Austin shouts "Come one, come all! Watch Horace Greeley and James Gordon Bennett duke it out in an all-out battle for journalistic supremacy! N1, E1, ask for 'Maxl'! Hurry!" (Wiz-shout)
Argon chuckles.
Maxl snickers. "Thank you, Austin."
Austin shouts "Pardon me, there's been a slight mistake. Neither Horace Greeley nor James Gordon Bennett will be here, as they are both dead. Instead, come and talk about the future of Spindizzy. N1, E1, all are welcome." (Wiz-shout)
Skyler says, "I think you have the purpose of the meeting more on the nose. ;)"
Maxl grins.
Argon raises an eyebrow.
Mavra arrives from Charlie's Bar {N1 E2}.
Mavra has arrived.
You hiss, "Well, er, that was sort of the secret purpose of the meeting. Although that'll come after the newspaper bit."
Argon says, "Is our future again in doubt?"
You hiss, "When has it NOT been in doubt, Argon?"
Argon says, "Well, shall we open that discussion?"
Maxl nods.
Skyler says, "Everyone that is coming, I think, has. Others are active and elsewhere."
Skyler says, "Which is disappointing."
You hiss, "All right. Actually, I'm going to try and stay out of this as much as possible, since I'm sure all of you already know what I think - I'm more interested in hearing what you think about bringing the newspaper back, and what should go in it, and also how it should be published."
You hiss, "Kind of, Skyler - but a smaller group will be more controlable, in terms of debate."
Skyler says, "Well, my first thought on the matter is this:"
Argon listens.
Maxl is logging, so none of you have to. It'll be made publicly available after he cleans it up.
Skyler says, "A newspaper is only going to succeed relative to the amount of activity (and if we're basing it on the old newspaper idea), IC activity."
You hiss, "Exactly, Skyler. That's my main critisim of it."
You hiss, "Austin, however, has a slightly different opinion, so I've gathered. Austin?"
Skyler says, "Well, I do have a couple additions to that, I should say."
You hiss, "All right - since Austin seems to be idling, go right ahead."
Skyler says, "One could argue that a newspaper would at least be /something/ the old regulars remember."
Austin says, "Yeah. Everybody's sitting around waiting for someone else to do something interesting. As a result, nobody's actually making the first move, and it's left the place lame."
Austin says, "That's something every single person here is responsible for."
Skyler says, "Oh, I don't deny that, Austin."
Austin says, "Activity breeds activity. Boredom breeds boredom."
Austin says, "For God's sake, will the bunch of you stop being boring?"
You hiss, "I'm hoping so, Austin."
Austin says, "That's all I have to say."
Skyler applauds.
Mavra golfclaps.
You hiss, "Yeah. That's pretty much the other side of the coin, right there - if we *do* strt a newspaper, maybe it'll actually get folks to do something."
Maxl ahem. Start.
You hiss, "Anybody else have something useful to contribute, on if it should be brought back, or not?"
Argon says, "Well, what do we want to get folks doing?"
You hiss, "*Anything*."
Skyler says, "That need be asked?"
Mavra raises her hand.
Argon says, "Talking? Not ideling, being IC?"
You hiss, "I don't care if it's talking about models, or TCP/IP, or roleplaying. I want us to do SOMETHING."
Skyler will go with 'anything' right now.
You hiss, "Yes, Mavra?"
Mavra says, "Austin once came by while I was arranging a rehersal for a little pirate-play of mine on FM..."
Austin remembers.
Mavra says, "Maybe a play here? Not taken all that seriously."
Skyler says, "All right, let's back up here."
Mavra says, "Something that many would be interested in? Like out-takes from favorite films or fil-genres?"
You hiss, "Well, maybe, Mavra. If you want to organize one, go right ahead."
You hiss, "But this is supposed to be about the newspaper."
You hiss, "For now, anyway."
Mavra nods.
Argon says, "To be honest, I think we need to work on folks attitudes, and interest in Spindizzy, that exact activities."
You hiss, "Sure. We're all incredibly apathetic."
Argon says, "When is it that folks get most excited here?"
Skyler says, "They don't, Argon. We ARE talking about apathy."
You hiss, "We got pretty excited over Austin's McNuggets problem, a month or so back."
You hiss, "For an evening, anyway."
Argon says, "Relively then?"
Mavra says, "What's this?"
Mavra says, "Austin? Are you well?"
Argon says, "Relatively excited then?"
Skyler says, "Relatively excited around here means 'maybe talking', Argon."
Maxl nods.
Austin says, "Yes, Mavra?"
You hiss, "Anyway - back on track, I guess. What's going to go *in* the newspaper, then, since it seems like you folks are willing to at least support me in bringing it back?"
You hiss, "There's nothing IC going on to write about."
You hiss, "So what goes in there?"
Skyler says, "Start with what you have. I'll explain."
Argon says, "How about making something up?"
Skyler says, "About all we -do- have right now are the few organized events."
Maxl doesn't want to make anything up, Argon. That's not very journalistic.
Skyler says, "If it has to start as a community calendar, fine."
You hiss, "That's what I've been thinking of, Skyler."
Argon says, "This isn't about journalism."
Skyler says, "Yes, it is."
You hiss, "Yes, it is, Argon. If you think it's not, you're on the wrong track."
Argon says, "Well, hear me out anyway...."
You hiss, "Go ahead, Argon."
Argon says, "Folks get excited when somone does something unusual, breaks out of the limits we have set ourselves..."
Argon says, "Ususally breaking out in a way that upsets us somehow..."
Skyler says, "Huh?"
You hiss, "This is *not* going to be a tabloid, Argon."
Argon says, "You remember the furor Spekles and Merlin caused..."
Skyler says, "Yes, Argon. If it's up to me, I never want either to happen again."
Argon says, "The concern we had when Austin took his hiatus..."
Argon says, "Folks were all worried and talking..."
You hiss, "Argon, yes, we get the idea. Perhaps you can get to the point?"
Argon says, "I think we need something similar to those kind of events, yet as IC as we can make it."
Skyler says, "In other words, the SED."
You hiss, "Yeah."
You hiss, "Which, unfortunately, hasn't been doing anything at all."
Argon says, "The crack in SpinDizzy was a good start, the idea of half the world breaking off."
Argon says, "But that never went anyplace."
Skyler says, "Hey...that has everything to do with what people care about doing."
Austin says, "Hello, Terry."
Skyler says, "We can only suggest, and prod so much."
You hiss, "Exactly."
Skyler says, "Hi, Terry."
Terry puts his hands in his pockets and nods to Austin.
Findra arrives from Forested Parkland (N1 E0).
Findra has arrived.
Findra chirrrs softly, "Ah. :) Hello there."
You hiss, "Hello, Findra. Have a seat."
Findra takes a seat while her dinner's cooking.
Austin says, "Hi, Findra."
Argon says, "Anyway, we need some sort of tension to get folks at least being concerend, so they come here to see what's going on rather than just sitting around and 'being' our players."
Skyler says, "It shouldn't have to work that way though."
You hiss, "It shouldn't have to come down to that, Argon."
Skyler says, "If I have to poke people to have fun, what is the point?"
Argon says, "It's the best I can suggest."
You hiss, "We have no theme fror a reason. I don't want to poke them. Skyler doesn't. Austin doesn't."
Terry says quietly, "You can't force fun."
Skyler says, "It actually takes more energy to get people to do things than I can actually enjoy myself, Argon."
Findra chirrrs softly, "I think poking people occasionally is a good idea, but not -forcing- them to do something."
Argon says, "No, but we can 'force' interest."
Skyler says, "And I have limited time here."
Terry says quietly, "No, you can't."
Skyler says, "You can?"
Argon says, "In a way."
You hiss, "No, you can't."
You hiss, "How, Argon? 'If you don't play along, you can't be part of our community'?"
Argon says, "Not at all, as I mentioned before, when our community was threatened, folks woke up."
You hiss, "It's threatened right now."
You hiss, "How many people are here?"
Terry says quietly, "That works to have all the remaining people involved, but you *will* have to ditch a lot of the population. It's not entirely a bad way to go. Keep in mind that you'd probably be one of the people ditched, though, since none of us are in the only ongoing plotline."
Argon says, "By apathy, disinterest."
You hiss, "And what makes you think they can be inteerested? We're in the exact situation you're talking about."
Argon says, "We are, but they don't see it."
You hiss, "They do. Trust me."
Skyler says, "Everyone here knows it."
Argon says, "It's a silent, invisible threat. Folks off in their rooms don't see it."
Skyler says, "I mean here as in 'On the muck.'"
Maxl nods.
Skyler says, "Oh, yes, they definately do."
You hiss, "They do."
You hiss, "Why are they in their rooms? They're bored in public."
Skyler says, "That's WHY they're off in their rooms."
You hiss, "They know that something is wrong."
Argon says, "Ok, well what do you all think needs to be done?"
You hiss, "I'm not sure."
You hiss, "But the newspaper seems like a good way to start."
You hiss, "A general review of what happened at recent events, maybe some fluff content, so folks actually read it."
Argon says, "How will you use the paper to ignite interest?"
Findra chirrrs softly, "Things like the events listing is good, and I think a newspaper would help quite a lot too. We need to get folks talking to each other again."
Skyler says, "Here's what I would propose, Maxl."
You hiss, "Go right ahead, Skyler."
Skyler says, "Post to the board that there'll be a newspaper, if you choose to do it."
Skyler says, "Seven days from now, the first one is made."
You hiss, "That was more or less my plan, yes."
You hiss, "But keep going, Skyler."
Skyler says, "I'm still formulating."
Maxl ah.
You hiss, "All right."
Maxl's going to the newspaper, yes. There seems to be sufficient need for one.
You hiss, "Not to talk about what's going on, but to get people to actually DO something."
You hiss, "And, quite obviously, I need help."
Argon says, "Well, you have my help, Maxl."
Skyler says, "I'd say it's safe to say, Maxl, that if you're reporting on the facts, you might just say what is really happening."
Skyler says, "If nothing is, nothing is."
Maxl nods.
You hiss, "That's more or less part of the idea, Skyler."
Skyler says, "Reporting on that is nothing more than a report, or an editorial."
Argon But then you have ...oh.
You hiss, "That's part of what I was planning on starting with, yes."
Mavra says, "May I add something?"
You hiss, "Go ahead, Mavra. You have the floor."
Mavra says, "Why not 'tell it to the public', then?"
Argon says, "So the plan is to say nothing is happening and you (the readers) need to fix it?"
You hiss, "Part of it, Argon."
You hiss, "Can you explain that a bit better, Mavra?"
Mavra says, "Sort of what is already being said, I guess. Argon beat me to the punch."
Maxl ah.
Argon says, "Sorry."
Terry says quietly, "You can't force people to have fun. Putting pressure on them to have fun will make them want to come here less. And by 'them', of course, I mean 'me and anyone who thinks like me'. <:3"
Mavra says, "Well, just be honest and express your concern over what is happening. The listlessness, apathy, and so on."
You hiss, "We're not forcing you."
You hiss, "We're politely suggesting."
Mavra smiles. "That's not a problem at all, Argon."
Terry says quietly, "There's no type of pressure that isn't pressure."
Maxl shrugs.
You hiss, "If you don't like it, you don't like it. Tough shit."
Skyler says, "The alternative, frankly, is to watch the place die."
Mavra says, "Pressure *is* pressure, no if's and's or but's about it."
You hiss, "Which was fun for the first several months, but even that's getting boring."
Mavra says, "But then, that's life, right?"
Austin says, "I have never understood why people respond to edicts to 'be nice' and 'have fun' and 'play fair' like they were orders to be lobotomized."
You hiss, "Exactly, Austin."
Terry says quietly, "You set goals that they have to live up to in order to be 'good' members of society."
Mavra says, "Egad, I hope that I'm not seen that way."
You hiss, "Nah. You can still be apathetic, and to be honest, I won't care - I'm pretty apathetic too."
You hiss, "You do nothing by choice. That's fine."
Terry says quietly, "Not having fun means you're bad... but not being here is neutral. So you end up punishing people who log on."
Terry says quietly, "That's how I've felt lately, at least."
Austin says, "How can you be any sort of member of society without contributing to it?"
Skyler says, "Well, let me ask this, Terry...I think it's a reasonable question. Why are people coming here?"
You hiss, "Exactly, Skyler."
Terry says quietly, "Denial?"
Skyler wonders.
Argon says, "Well, it is sort of like folks just come here to be here."
You hiss, "Several times I've thought about not coming back. A few I almost didn't."
Skyler says, "Yeah, but people do 'work' by that same premise."
Argon says, "True, but this is sort of like the corner bar, or coffee shop. You don't go just for the drinks, you go to see what your friends are doing."
Skyler says, "Which is to say, we're IRC."
Skyler says, "(No, really.)"
Terry says quietly, "I come here and wish my friends had never left Furtoonia."
Terry says quietly, "Excuse me. I need to stop being so negative. [sigh]"
Mavra says, "That's ok with me, Terry. I prefer honesty."
Argon says, "Another thing is..well, I think we all know each other so weel, we don't expect any surprises."
Findra thinks that Argon might have a good point there. "We know each other well but only in the situations we see each other every day."
Mavra says, "That's a point."
Skyler says, "Though there may be another factor there, as well."
Skyler says, "The classic sign of age. Has it reached a point where change is actively wished against?"
You hiss, "I hope not."
Skyler says, "Think about it, though."
Argon says, "No, I don't think folks are concerned about change, but those of us that are left as regulars are sort of stuck in a groove/"
You hiss, "I'd certainly like some change."
Terry says quietly, "I'd like it to go back to the way it was."
You hiss, "So would everybody who's here, who are, by and large, the active wizards and the regulars who've been here since the beginning."
Mavra says, "What was that like, Terry? Argon's told me a little bit about this and that."
Skyler says, "I know what worked in TF&F."
You hiss, "What, Skyler?"
Argon says, "What was it that made TF&F special, Skyler?"
Maxl does have to admit that we lost *something* with the server change.
Skyler says, "Parodoxically, it is not 'bringing everyone together' in one room, exactly. It's everyone having their own sub-plots and ideas they DO do on their own, and they get showcased once in a while."
Argon says, "What we lost was about 1/2 of our regulars."
Findra nodnods to Skyler.
Skyler says, "Care-A-Lot had /nothing/ to do with Squirrel City, but both flourished. Why?"
Terry says quietly, "It was interesting, Mavra. Things happened."
Skyler says, "Big deal, Argon. THAT can be done something about."
Skyler says, "First there has to be a reason to come."
Maxl hm.
Argon says, "Right."
You hiss, "You have a *really* good point there, Skyler."
You hiss, "But - guess what? Things *were* going on in the shadows, that I would have gladly participated in, but nobody told me about them. Ever."
Argon says, "What is it that draws folks to other mucks?"
You hiss, "And those that I did hear about and kind of wanted to participate in, I was snubbed from."
Skyler says, "That was the hard core RP bit, right?"
You hiss, "Yeah."
Skyler says, "Well, look at it this way, Maxl."
Skyler says, "That has dry rotted away."
You hiss, "Yeah, I know."
Mavra says, "I like being respected."
Skyler says, "That group has moved on (specifically, to other mucks.)"
You hiss, "Which, is far as I'm concerned, is wonderful."
Maxl nods. He knew that, Skyler.
Skyler says, "Okay, I'll tell you exactly what I think is wrong."
Skyler says, "People are doing one of two things."
Argon listens.
Skyler says, "Either they are sitting around looking at one another in the coffee shop scenario, or..."
Skyler says, "Wishing for how things were."
You hiss, "More or less."
Skyler says, "This place will not take off again until more emphasis is placed on new things, not what was once there."
Findra chirrrs softly, "I think what we lack at the moment is a way for folks to see what other people are doing. There are people who want to get involved, but don't know how to start doing something themselves, and others who want to start something, but think no-one's interested."
You hiss, "That's been my problem, Findra."
Skyler says, "Now, I should clarify something."
Terry stifles the urge to bite Findra.
You hiss, "Why do you think I even called a meeting for this? Normally, I'd just do it."
You hiss, "But people would probably be too damn apathetic."
Skyler says, "A new Care-A-Lot, or Squirrel City, or any number of other things is fine."
Skyler says, "But..."
You hiss, "New things."
Skyler says, "On TF&F, both stood for something."
Skyler says, "Rebulding either for the sake of having it again is silly."
You hiss, "Yes, I've been thinking about that, too, Skyler. I've been working on a few, but I don't have much free time anymore."
Peppermint arrives from Forested Parkland (N1 E0).
Peppermint has arrived.
You hiss, "Hi, Peppermint. Come to whine with us?"
Argon says, "Hiya Peppermint."
Austin says, "Hi, Peppermint."
Skyler says, "Building is all a matter of the database. It's space on a disk."
Mavra waves to Peppermint.
Peppermint grins. "Ooh, whining? Cool. ;^> About what?
Skyler says, "If we had the old TF&F database this moment, it really wouldn't change anything."
You hiss, "Exactly."
Argon says, "I don't think it's a matter of builfing, I think it's imagination."
You hiss, "I'd rather not have more new stuff. We have plenty of new stuff."
You hiss, "But it's not doing much."
Skyler says, "What we actually need is to know what new stuff exists."
Argon says, "Folks just aren't taking the time to think about new things, or building them."
You hiss, "Well, exactly."
Terry says quietly, "I don't think so."
Findra chirrrs softly, "WHy build new stuff, though? Unless folks know it's there, they won't go and look at it."
Terry says quietly, "We've been operating on that assumption for over a year."
You hiss, "That's the other thing, Findra."
Argon says, "And those that do, get maybe a 'that's nice' before the crowd idles off again."
Findra chirrrs softly, "Maybe if we did a 'I've built this area, and here's what it's for' instead."
You hiss, "Well.."
Skyler says, "Been done, a point."
You hiss, "People have tried that."
You hiss, "And it didn't work."
Argon says, "And that I think is a result of our small population."
Terry says quietly, "Why don't we rezone as gambling and hard-core pornography, to build interest?"
Argon says, "Somone does something, and word spreads among the regulars in a matter of days. It get looked at and played with for maybe a week, and then is forgotten."
Skyler says, "In other words, call ourselves 'Nevada'?"
Mavra grins wryly. "That Pink Pony area, Argon?"
Peppermint ooohs. "Going to do lap dances, Terry? ;^>"
You hiss, "I remember stuff like that, Argon, from TF&F."
You hiss, "I can't think of a single example of it from here."
Argon says, "Right, and we do it here."
Skyler says, "Yes, but Argon..."
Skyler says, "No, here, noone even cares."
You hiss, "Exactly."
Skyler says, "There, the point of interest is a moving target, even if what is left behind is largely forgotten. The story keeps moving."
Austin says, "Terry, would you care to expand on the assumption you wanted to debunk?"
Terry thinks.
Terry says quietly, "That information is the problem."
Argon says, "But because there are only maybe 10 or 20 of us who connect and go out regularly, and maybe only 1/2 of them are actually willing to explore something new, the new area is forgotten quickly."
Skyler says, "It's a symptom."
Argon says, "Now, that's what I see as the problem, but what we need is a solution."
Skyler says, "The problem ultimately is apathy."
Mavra says, "They don't care. So, what to make them care?"
Argon says, "Go ahead, Terry."
You hiss, "Right."
You hiss, "But, of course - how do we get rid of apathy?"
You hiss, "Even those of us who *want* it to be the way it used to be are apathetic."
Terry says quietly, "The things I used to come here for are gone. The new things I'm interested in have not been here. That's the problem."
Argon says, "Terry, what did you ;used' to come here for?"
Terry says quietly, "Park RP with Tuesday, Seth, BJ, Shadow, Mouser, and a couple other people, the Story Circle, the D+D game Tarka was running for a while..."
You hiss, "I miss the park RP, too."
Mavra says, "What sort of RP was it?"
Argon says, "Then why don't we do some RP in the Park?"
Terry says quietly, "Adhoc."
You hiss, "Although there was a bit of it not too long ago."
Mavra says, "Ok, but as in... what?"
Austin says, "So why aren't you doing any anymore? Steve's not around to tell you how boring it is, these days."
Terry says quietly, "I don't RP as Terry much because this is a sucky character that I hate."
Argon says, "As Peppermint and Topaz did last night."
Maxl does some, when the occasion arises, Argon. But it almost never does..
Peppermint's noticed it mostly degenerating into hugging contests what little happens today. Whoo.
Peppermint sez, "Before someone who's been idling for 12 minutes wakes up and says "I'm bored" and idles again. ;^>"
Maxl grins.
Mavra blinks. "I've an idea, maybe..."
You hiss, "Well, actually - right now, we're being interesting, and having fun, of sorts. Of course, the question really is - could we be doing something *more* productive than just sitting here and whining?"
Argon says, "What's that, Mavra?"
You hiss, "What, Mavra?"
Mavra says, "It's just one little thing to do out of many, ok...?"
Peppermint sez, "We could put on a show! Start spreading the newwws!!!! Or whatever."
Maxl nudges Peppermint. "We discussed that."
Mavra says, "Maybe make the Rose Garden or some other centralized gathering spot... hmm..."
Peppermint ohs. "So what was it? Do we want to be a part of it or not? ;^>
Mavra says, "Has any here ever seen Pee-Wee's Playhouse?"
You hiss, "Yes."
You hiss, "What about it, Mavra?"
Peppermint ooohs, and squints at Argon. He'd make a great talking chair.
Mavra says, "Set the Rose Garden up with a 'secret word for the day'."
Argon chuckles.
You hiss, "That'd be something new, and potentially interesting, yes."
You hiss, "Although boring."
Terry stares at Mavra.
You hiss, "And Max, Argon, and I, have tried doing that in sort of an ad-hoc manner, with limited success."
Argon says, "Heh, that would be neat."
You hiss, "A while back."
Mavra says, "Perhaps if there was an auto-sweep for those who proclaim things to be boring."
Mavra says, "Yes, Terry?"
Terry just stares.
Findra smirks about the autosweep.
Nikon arrives from Forested Parkland (N1 E0).
Nikon has arrived.
Mavra nods. "Ok."
Maxl almost invoked that theorm about Hitler, there.
Findra hugs Nikon! Nikon eeeps as she's picked up and hugged.
You hiss, "Hi, Nikon. Come to whine with us?"
Mavra says, "Hello, Nikon."
Austin says, "Hi, Nikon."
Nikon lags. "Hello
Skyler says, "Hello, Nikon."
Argon waves at Nikon.
Mavra says, "I am not whining. I'm trying to find a solution or something interim."
You hiss, "I know, Marvra."
Nikon's getting a large amount of packet loss.
You hiss, "Look - I think a newspaper is an excellent way to start."
Findra's checking the network. It's not too bad here right now.
Mavra nods to Maxl.
Findra does too, Maxl.
Argon says, "Perhaps as a start, we might try more interaction."
You hiss, "We can propose new ideas through it, review events, and do various other things with it."
Skyler says, "It seems fine, Maxl; might I make a summary statement here?"
You hiss, "You may, Skyler."
Argon says, "Whether it makes any sense or not."
Argon holds off then.
You hiss, "The newspaper will help create interaction, Argon. People love to talk about the news."
Peppermint sez, "And Terry'd look cute in a turban. ;^>"
Peppermint sez, "Then have a duck come down? :^>"
Peppermint ooohs, and programs it with certain names. ;^>
Peppermint holds a mirror in the path of Terry's stare. :^>
Peppermint sez, "Yo, Nikon."
Peppermint's lagging like freaking gangbusters. Whoo.
Peppermint aaaghs!
Skyler says, "I really don't care what everyone does, and a consensus isn't needed for everything. Just do what you want to do that /interests/ you (If there isn't anything, that's the problem, MAKE IT.) If that's nothing on Spindizzy at that time, then don't sign on then. Come on later when there's something you DO want to do. Stop being boring."
Maxl claps.
You hiss, "I could not have said it better, Skkyler. Thank you for sounding Austin's inevitable comment."
You hiss, "As well as mine."
Findra chuckles.
Austin says, "That wasn't actually what I had to say."
You hiss, "Well, you've been saying things similar to that for a while, Austin. Sorry for misinterpeting."
You hiss, "Do you have anything you do want to say, then, Austin?"
Peppermint apparently isn't going to say anything that's going to get here in a timely manner anyway, so there. ;^b
Austin says, "The idea that you need to have something grand and elaborate to attract lasting interest is silly. I built TF&F out of nothing more than a couple friends roped into here and rapid talking to get them to stay. All you *need* are a couple nice ideas and some eager salesmanship. So get some nice ideas and work on your skills at convincing other people that they're interesting."
Austin sits next to Peppermint. "I'm getting lagbits too."
Argon says, "Well."
You hiss, "Thank you, Austin."
Argon has connected.
You hiss, "All right - I think a combination of Skyler and Austin's ideas are where we should be going. The final point here is that you need to DO something."
Argon has disconnected.
You hiss, "And really, not much more can be said - should the meeting be closed?"
Argon says, "May I make one observation?"
Peppermint hands out invitations to her devo day while she can't do anything else, incedentally. +read 27. ;^>
You hiss, "Go ahead, Argon."
Mavra says, "I just got lagged."
Maxl nudges Peppermint. He's going to participate for sure.
Argon says, "I think we should try to 'be here' when we are here. Rhather that trying to do three things at once, lets try our best to pay attention to what's happening here. If the conversation lags, start another one. Ask a question, talk about yourself. Just keep a conversation going."
Nikon leaves for Beach (N0 E1).
Nikon has left.
Terry says quietly, "Yay, pressure. Yay, uncomfortable silences."
You hiss, "Thank you, Argon - that fits very well with do something."
Findra chirrrs softly, "How's that folks? Any better for lag?"
Skyler says, "But that again is a symptom, and pressure, yes."
You hiss, "Yes, Findra. Much better."
Maxl nods.
Mavra hugs Findra! 
Argon says, "Well, doing something starts with conversation."
Mavra says, "Thank you."
You hiss, "All right. So, should the meeting be closed?"
Skyler says, "You should be conversing because you want to."
Argon says, "Well, it's the best suggestion I have."
Peppermint peeps, experimentally. After squeezeing Maxl.
Terry says quietly, "Nothing we do matters at all. We might as well just sit like lumps and observe what happens around us."
Peppermint yahs! And then peeers at Findra. "What the heck were you doing, anyway? ;^>"
Argon says, "But if nothing is happening, you have nothing to observe."
Terry says quietly, "Ah, but then we can feel sorry for ourselves."
Maxl chuckles.
Mavra says, "But that's doing something, Terry."
Argon says, "But why feel sorry for yourself?"
Peppermint ooohs at Terry. "But if you make a scene acting up, we can all feel sorry for you. ;^>"
You hiss, "This has all been said before. At one of these meetings, or earlier in this meeting."
You hiss, "We're spinning our wheels."
Argon says, "Then talk."
Terry says quietly, "Because it happens, Argon."
Skyler says, "I'm going to the Rose Garden at this point, if you all don't mind."
Argon says, "Laters then."
You hiss, "All right. I'll join you in just a second, Skyler."
Terry says quietly, "Everything we say has been said before. Everything we try has been tried before, in a million MUCKs on a million worlds somewhere in the universe."
Mavra waves.
Argon says, "But Terry, this isn't a million other mucks, this is OUR muck."
You hiss, "As far as I'm concerned, folks, this meeting is over. I'll polish up the log sometime tonight or tomorrow morning, and give it to Argon to post on the website."
Skyler waves. "See you all there."
Argon says, "I'll do so, Maxl."
Skyler is carried away when a runaway sputnik rams into him.
Skyler has left.
Findra chirrrs softly, "Thank you, Maxl. "
Findra hugs you! 
You hiss, "Further news about the newspaper and the decline of SpinDizzy civilzation will appear on the board."

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