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           Vol. 1 Issue 4                                                       Argon Acting Editor                                                Monday - May 7. 2000

Morticon Found Guilty of Crime

SpinDizzy - At long last, what many have suspected has been proven true.  Morticon, self proclaimed leader of the SED, a local group of misfits and malcontents has been proven to be a law breaker.  

Although often suspected, but never convicted of a crime, he has finally been apprehended and convicted.  

While on a claimed 'vacation' in Arkansas, Morticon after robbing a bank, found he had left one of his SED members behind.  Knowing that SED members aren't conscripted from rocket scientists or brain surgeons (Possession of a brain is actually considered a strike against you in the SED)  Morticon realized he must return to the scene of the crime before his loyal associate was captured and gave away the location of his hideout.

With a quick twist of the steering wheel of the SED get away car (A 1962 Ford Falcon) Morticon completed a U-Turn in front of the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shoppe.  As might be expected, his flagrant disrespect for the law was observed by a member of Arkansas' finest and he was pulled over.

A quick search of the vehicle revealed $200,000 in bags marked 'First National Bank of Arkansas'  However, the police office, possessing only a few brain cells more than the SED maximum accepted Morticon's explanation that it was a withdrawal from the church to buy a new stained glass window. 

None the less, the officer felt that Morticon's U-Turn had to be punished, and asking for his license, wrote Morticon a ticket for making an illegal U-Turn, and charged him $125.  Morticon attempted to pay the fine then and there, but the officer said he couldn't accept the money as it had 'crime dye' on it.

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Morticon accepted the ticket with a growl and proceeded back to the back.  A box of doughnuts on the hood of his car, distracted the officers long enough for him to retrieve his SED associate and make a getaway.

So now we know that Morticon is a criminal, and has been punished at last for his crimes.  Our salute to the law enforcers of Arkansas for at long last brining Morticon to a small bit of well deserved justice.

SpinDizzy Shut Down By Pacific Bell Goof-Up

As might be expected of a giant corporation who cares more about profits than actually providing a dependable service that it's customers have paid for, Pacific Bell through lack of maintenance or concern for it's customers failed to keep Findra's DSL connection, hence SpinDizzy intact and operating.

Once again, a failure of equipment made it impossible to connect to SpinDizzy.  As this is the third time in recent memory that this has occurred, Findra, Server Wiz was understandably upset.  As she said, "PacBell's router to Spindizzy went down on Friday from 11:30am PST, and was unavailable until the early hours of the following morning.  I'm very upset at PacBell right now, having spent near 2 hours on hold with them yesterday trying to find out when things were going to be fixed.  I'm sorry to everyone on here for the problems this caused with you being unable to connect for that time.  I'm going to be send PacBell a very snotty letter wanting to know precisely what they're going to do about this lack of support and frequent losses of service, and what compensation they're going to offer.  If I can't get a way of resolving these problems sooner, I will terminate the contract I have with them citing breach of contract and move to a different provider.  Again, I'm sorry for the unavailability of Spindizzy on Friday."

Of course, knowing Findra was not at fault, she has no blame to bear.  Hopefully the problem will be resolved.

Help Wanted - Artist to take over drawing comic strip for @action News.  No sense of humor required, as proven by the ones I've drawn 

Contact Argon


Giant Organic Spire Appears North of The Rose Garden

A most interesting structure has appeared north of the Rose Garden.  Taking a trip to North 4  West  3  you'll find yourself at the base of a giant plant like structure towering above you.  Thrusting over 2000 feet into the air, it seems to have 'grown' there in a very short time.  Residents don't recall seeing it before.

Although large, it is not at all menacing and seems to invite exploration.  Entering the Spire you're suspicions that it is a plant seems to be confirmed by the green photosynthetic glow, and the fluids coursing via capillary action along it's base and walls. The atmosphere seems to be fresh and gives one an invigorating feeling of well being and strength.  It's passive nature balances this with a feeling of peace and satisfaction. A sense of being a 'part' of nature. A vertical tube allows travel and exploration upwards through 5 levels.

The Spire narrows as you rise towards it's tip, which is made of a transparent plant like material through which you can observe the surrounding countryside.  The Spire's 2000 foot height allows viewing of a good part of SpinDizzy.  I was surprised to find I could see The Rose Garden from there.

Climbing back to the base of the Spire, you find it is possible to go down and explore the roots of the Spire, confirming it's plant like characteristics.  The roots are large enough to move through, and one leads into a beautiful cavern, lit with phosphorous plants and quite beautiful

So, if you are looking for a nice day-trip, head to North 4  West 3 and explore the Organic Spire.

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