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Maxl - Editor

Vol. 1 Issue 7 Argon Acting Editor Sunday - May 20. 2000

Helpstaff Dissolved In Surprise Predawn Raid

Critter Central

Fala, well known Umbrella Critter (tm) has announced the construction of a place for all the 'Critters (tm)' which inhabit SpinDizzy. Critters (tm) are beings who are born with a combination of organic and mechanical parts. ('Critters (tm)' are not to be confused with critters, which are folks of most any kind. Definitions may vary, consult your instruction manual) Some of these combinations are unusual, but all Critters (tm) are handy and happy to help.

Fala said, "This is why I, with some help from the other Critters here, am building a place to serve that purpose. If any of you should happen upon one of our number in your travels, please - take him at your earliest convenience to Critter Central. It's located just west of here. I plan to have B.J. write a post on the board about it when it officially opens."

B.J. SpinDizzy's Building Wiz saw heard to say, - (OOCly: if anyone wants to come up with and play a new Critter, feel free to. This is the back story that'll get her/him here. And you don't have to know the whole convoluted history to play one. Amnesia and disorientation are probably common afflictions.) Everyone is looking forward to the grand opening of Critter Central. It is expected that the population of Critters (tm) shall increase markedly, and that Critters (tm) which have not been seen in a while shall once again be seen and made welcome.

SED Offers Kidnapping Service

Morticon, alleged leader of the Society of Evil Doers has stated that some are upset that they have not been kidnapped by the SED. If you're interested in being kidnapped for fun and profit, feel free to let him know via page mail so he can add you to the list.

Wizard Tries Vainly To Keep Conversation Going

In an effort to keep the conversation moving, head wizard Austin Dern told another longwinded, marginally interesting story about his player's days on a student newspaper. Although the tale, which had something to do with taunting an editor from another student newspaper, had been told before, most everyone present had either forgotten or ignored the previous incarnations of the story, and feigned interest long enough to humor Austin into thinking he'd accomplished something. Several people chuckled or snickered at nearly appropriate moments and when it was complete, most everyone save Austin went idle.

Public Announcement

Due to servicing on Friday, there will be no gravity in sectors 3, 4, 13, 17 and 21 from 3 AM until 11 PM. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Guest Invasion Expected

Austin has put up posts on several Mucks and newsgroups inviting folks to drop by for a visit. Hopefully, we will present an agreeable place that will encourage them to return and perhaps become residents. We can all help by putting aside our boring, angsty personalities and being friendly and helpful to our guests. Lets make SpinDizzy a place folks want to return to.

Is SpinDizzy Up?

Ever wonder whether the reason you can't connect to SpinDizzy is PacBell up to their usual shenanigans, or something wrong with your computer, or just bad typing? Findra has addressed this problem by creating a website that indicates the status of the muck. She said, " Hi there! I put up a status page at: http:// stenella.vulpes.net/ ~findra/ sd/ status.html

The status page is on a separate phone line and server than the muck, so even if the DSL line is down, the status page will still be available.

Thanks Findra!

Number Of Connections Contest

In light of Nikon's joy at her 1000th connection, a number of folks began comparing and discussing their connection count. Through all the discussion, Austin, Head Wiz, has refused to divulge his connection count. However he has agreed to cooperate with @action News in our contest to determine Austin's Connection Count.

The entries include Peppermint's guess of 3000, Findra guessed 1472, Skyler guessed 800 connections. Max guesses 4820, Tarka guessed 900, Morticon guessed 2664,and TugsBear says 2880 times. Maxl guessed 3000, Mavra says 1280 times, Gratiot says 1487 times, and Mouser guesses 1800 times. Nikon guessed 2500 times, Seaweed says 6666 times, Willysilver says 400 times, Flutters says 2647 connections Roofus Roo said 2500 times. and Dolly guessed 500.

In actuality, Austin has, as of Saturday 5/20/2K connected a total of 850 times, Making Skyler's guess of 800 connections the closest.

TugsBear Homeless

LOST! Care Bear Grandmother. Older brown teddy bear with granny glasses and apron. Has a Sugar and Spice Tummy symbol. Last seen entering Mouser's house. Contact TugsBear if you have any info.

Many Taken by Surprise by Reorganizational Measure; No Known Egos Bruised

Turns Out People Don't Even Try to Follow Important, Muck-Changing Discussions

(Contributed By Austin Dern)

(Rose Garden, May 15) -- May 8 will be known for more than the breaking of the English siege of Orleans, if a daring plan put into effect that day on Spindizzy bears the fruit it's hoped. That plan, however, will not be publicly disclosed as instead the wizards attempt frantically to use the cover story of disbanding and reorganizing the helpstaff to distract the public from the true changes afoot.

As has been discussed by Argon and nearly more than two other people, new civic guidelines describing how all characters, helpstaff, and wizards should interact and what they should contribute to the muck as a whole have been threshed out. They're described in the 'news civics' file online, or on the web at: Newspaper 3 (first article).

After much debate it's regarded as accepted now that everyone will be expected to do what they enjoy, and share what they enjoy. The wizards expect but do not want to hear complaints that this is an onerous burden on the online activities.

To select a new inner circle who'll be privy to the favors and privileges the wizards dole out to their private clique, the prior helpstaff list has been wiped clean. For several weeks the specially chosen will watch to see who takes the responsibility for keeping the muck healthy and happy; those special few will be issued golden tickets enabling them to view the wondrous world of backbiting politics and personal agendas that come with joining the muck bureaucracy. No persons will be added to the helpstaff list until June, but everyone who hopes to someday be a helpstaffer is encouraged by the wizards to begin acting like it now.

Though many knew the reorganization was inevitable, there were no reports of anyone feeling personally insulted or slighted by the new staff structure. When the event finally occurred, several individuals responded with comments such as "Oh," "OK," "What reorganization?", "I didn't notice the @bulletin about it," "I didn't see it on the bulletin board," "I didn't see it in the newspaper," and "There's a newspaper?"

Following this, Austin went to a private room to scream a while. Skyler and Peppermint joined later to fume at the people who show no interest in interacting with the world they inhabit in anything more than the most passive manner possible. Eventually the frustrated wizards consoled themselves, making up slanderous accusations regarding particularly troublesome people and laughing at those who annoy them.

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