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Maxl  - Editor

           Vol. 1 Issue 6                                                      Argon Acting Editor                                                Monday - May 14. 2000

Strange Archway Found

Mouser Renews Running Rivalry With Tugsbear

Somewhat Scheduled Idle Purge  Goes As Planned


SpinDizzy - An unusual structure has been discovered in the southern reaches of SpinDizzy.  You'll find it by traveling to South 6 West 2, a quiet serene area, very flat, with mountains in the far distance.  The only unnatural artifact in sight is a small archway which covers a well secured trap door into the ground.

The 'door' seems to be awfully well secured, in fact it seemed to be built more to keep something in than to keep folks out.  It opens to reveal a stairway descending into the ground into a cavern.

Once inside you 'see' a pedestal with a number of glowing stones mounted on it.  Touching the stones somehow transport you to another place.  There you are shown a strange riddle.  This reporter was unable to solve the riddle, nor to return to the small cave.

Of course, others may be able to figure it out, and research is continuing on this area.  Take a stroll to West 2  South  6 and see if you can make sense of the mysterious archway,

Number Of Connections

In light of Nikon's joy at her 1000th connection, a number of folks began comparing and discussing their connection count.  Through all the discussion, Austin, Head Wiz, has refused to divulge his connection count.  However he has agreed to cooperate with @action News in our contest to determine Austin's Connection Count.  Send your guesses for the number of times Austin has connected to argon@spindizzy.org  The person who comes closest to the number will win something.


SpinDizzy - Last week in The Rose Garden, Mouser, the loveable Fursnake and new..er..'acting leader' of the SED was confronted by TugsheartBear.  Tugs, in his usual 'CareBear' way gave Mouser a big hug.  Mouser replied by chuckling evilly, and curling around TugsBear and preparing to devour the CareBear cub. Unfortunately, GramsBear showed up in the nick of time and ZOTed Mouser with a 100 giga-watt tummy ray. Mouser bahed and slunk away...

Mouser then murmured how he was going to have to 'take care' of GramsBear.  Tugs giggled and seeming to drop his innocent CareBear hearts and flowers and rainbows and sunshine demeanor asked Mouser, "What kind of take care.. ya gonna yiff her? do you know how old she is?"

Needless to say, the crowd was stunned by this response. Mouser remarked that he sometimes worried about that boy.

Soon however the remark was forgotten as Seal Baculum became the topic of interest.

Nikon Joins The Club

This was a gold star day for Nikon.  She joined the SpinDizzy 1000 Connects Club.  She, along with other members of the club have visited our community over 1000 times.  

Balloon Animal Creation Lessons

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SpinDizzy - The semi annual, loosely scheduled, as needed character idle purge took place on SpinDizzy this week.  As is tradition, the idle purged characters, made through the magic of Wizard powers into objects, were handed out to the folks who happened to be present at the time.

Some folks went through the 'Bag of Toads' (The bag holding all the @toaded characters) looking for old friends, other found old enemies or folks they considered just plain jerks.  These were taken to be kept as mementoes, or made into zombies, or attached to dartboards for revenge.

Interestingly, a second Pokemon training center was found in the objects which were recycled.  Unknown before its discovery in the purge process, it is being examined by archeological experts to determine it's use and why it was even built.

Although this idle purge was enjoyed by all, it is always sad to see members of the community leave.  None the less, the next idle purge could bring some surprises as a number of 'unsavory' characters are approaching the deadline for disuse.

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