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SED Now Headless?

BY: Tarquol

Last week there was a raid on one of the booths in the Blue Mists Tavern (northwest of Central Park). There were three people in the booth, but somehow they escaped. The TFF staff and cops of Squirrel City are unsure of their identities.

Found on the table was a small (yet very powerful) phase bomb that they had been working on. This bomb cannot be stopped by a shield system. From asking around I was able to find out that Moriarty is one of the few that has a shield system, which makes him a prime target.

I caught up with Moriarty and asked him about the rumors that there was going to be an attempt on his life. He said that he was unworried, but there were more then the normal amount of body guards around him. Keep you eyes and ears open, as this may turn out to be something important.

The Best of the Short Story Circle

BY: Royce Raccoon

Each week, many furs gather together and exchange short stories. My job is to wade through the stories and pick the best for print. It's not easy choosing one to be the best, because there are so many.

I tried the best I could, and picked one that I liked. Maybe it wasn't the best, but it was an interesting one. Enjoy!

Hydrogen Breath was low. He felt sluggish and could barely light a forest on fire, much less slay a knight. He needed to build up his reserves, and some nuts looking for the Holy Grail were due through. He flew and flew, looking for something flammable.

As he crossed the mountains, he noticed a silver thing on wheels going up the human road. It said 'Shell' on it's side. Hydrogen Breath's eyes widened. He landed in front of the wheeled can and picked it up, ripping off the end and drinking the tasty liquid down.

The driver ran off into the bushes fearing for his life, though he was too small to be a meal for the dragon. Hydrogen Breath concentrated, and burped. A huge gout of flame erupted from his head, and he flew off ready and recharged.


Building a Simple Spacecraft

BY: Royce Raccoon

Building a spacecraft here on TFF is not really a difficult task. The purpose of this article is to give easy step-by-step instructions on how to build a small, simple, 3 room spacecraft. From there, you can take what you've learned to make a ship of any size and configuration.

There are probably many more things that can be done which are not discussed in this article. Perhaps in the near future I will explain how to do some more advanced settings.

A thank you to Sennard, who let me use the ship building documents he wrote for FluffMUCK as a model for mine.


Wherever you see something enclosed in { }. Replace it (do NOT type the { }) with the DB number requested. You'll get these DB numbers as you make the ship, so remember to write them down. This article also assumes you know a little bit about mucking and the @set/@dig/@link/@create commands. Please read through this entire article before actually building your ship.

First thing you want to do is create the object which will be your ship, and set up the vehicle flag on it. I'll call my spacecraft the StarKist:

@create StarKist
@set StarKist = V 

Next we will make the Airlock and an entrance attached to the StarKist leading into the Airlock. I recommend giving the boarding command a unique name, such as "board starkist". The reason behind this is if you are standing next to two ships, each which are entered with just the "Enter" command, the muck won't know which one you want to go in.

Remember to put the name of the action in the ship's description or no one will have any idea on how to get in.

@dig Airlock
@action Board StarKist;Enter StarKist = {Ship object DB# (include # sign)}
@link Board StarKist = {Airlock room DB# (include # sign)}

DROP THE SHIP NOW. After you've dropped your ship, board it and we will make make exits leading out of the ship and set up the various messages. Be sure to replace 'Starkist' with the name of your ship.

@action out;exit;leave = here
@link out = $Objexit.muf
@set out = goto:{Ship object DB# (do NOT include # sign)}
@set out = exit_osucc:steps out the airlock door.
@set out = exit_succ:You leave the StarKist.
@set out = exit_odrop:steps out of the Starkist.

Now we will make it so you can look out the Airlock like a window, and see stuff outside:

@desc out = @260

Okay, the airlock is done. Now for the cockpit:

@dig Cockpit
@action Cockpit;C = here
@link cockpit = {Cockpit DB# (include # sign)}

Enter the cockpit now. Now that your in, we'll make an exit leading back to the airlock:

@action Airlock;A=here
@link a={Airlock DB# (include # sign)}

We are now ready to make controls and things for the cockpit. The first thing we're going to do is set it up so you'll see what's outside, sort of like a viewscreen:

@set {Ship object DB# (include # sign)} = _listen/veh:$Listen.muf
@set {Ship object DB# (include # sign)} = listen/dest:{Cockpit object DB# (NO # sign)}
@set {Ship object DB# (include # sign)} = listen/power:on
@set {Ship object DB# (include # sign)} = listen/filter:off
@set {Ship object DB# (include # sign)} = listen/recurse:off
@set {Ship object DB# (include # sign)} = listen/pre:Outside>> 
@set {Ship object DB# (include # sign)} = listen/post: <<

You will want to be able to send messages outside the ship and have the ship pose, so enter these commands:

@action send;vpose = here
@link send = $Send.muf
@set send =send/dest:{Ship object DB# (do NOT include # sign)}

To get your ship to move about, use the Fly command. Fly also allows the ship to do everything a player can do, such as "fly look", "fly look StarKist", "fly tport #2275", etc.

@action Fly;f;v;move = here
@link fly = $Stardrive.muf
@set fly = _object:{Ship object DB# (do NOT include # sign)}

Finally, lets set up your radio so that you can chat with others who have managed to get through all this! This is optional of course.

@action com;pub;switch;squelch;channel = here
@link com = $Foxcom.muf
com #setup

You can then use "com #help" for more information.

You now have yourself a basic, functional space ship. Have fun!

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