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Vol 1 Issue 17                                                 Sunday - July 30, 2K

Sheens Sighted West Of Rose Garden .

Chen, well known Machine Mage, rushed into the Rose Garden last week, with a warning that Sheens, the robot space invader gadgets he often speaks of, and one of which he has as a pet, had been sighted just west of the Rose Garden in the Meditation Center.  Curiosity about the sheens resulted in   Chen and Sifaka, Serrith, Flutterz, Natasha, Lia, and Argon all heading over there to take a look.

Upon arrival, Chen urged the group to be very quiet as they observed three strange devices, two which plodded along the ground, which Chen referred to as 'Walkers' and one which flew through the air which he called a 'Floater'.  Lia with some difficulty is trying to picture this whole crowd of people (one of whom is a centaur at that) 'sneaking' after Chen like a flock of tiptoeing ducklings. After exchanging a few whispered words, the three sheens took note of the observers and began moving towards them.  The observers, were concerned, until Balloonatic arrived and distracted the notice of the floater while Serrith chased to first walker out of the area.  The second walker continued to approach the group, and as it extended a number of sharp. pointy devices as it moved forward, did not seem to have polite conversation in mind.  Argon, turned away from the remaining 'Walker' and kicked it squarely with his hind legs, knocking it to the ground.

At the same time, the 'Floater' who's attention Balloonatic had attracted, began moving towards him with it's won set of sharp pointy things extended and ready to remove 'samples' of Balloonatic.  Argon, seeing the danger, picked up the shaken 'Walker' he had kicked and threw it at the Floater, knocking it to the ground, where both ended up as piles of broken, deactivated parts.

Chen gathered up the parts for 'research' and the group left the area, more enlightened concerning 'sheens' and happy that, working together, they were able to alleviate the threat to the central areas of the muck. As of press time, Serrith has not returned.

Natasha Rescues Fae From Rosebush

 Surprising reports from the Rose Garden indicate Flutters, well known Flower Pirate Dread Fae, was trapped deep within a rosebush.  Being a Flower Fae, it seems she would be right at home in a rosebush.  Natasha, local elastic Coati, was able to facilitate retrieval of Flutterz by extending her arm and paw into the bush, carefully threading through the thorns to grasp Flutterz and gently pull her out.

Upon her rescue, Flutterz stomped over to Serrith who she claimed 'pushed' her into the rosebush, and with a, "S'heya there," to the sunnyyellowbunnything, let loose with a very salty curse at Serrith,  involving Serreth's  mother and her dead third cousin twice removed. "S'Flutterz be DREAD...s'be meanin...icky..scary...nottobemessedwith. Nerp! Gotsit?".  Serrith reported that Flutterz 'fell'.into the bush.

After expressing her thoughts on the matter to Serrith, Flutterz then examined and patpatted Natasha's paw to see that it didn't get stuck by the thorns, and Natasha expressed concern over the scratches on Flutterz's chin and arm expressing relief that her delicate wings weren't damaged. When Natasha asked Flutterz if the scratches hurt, Flutterz glanced over at Serrith as she patpated Natasha's nose with a li'l hand and said, "S'nerp...Flutterz be too DREAD to be hurtin!"

Soon, Flutterz seemed to return to 'normal', and Serrith caused no more 'accidents' and everyone sang songs and roasted marshmellows over the campfire for the rest of the evening.

Austin Recalls Obscure Details of Nearly Forgotten 1980s Cartoon

Austin Dern, head wizard, stunned onlookers this week when an obscure 1980s cartoon was mentioned, and he quickly recalled an inconsequential point about the show.
The events unfolded when some mention of the series "Cops," about a special force of partially cyborg police officers battling the super-criminal organizations of a future generic city.  Several people recalled having watched the show -- some religiously -- but could not recall about the show.


Austin then piped up, offering later verified information that the program was actually "C.O.P.S.", with the name an acronym for "Central Organization of Police Specialists."  Further, the leader and organizer of the cyborg C.O.P.S. squadron was named B.P. Vess, for Baldwin P. "Bullet Proof" Vess; he was turned into a cyborg after an attack by the central villains of the series.  Further, the city in which most episodes occurred was named Empire City, reinforcing the impression that the show was set in a doppleganger of New York City.

All present were stunned at Austin's sudden and accurate recall of this piece of animation trivia.  "I was speechless," said one observer.  "To call up some bit of information from a show that aired -- what -- for two years, fifteen years ago, and to be dead-on accurate about it, that's just incredible.  That Austin had it just makes it all the more incredible."
Austin corrected that the program ran for one year, with 65 episodes, in 1988, although it did reappear under a new title, CyberC.O.P.S., in 1993. This information was later confirmed by outside sources.
Chief lemony rabbit Skyler was unsurprised by the revelations.  "I always knew Austin had a couple odd pieces of information tucked in his head," he said.  "Old and obscure cartoons I wouldn't have expected, but I was sure he'd know something like that."

Glass Bat Granted His Wish To Be Shrunk, Demonstrates That Turn-About Is Fair Play

Contributed To @Action News By Natasha Nelson

On Friday night, bat-about-town Convergence was shrunken from his usual 4-foot 6-inch stature to six inches tall. 

Glass bat Convergence, chatting with several others in the Rose Garden, mentioned that he was trying to figure out how to perch on local elastic coati Natasha Nelson's shoulder.  Nikon, a six-inch-tall raccoon whose ability to shrink willing and unwilling subjects has been noted by several Spindizzians, touched  Convergence's foot and a moment later he shrank to the raccoon's height.


Reactions from others in the Garden were varied. "You look sort of bauble-y," remarked sloth Vassily. Fursnake Mouser suggested that he and Convergence team

up as an expensive necklace, but the glass bat turned him down, saying, "It'd be too boring."

For his own part, Convergence reacted to being shrunk with apprehension at first, saying, "I don't want to be shrunk until I know there's an expansion machine!"

However, he calmed down when coati Austin Dern reassured him about Nikon's intentions, stating, "The only people she doesn't unshrink are the ones who
cross her."

  Natasha has perched on Convergence's shoulder on several occasions since he ended his some-months-long absence from the muck, and he quickly took advantage of his condition to perch on hers.  When asked whether he enjoyed the role-reversal, Convergence paused in nibbling at one of Natasha's rubbery ears, smiled, and said, "Yes."  Later, when challenged on his motivation, he stated simply, "Hey, I'm a bat, I perch."


Convergence is now recuperating from the condition in a cave on the outskirts of Quodlibet.

Ping: Mouse Extraordinaire
Contributed to @Action News By Flutterz D. Pirate

This week, Flutterz had the lucky opportunity to interview Ping. They met at Ping’s downtown Foley Studio for the interview. Flutterz was much impressed with the Studio and recommends that anyone in the mood for a little exploration drop in there. The following is the interview that Flutterz’ stenographer took down.

Ping: “Welcome to the Foley Studio.”
Flutterz, looking around in amazement: "S'coolies place!"
At this point, Ping shows Flutterz a small speaker that goes “SQUEEP!” when a button is pushed. Flutterz was delighted and wanted to know what it was.
Ping: "It won't hurt you. I make sound effect boxes here."
Flutterz: "S'sound effect boxes?"
Ping takes a box from one of the many shelves and opens the lid, and the sound of a train rumbling along, and a distant whistle come from the empty box until he closes the lid. "Yup.”
Flutterz' eyes round in amazement: "S'wowz! S'be for cartoonthingies?"
Ping: "Usually, but they're for anyone who wants one."
Ping explains at this point that he would like to make a vending machine for the sound effects boxes, but hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Flutterz was immediately enamored of the idea and all the possibilities. 
Flutterz: "S'neato...could be causin’ lotsa mayhem with these!"
Ping: "Indeed. The gunshot sound boxes are particularly dangerous. I also provide string and levers and pulleys and remote controls so they can be opened from a safe distance."
Flutterz giggling and peering at all the boxes: "S'yous gotsa screamin' squirrelthingie?"
Ping: "I might. If I don't, I'll find the sound for a squirrelthingie, and a sound for screamin’', and mix them."
Flutterz: "S'must be doin’ killer business at Halloweeny!"
Ping, nodding: "Yup. Can add just the right flair to your otherwise almost perfect costume.”
Flutterz: "S'readers prolly wanna know if'n you take credit thingies or just neato shiny stuffs."
Ping: "Hmmm... Trades work quite well. I'll sometimes give you a box if you were to provide us with a new sound we don't already have.”
Flutterz: "S'be lots a interest in that be bettin’! S'what be the Foley part?"
Ping points to the recording platform in the corner, with space enough for an average-sized 'toon, and the hanging microphone.
Ping: "Foley was the guy that came up with the idea of doing sound effects. I think he ran into a rather untimely end. Frankenstein-like, with the sounds."
Flutterz, blinking in alarm: "S'goodness...tragedy! S'Pingthing ever be gettin’ scared 
happen to him?"
Ping: "A little, but I'm fairly resilient. The sounds could do some damage, but they're in safe amounts when I package them."
Flutterz wanted to know if Ping lived on the premises and Ping directed her to the small hole in the wall of the Studio. After much huffing and puffing (Perhaps she has had one or, possibly two too many mellers of late =9)she was able to gain entry into Ping’s residence. A charming room with all the amenities that a bachelor might need for housekeeping (No girlmousie in site for those of you wondering ;) ) and a lovely view of the Rose Garden.
Ping, graciously, upon seeing how much trouble Flutterz had: "Perhaps I should expand that door.”
Flutterz, grimbling a bit in embarrassment: "S'likes bein’ a toon? S'always been a toonthing?"
Ping: "Oh, yes. I was drawn that way, you know."
Flutterz: "Hrmz, S'drawer? S'where it be?"
Ping: "Drawer? He's the one with the pencil."
Flutterz: "S'yerp, but where it _be_?"
Ping, calmly: "I'd assume on the other side of the pencil. And ink, and toon paint, and all that. Of course, I can redraw myself when I need. Morticon found that out the hard way.”
Flutterz looking around in confusion: "S'but...Flutterz not be seein’ anything but yous!"
Ping: "Oh, that pencil isn't usually here."
Flutterz makes a note to the Firefly at this point to remind her that Flutterz should be investigating the sky further...likely that is where these big pencils are hiding.
Ping: "Usually I don't have much chance to see where it goes. If you find out, be sure to tell me."
Flutterz: "S'ok...last one! S'gots anything to be sayin’ to the readerthingies?"
Ping: "Ah, yes. I'd like to say that I'm doing some new brainstorming for events, and may have something interesting soon. I've got a couple ideas in the works, and I'd like to encourage everyone else to think a little about games or fun things they'd like to do in the muck."
Flutterz beaming at the mouse: "S'thankee ver ver much!”
Ping, grinning: "Surething."

And so ended the Ping interview. Thanks Pingthingie!

Happy Dance Sweeps Crowd

Monday evening, a wave of happy dancing swept the folks in Role Play Central. Folks would enter @dance, and break out in different versions of the happy dance.  No particular reason was advanced for the celebration and joy of the folks participating, but they all seemed quite joyful for one reason or another.  

No Crime In SpinDizzy

Morticon's absence has resulted in the lowest recorded crime rate in SpinDizzy since, well since Morticon arrived here.  SED hitfur Mouser has been resting on his..well, what ever he rests on, so the crime rate in SpinDizzy has plummeted.  Although folks are enjoying being able to leave valuables unattended, and their doors unlocked at night, authorities warn that the crime rate is due to increase upon Morticon's return.

It is advised that citizens take these steps to assure the safety of their belongings upon Morticon's return:

1 ) Don't leave anything out where Morticon can see it.

2 ) Don't talk about valuable objects you own in places where Morticon might hear you.

3 )Keep your doors locked.

Following these rules will let you sleep at night in a haze of self induced deception as Morticon will probably try and short out the SpinDizzys or some equally laughable plan which after causing minor inconvenience will of course will fail.

Contributing To @Action News

Several folks have asked how to contribute stories and ideas to this paper.  It's quite easy. Just write your story down, and send it to argon@spindizzy.org. Or page #mail it to Argon.  Even if you don't think you can't write well, or haven't fully developed your idea, send it along.  Our huge editorial staff can take any information and make a story from it. What you may consider a silly thing, or something no one cares about, could more than likely be of interest to our readers.  Look at the stories we print.    

Although our vast network of reporters, stringers, and informants cover SpinDizzy like a glove, sometimes things get by us, or we miss an opportunity to inform you, our readers.  We depend on you to tell us not only things of interest to you, but to give us ideas and suggestions to make this paper better.  This is YOUR paper, so let us know what YOU'D like to see in it.  

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