BY: Argon

Last Friday, after Argon's Story Square, Speckles, Founding Wiz of TF&F, found himself missing his speckles! Usually appearing as a white snow leopard-lion combination covered with tiny specks, Speckles found himself just white.

Tarka, who had been acting mysteriously all evening, was seen attempting to hand something to Argon and Mavra, though both said "Ack!" and handed whatever it was back. When asked for his reaction to the situation, Speckles said, "Dunno."

When pressed for something to tell the readers of The Ferret, Speckles said he told Tarka, "My speckles are gone, you stole them!!", at which point Tarka returned them for a fish.

When asked about his actions, Tarka said that it wasn't stealing so much as temporary kidnapping. He admitted that he returned the specks to Speckles for a fish. "Fish are much nicer than specks you see."


edited by: Rocko Wallaby

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Shadow is now a *female*. When asked how this occured, he said "I've been having a chronic problem with involuntary morphing. It comes and goes. Usually I manage to stay male though. Last time this happened, it was because someone shot me with a vixen ray."

When asked if this is permenant, he replied "I hope to be back to approximating normal soon. All requests requiring a Purple Mage should be routed to Avery, my apprentice, via BJ. I'm still mated, so dating is out. Don't ask."

Shadow then called the TFF Ferret a "trashy tabloid".


Maxl hisses, "Aww, but it's so *fun* to call you Shadis, Shadow."