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Hard winter for Spindizzy expected! - NewsWire
Squirrel City Expedition finds Souvenirs, Trinkets, No Squirrels - NewsWire
Boki and Skanee Nominated for "old hat" Status - NewsWire
Halloween Announcement from the Masquerade Party Committee - Flutterz
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Spindizzy NewsWire Hard winter for Spindizzy expected!
Next Story  Mouser, resident fursnake and member of the local wildlife, reports that his fur is turning white about two weeks earlier than usual. Citizens are therefore urged to prepare for a hard winter this year. When pressed for details, Mouser declined, saying he was busy looking around for a nice rat-infested barn to hole up in for the season.
Spindizzy NewsWire Squirrel City Expedition finds Souvenirs, Trinkets, No Squirrels
Next Story  Souvenirs, traps, and a remarkable lack of squirrels greeted a mass expedition lead by Nikon, who attempted the first major expedition into the ruins of Squirrel City in months. While no survivors and no direct clues to the fate of the city were found, the explorers did make the trip safely and are hopeful another expedition can be mounted in the future. Tuesday, a physically insubstantial squirrel who was one of the Squirrel City residents before she became spectral, was unable to participate.

 Taking with her a variety of individuals, including Austin Dern, Skanee (shrunk to fit the narrow confines of the city), Argon (wearing one of the remote android drones salvaged from the ruins), Terry (who has been miniaturized recently), Boki the seagull, and PatchO'Black (who, as a Jellicle cat, could shrink to fit), they made their way from Squirrel Park (located at S4 E0) down into the vast underground tunnels of some slick black liquid. Eventually, they found the remains of the Squirrel City Museum.

 The Museum, founded by the Squirrels to commemorate their escape from enslavement to the devilbunnies of Earth, looked severely damaged as if by explosions. Several skeletons of small animals, who apparently were not exhibits, littered the floor. The gift shop was closed.

 The search party split after this point. One of the groups found their way to a central computer center. The center displayed closed circuit television feeds of several former major entry points into Squirrel City with warnings of Intruder Alerts on many of the screens. One other screen had an unfinished solitaire game on it. There were no squirrels apparent.

 Austin was able to reach far enough to find the Squirrel City Tourist Bureau and secure maps, a T-shirt, and several very tiny bumper stickers for robot drones.

 Overall the explorers were frustrated by an inability to get past a number of locked doors, booby traps (including at least one flame-thrower, though easily avoided, prevented passage entirely until it destroyed itself), and apparent dead ends. None of the main thoroughfares of Squirrel City were accessed and eventually all the explorers fell through various holes, tunnels, or traps into Heck.

 No change in Tuesday's status as a ghostlike, insubstantial squirrel wandering in a sleepless, sensationless state was noted as of press time. The next expedition to explore and map Squirrel City has not been planned.

Spindizzy NewsWire Boki and Skanee Nominated for "old hat" Status
Next Story  A popular pair of avians, Boki the gull and Skanee the gryphon-like creature, were nominated this week for inclusion in the elite inner circle of "old hats" of Spindizzy. Although both are new to the muck, their enthusiasm and well-received personalities have endeared them to the usual Rose Garden or Park of the Day crowds.

 Boki, the sea gull, has been on Spindizzy less than a week but his entertaining encounters with the longtime residents, including a fascinating and protracted struggle with Royce over shiny objects and a can of tuna fish, have done much to make him seem like one of the people you count on seeing before the night is out.

 Skanee, who appears to be the fusion of some raven-like bird's body with the head and arms of some unidentified mammal (and admits to uncertainty regarding it's species or gender), has brought his curiosity, general good nature, mildly cynical without being jaded comments, birdly habits, and knowledge of automobile repair to liven up the Rose Garden or Park of the Day. Noted in the nomination was his question, unanswered, to glass bat Convergence whether he could fry an ant in the sun without using an external magnifying glass.

 Cinnamon, a living piece of paper who charmed crowds earlier this month, would have been nominated for inclusion among the "old hats" had it not been missing, and quite missed, for the past week. All hope that it will return to enliven the muck soon. If it does, it will be eligible for "old hat" status as early as the second week of November.

 Achieving "old hat" status guarantees that individuals will notice your absence and entitles the holder to, though not more than once every four months, throw a hissy fit over a trivial issue and still receive the attention and sympathy as if they had a real problem.

 The responsibilities include regularly connecting to report that nothing is going on, reflecting on occasion about how much better the muck and the Internet were in olden days, and being willing on short notice to steer any conversation about computers to one's time on an eight bit or even more primitive computer used in the early 1980s or before.

 Assistance is provided to otherwise qualified "old hats" who have no memories or who lack detailed recollection of technical data for computers of that age.

Flutterz Halloween Announcement from the Masquerade Party Committee
Next Story  Masquerade, anyone?

 Several of you have expressed interest in holding a masquerade party to celebrate Halloween this year. However, further information would be good to have. Should the masquerade be for a few hours, one evening, or last a couple of days? Is there anyone who would be interested in hosting the party on their property or perhaps build something new like a graveyard, pumpkin patch, or haunted house?

 The tentative date for the masquerade is the Saturday before Halloween. If anyone has a problem with this, page #mail Flutterz with further details.

 Looking for that special costume? The Foley Studio might be able to help you out with special effects or translators. For instance, are you a mouse who'd like to sound like a crocodile? We can probably help.

 Questions? Curious? Please head to N0 W1 (Just West of the Rose Garden) and enter the Studio. Alternatively, you can contact Ping for more information.

Info Procedure for submitting an article
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  • The newspaper office is accessible by typing rpc and then newspaper.


  • Go ahead and 'write' your story. If you decide you don't want to write one, hit .abort and forget about it. Otherwise page 'newspaper' alerting us that you wrote one when you finish pasting it in.


  • It is highly recommended that you have everyone involved in the story page 'newspaper' confirming that they were involved and want it to be published, otherwise the appropiate editor will be paging them confirming, which only wastes time. No confirmation, no publish.


  • Next, once all that is done, we will edit it, and tell you where you can look at it to make sure it wasn't mangled. You can then p #mail the editor involved that it was ok, or otherwise suggest changes. If you trust the editors feel free to put something to the effect that you pre-approve the editing.


  • Thats it! It'll appear in the Daily or Weekly.


Info Guidelines for writing articles
Next Story When writing articles for the paper...

Try and do some proofreading before submission. That means spell check!


  • No articles whose sole purpose is to flame someone. You can use SD BB for that ;)


  • All parties who's names were mentioned MUST confirm with the editors that they were really involved (or agree to be involved even if they weren't there). No confirmation, no publish. See submission instructions.


  • The editors' decisions are final. This is not a wiz-ran paper so do not complain to them. We can be reached by paging 'newspaper'.


  • Just about anything is published, so be creative! It can be IC views on RL topics, RPs that occured around the MUCK, or most other things you can think of. You have creative license when it comes to documenting RPs, so feel free to expound on the action, etc. If you aren't sure if a story is acceptable, page 'newspaper' and find out! :)


  • The AUP applies so keep language, etc. acceptable.