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           Vol 1 Issue 4                                                       Argon Acting Editor                                                Monday - May 1. 2000

Giant Robot Days Deemed A Success

Although beginning with a slow start, Giant Robot Weekend was considered a success by all. Mouser's Sandworm mecha was called Shai-Hulud:  AIIYYEEE!!!! SHAI-HULUD!!! SHAI-HULUD!!! It's a sandworm. A BIG sandworm. You figure it's about 100 yards across at the mouth, and probably a mile/ long at least. Luckily (?) for you most of this land-behemoth is below ground, burrowing through the earth beneath SpinDizzy, merely creating earthquakes as it passes rather than leveling everything in its path when it surfaces. If you manage to survive getting close to this monster, you realize that it's not a real sandworm, but a metallic recreation of one, the work of some insane genius who's read "Dune" one too many times. Or seen the movie, rather; that's the only explanation you can find for the cheezy Toto soundtrack music coming from the robot as it passes"

Mavra piloted a BOLO named LIZA.  It was described as a sharply-sloping hill made of dense alloy composites and quasi-ceramic materials which is in fact the front glacis of LIZA, a General Motors Mk. XXXIII Bolo planetary siege unit. As you look up the 50% grade slope, you note a four meter gap between the ground where it isn't being depressed by the multi-kiloton mass of the Bolo. Stepping back to get a better look at the whole thing, you see that LIZA is a squattest sort of tank-like vehicle magnified to a monstrous scale, being some twenty meters tall from tread to turret-top, of which there are three, each having a muzzle diameter of 200 cm, and bristling with other weapons from howitzers and missile-launchers to small, anti-personnel ones. 

Ping looked like something small and shiny, something flashes in the corner of your eye. It's Ping! He seems to be sporting the latest in wearable minicomputing, wearing glasses with projections gleaming off the glass back at his eyes, overlaying a digital screen through his vision. One hand has a thin glove with tiny spots for measuring position and pressure, and the wires thread back to a little backpack that holds a carbon-fiber vacuum flywheel for powering the Transmeta processor running the most ridiculously new and unstable version of Linux possible. Looking rather wired in several senses of the word, he grins and waves at you,  

and a little display of info about you comes up as he recognizes you. He squeaks and bounces just a little less, even from the (relatively) lightweight equipment. After all, he's normally just used to wearing a dark blue cotton vest. Just to top it all off, there's a red LED blinking at irregular intervals on his tail.

Other folks either piloted mechas, or became robots.  Others who didn't, had several near misses with stepped on tails, and out right being squished.

All in all everyone had a good time.

Mouser Takes Helm Of SED During Morticon's Absence

Centaur Square - SpinDizzy's residents breathed a sigh of relief with the news of SED leader Morticon going on hiatus, A celebration gathering of several folks in Centaur Square the other night was disrupted as Mouser appeared and attempted to 'shake down' the crowd for money and valuables.  

Unfortunately, Mouser's lack of hands, back up SED stooges, and preplanning, brought his attempt at theft to ruin.  During his attempt at crime, Mouser hissed, "BTW, Morticon left me in charge of the SED, so, like, this is a stick-up. Uh...I think you're supposed to hand over your valuables or something..."

Mouser stated that it was only right that he should be in charge of the SED as he was a 'charter member', which he said, "...is more than I can say for old Morty." 

When asked what plans he had for the SED under his leadership, Mouser replied "Well, besides Robbery, there's always Extortion, Blackmail, and the ever-popular Destroying the World for Fun and Profit..."  When asked if Morticon could expect a struggle to regain his position as leader of the SED on his return, Mouser replied, "That's assuming he returns. We haven't seen Moriarty in a while, you know..." Mouser later said,  "And remember, I WILL bring this MUCK to its knees..."

So there you have it.  We can be assured that no noticeable effect will be apparent from the change of leadership at SED.

LilBit's Survey

LilBit suggested a survey be taken of folks to see what their interests and wishes about and for SpinDizzy are.  Repeated here the survey and LilBit's comments:

We here at Spindizzy are worried about the lack of participation among players. This survey is in response to Austin's suggestions for the muck's improvement.

Computer Interests:


Events you would like to see:

Suggestions for the muck's improvement:

Ideas for the Wizards:

Anything that comes to your mind:

Thank you so much for taking this survey! Please send your answers to the3zerocool@hotmail.com



Please take the time to take the survey and send it to LilBit.  Also, speak to the folks here and to the Wizzes about the muck, the players, and what's happening here.

Remember that SpinDizzy is 'our' muck.  It is what we make of it.  Some folks are perfectly happy with it as is, other would like to see some changes, others lobby for radical change.  (Although I doubt we'll be changing the place to represent a giant dumpster to attract more Raccoons.)  But no matter what you think or wish of SpinDizzy, let other folks know.  Discuss what you think makes our home here what it is, or what could be done to make it what you'd like it to be.

Also, just a reminder to everyone to enter   events      to see what's going on,  enter    +read to see what's being talked about on the bulletin board, and go to The SpinDizzy Website to see what's new and read this paper.



Yeah, I know...Morticon looks more like a Dinosaur than a Wallaby.  If you can do better, send a strip or two to  argon@spindizzy.org

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