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Vol 1 Issue 12                                                  Sunday - June 25, 2K

Maxl's 'Town Meeting' Results In Spirited Discussion

Wednesday's meeting (Click here to see the log) which was heavily announced and promoted resulted in less than hoped for, but more than expected participants.  Maxl opened the meeting by saying, "First of all, Skyler thought that I should bring something up. We don't have to cling to Austin like we do, and it's stupid of us to continually do so. Give the poor coati a break."  He finished by saying, "That's the lecture. As of now, whoever wants to volunteer to speak can." he then opened the floor for discussion.

Several folks, spoke up saying how they felt about SpinDizzy, what they hoped to get from, and give to it, and what they saw as some of the problems we have in the community.  Several problems and events were discussed and a few solutions were tossed up, but no real consensus was reached.  Most agreed that you shouldn't interrupt RP, but this was countered by the argument that some folks like doing just that.  

Skyler arrived and reinforced Maxl's  concern for folks seeming to depend too much on Austin. Opposing viewpoints concerning the muck, and the quality of SpinDizzy as opposed to other mucks which are gone and will never come back were compared.  All in all, almost everything you can think of was discussed at this meeting.  Interestingly the reason that most folks thought was the reason the meeting was called, Topaz, only stopped by for a few moments and made no comment.  Morticon however, did, and asking the group if  the quality of SpinDizzy had been helped or hurt by his actions, was assured that he had most assuredly helped the muck.

Argon, when given his turn to speak, spoke in a fragment style to avoid the long lag and temptation to 'surf' folks have when you type comments in a paragraph at a time.  The moderator of the meeting found this to be so annoying that he exited the meeting room, and apparently Argon's comments were not considered by him.

Argon finished and Austin mentioned that the 'theme' of SpinDizzy was Charter Park, the room where the meeting was held.  The description offers an idea of what the muck, our community is supposed to be.  Austin also mentioned his desire to be treated as 'just another player'.  From then on, the group discussed a number of other subjects.  The meeting broke up with a sense of direction for some, constructive criticism for others, and some over the top actions and words that when seen in the light of day are regrettable, or perhaps make a bit of sense when looked at in the context of the whole discussion.

Posts on the Rose Garden Bulletin Board (log onto SpinDizzy - Enter   +read ) revealed varied reactions and agendas concerning the meeting. Discussion  among players has swung between stony silence and spirited, opinionated  debate. Everyone has come through this with new information and ideas about fellow players and the theme of SpinDizzy.

Seth Introduces Crowd To Morris-Dancing

Seth, popular SpinDizzy regular,  showed off his dancing skills in LilBit's DanceClub by doing a bit of Morris-Dancing  This is a form of ritual folkdance which comes from the Cotswold region in western England, between Oxford and the Welsh border. It is ritual as opposed to social dance, that is, it is danced with purposes beyond fun, although it also fun.  Seth tied bells to his knees, and while beating two sticks together over his head, moved in a pattern over the dance floor, but when the DJ started playing Boot Scootin' Boogie, he stopped and took a bow to the enthusiastic applause of the rest of the Danceclub patrons.

SpinDizzy Building Milestone Met

Contributed By Austin Dern

With the opening of Morticon's Roleplaying Center at N4 E2, we have at long last reached one of the muck's milestones: It is now possible to walk from the Rose Garden to the edge of the world (indeed, two edges of the world) entirely on developed territory -- that is, without passing through the random chaos of Coconino County areas.

It's been surprisingly long in coming, but it is here at last and I'm glad the place has developed this far. Congratulations and thanks to all who've contributed to it.(For those who don't know,  you can see a picture of the developed areas of the muck by typing the command +map #show from anywhere on the muck. And you can ask any wizard, anytime, for any of the rooms marked with the . on the map, the rooms whose descriptions change every time you look at them but that mention their availability. Go ahead and become a landowner; our building code is very easygoing.)

Flutterz Loses Red Coloration-Commie Plot Fears Found Unwarranted

 Flutterz, Wanna Be Dread Flower Fae, covered herself in red color in an attempt to be more 'Dread'.  Jokingly asked if she felt 'Better red than dead', she replied, "S'better red and DREAD! Yerp!" Her red coloration making her much more noticeable from a distance of three feet, she did seem to cause more than the usual unrest of less than courageous grasshoppers and beetles.  By the weekend, Flutterz's red hue had faded as she discovered that rather than making her more DREAD, it made her itch.

Morticon Uses 'Toon Turpentine To Reduce Ping To Graphite Grid-Lines Again

Ping, Well known 'Toon Mouse and Wiz, was celebrating having his form back in RP Central the other night, after dousing himself in a can of 'Toon Paint.  After crawling in, he exited the can and shook off the extra paint.  Some spatters of paint landed on Argon's white Equine coat, and, as he is quite conscious of his appearance wondered  how best to remove it.  Turpentine was suggested, but with the number of 'Toon Characters in the room, Argon was as reluctant to use it as he would have been to display his pin collection during a Balloonie dance party. 

Ping suggested 'Toon Turpentine, but as Argon isn't a 'Toon, found that he was unable to get instant delivery service from Acme.  Ping stepped up and made the order however, and within moments a can of 'Toon Turpentine had dropped on Ping, nearly crushing him.  As Ping crawled out from under the heavy can, Morticon, alleged leader of the SED and well known 'ner do well, raced forward and grabbed the can, laughing hysterically.

After giving Argon a small Styrofoam cup of the 'Toon Turpentine, he grabbed up Ping and raced off with him!  Argon not noticing the kidnapping, was able to successfully remove the 'Toon paint, and when Ping was able to escape, returned to RP Central reduced again to his graphite wire frame form.  Morticon had dunked him in the Turpentine removing Ping's paint again.  Ping warned other 'Toons to be on the lookout, as Morticon was a real danger with this substance, and cell based 'Toon's with no wire-frame support could be completely dissolved if captured and exposed to the substance by Morticon.

Morticon's RP Central Has Grand Opening

Morticon, alleged SED leader .has created RP Central (enter rpc to go there) Consisting of a bulletin board, and a pleasant area for IC discussion and play, it has been quite busy and visited by a large number of folks.  Several ideas for role play events have been tossed around, and one, Seth's 'Sheens' topic is close to being implemented.  A number of improvisations and events have occurred there and many have been heard to say what a pleasure it is to have a place where being IC is accepted and encouraged.  A downage of Furry Muck Friday evening brought a number of folks by to wait it out, bringing us a recent peak of 27 connected players. Tthe activity and tone of RP Central gave these infrequent visitors a good impression of our community, hopefully causing them to return.

Scheduled Idle Purge Allow Characters On Life Support To Expire

By Austin Dern

It was a massive and slightly annoying project, but I've now got indexed in the files of the 'globals' command all the known globally available commands. Each should be entered somewhere in the list, and each should have some amount of help available.   If you find a global command that isn't on the list, or that doesn't have any help available -- and *every* command should have some hint how to use it, if you type 'look command' -- then please tell one of the wizards (or better, page #mail a wizard).  To use the globals list, type    globals #help   A prize will be awarded to the first person who figures out why, exactly, we have an @mpilink command and what it precisely does.

Morticon: Poopyface Or Benevolent Leader?

Interview By Flutterz D. Pirate

Flutterz was gratified when Morticon agreed to be her first interview. She had her stenographer the firefly present at the interview to take dictation. Here is the interview:

Flutterz: “S’thank yous for coming! S’tell Flutterz why yous be such a poopyface.”
Morticon: “Is it so wrong to do things purely for my own pleasure?”
Flutterz grimbling to firefly; “S’be gettin’ that...be evasive already!”
Flutterz: “Okz, next question. What be SED and how many members it be havin?”
Morticon at this point declines to give a complete answer, just saying that there is a _List_ housed in the SED Headquarters and it contains at least 7 members. After not much DREAD pirate fae prodding, Morticon did confirm the rumor that he wishes to take over the MUCK. Your steadfast reporter pressed on trying to glean as much questionable information as possible.
Flutterz (with much wrinkling of cute li’l nose): “S’tell Flutterz why poopyfacedthingie be a good leader?”
Morticon: I’m no ordinary morphic wallaby! I possess far more intelligence and other skills. Plus, I am far more evil than the rest of them. They don’t call me the Evil Wallaby for nothing!
Flutterz, after a moment of eye rolling at such blatant hot airedness: “S’tell Flutterz who be your herothingie.”
Morticon, smiling fondly: “That would have to be Moriarity because of his class and intelligence. He taught me many things.”
Flutterz: “S’like what?”
Morticon, grinning vilely: “Like cryoing your enemies with their unconscious. It’s a shame he is no longer with us. He left a signed note naming me as the next leader of SED.”
Flutterz: “S’how’d the big poopyface be dyin’ then?”
Morticon, dramatically glum-faced: “He must have known he was going to die. Explosives I believe at the Coati Museum. They found the note naming me leader later.”
Morticon at this point seems overcome with emotion over the loss of his beloved formerbutnowapparentlyexploded leader Moriarity...sniffling can be heard.
Flutterz yeeps and offers a small tissue to the wallaby: “S’here yous go. Flutterz s’sorry to be makin yous sad. Movin’ on to personal questions now. Yerp!”
Morticon nods after blowing his snoz.
Flutterz: “S’be havin’ any small poopyfacedthingies lyin’ about? Yous knows...children.”
Morticon with a hideous smirk: “There should be 5 soon. Of course I plan to warp their minds as soon as they leave her womb.”
Flutterz tsking eagerly: S’who be the mommythingie?”
Morticon, smiling coyly: “I’m not going to confirm any rumors.”
Flutterz razzlefrazzles over the loss of major scoopage!
Flutterz: “Okz, last question be askin. S’poopyface have anythin be sayin’ to our readers?”
Morticon: “Make it easier on yourselves. Just hand the MUCK over to me and noone will get hurt...much.”
Flutterz gigglegrinning; “Okz! Thankee muchly for bein’ interviewed. Yerp!”
Morticon: “You’re welcome.”

Flutterz then shoos the Evil Wallaby from her nestie post haste, resolving to fumigate asap.

Seaweed Connects For 1000th Time

Seaweed. popular Otter and sometimes Beanie-Bay plush, joined the elite 1000 Connects Club here on SpinDizzy.  She will be awarded the coveted Millennium Connection Certificate and be revered by those who have yet to meet the standard of being here an awful lot.  Congratulations to Seaweed!

Contributing To @Action News

Several folks have asked how to contribute stories and ideas to this paper.  It's quite easy. Just write your story down, and send it to argon@spindizzy.org. Or page #mail it to Argon.  Even if you don't think you can write well, or haven't fully developed your idea, send it along.  Our huge editorial staff can take any information and make a story from it. What you may consider a silly thing, or something no one cares about, could more than likely be of interest to our readers.  Look at the stories we print.  No Nobel Prize winners here.  

Although our vast network of reporters, stringers, and informants cover SpinDizzy like a glove, sometimes things get by us, or we miss an opportunity to inform you, our readers.  We depend on you to tell us not only things of interest to you, but to give us ideas and suggestions to make this paper better.  This is YOUR paper, so let us know what YOU'D like to see in it.  

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