit the question. I did! Honest! There must have been one time? Anyway, what I'd like to do is get -your- questions that I'd like me to come up with an answer to. Please p-mail them to me, and I'll get a bunch of them together and post it to the newspaper board.

  If nobody sends me any questions to answer, I won't be able to do this, so the more inane, stupid, or downright incomprehensible the question, the better I'll like it.

Info Guidelines and Procedure for Submitting Articles
Next Story When writing articles for the paper...
  • Try and do some proofreading before submission. That means spell check! However, if your no good at that sort of stuff, just send it as-is and the editors will try their best.  
  • No articles whose sole purpose is to flame someone. You can use SD BB for that ;)  
  • All parties whose names were mentioned MUST confirm with the editors that they were really involved (or agree to be involved even if they weren't there). No confirmation, no publish. See submission instructions. An exception to this is when you mention their name ONCE, and in a manner that suggests simply that they were present. If you mention their name multiple times, give a quote, or document an action by them then it must be confirmed.  
  • The editors' decisions are final. This is not a wiz-ran paper so do not complain to them. We can be reached by paging 'newspaper'.  
  • Just about anything is published, so be creative! It can be IC views on RL topics, RPs that occured around the MUCK, or most other things you can think of. You have creative license when it comes to documenting RPs, so feel free to expound on the action, etc. If you aren't sure if a story is acceptable, page 'newspaper' and find out! :)  
  • The AUP applies so keep language, etc acceptable.

    Procedure for submitting an article:

  • The newspaper building is located at Role Play Central (rpc). When you enter the building you will see a bulletin board.  
  • Go ahead and 'write' your story. If you decide you don't want to write one, hit .abort and forget about it. Otherwise page 'newspaper' alerting us that you wrote one when you finish pasting it in.  
  • An alternative to this is to page #mail newspaper with your story OR email it to newspaper@spindizzy.org  
  • It is highly recommended that you have everyone involved in the story page 'newspaper' confirming that they were involved and want it to be published. Otherwise, the appropiate editor will be paging them confirming, which only wastes time. No confirmation, no publish. See article guidelines for more information.  
  • Once all that is done, we will edit it and tell you where you can look at it to make sure it wasn't mangled. You can then p #mail the editor involved saying that it is ok. Otherwise, suggest changes that should be made and why. If you trust the editors feel free to put something to the effect that you pre-approve the editing.  
  • Thats it! It'll appear in the paper!
  The End