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Vol 1 Issue 11                                                  Sunday - June 18, 2K

Maxl Calls 'Town Meeting' After Clash Of Ideologies

After an RP Morticon and others started in the Rose Garden, and an @shout discussion bordering on flaming,  Maxl. well know Badger and SpinDizzy regular has called a meeting Wednesday June 21 at 7:30pm muck time (10:30 EST).  This meeting will be held in Charter Park, which may be reached by entering  Charter  .  The meeting, according to Maxl is to discuss '..what we want to get out of the MUCK, and a little bit of a lecture about clinging too voraciously to Austin."  Maxl has laid some ground rules for how he'd like the meeting to go which can be read by entering  +read 28 on SpinDizzy Muck.  Comments on this and other subjects can be read by entering  +read.

Maxl considers this an important meeting.  He has some ideas he wants discussed, and indicates he wants to hear other's views on the subjects listed above. Please read, understand, and follow his indicated suggestions of decorum, and be prepared to speak your mind and listen to what others say with your mind open.

Underground World Discovered On SpinDizzy


Lost city found! Below the ageless crust of Spindizzy, a city has lain dormant for thousands of years. According to ancient texts found in what appears to be a great library, it seems to be the city of D'ni, thought to be lost, merely a legend of it ever existing. It was discovered last week, by Terra, who said she found an entranceway in a large mountain in the middle of her forest.
"It's always been there." she protested when asked about the city. "As far as I've known. And that's a pretty long time." when she was asked further questions, she merely assisted Ping, the resident cake mouse, with keeping his ice cream cake cold by telling it she never loved it. Apparently, it was effective. Further news on the city will be followed up, as soon as Terra decides her sweater isn't trying to take over the world.

SED Cancels Contract On Centaur

Argon, local Centaur and sometime target of the SED, has apparently had the assassination contract on him cancelled.  @Action News reporters, following up on the story first broken in @Action News #9 , interviewed a subdued and rather sickly-looking Mouser, Fursnake and alleged SED hitfur.  Mouser alleged that Morticon, Mad Scientist and alleged boss of the SED, cancelled the contract for non-performance, as testified by Argon's continued presence, alive and kicking.  The would-be assassin was overheard complaining about penalties contained in the fine print, which apparently involved experimental drugs and being forced to sing disco tunes for two hours. MsDee, local Centauress and alleged witness to the alleged altercation between Mouser and his alleged boss, was unavailable for comment.

Terra's Kits Refuse To Be Born!

In what appears to be a conspiracy by SouthWestern Bell, Terra's kits remain inside her for an indeterminate amount of time. It is unsure how long she has been pregnant, but she does say that 'Any day now, any day' they will be born. Southwestern Bell had performed an upgrade on Terra's home internet line, which resulted in knocking it out of service, then informed her it would be two weeks before she would receive her service again. It has been two weeks, and still no service. Terra's convinced they will remain inside her until puberty.
When asked the names of the kits, Terra mentioned that while they were not carved in stone, she did know what to call them. "I'm having five of them." she patted her tummy proudly. "Ferris, Mala, Sherri, Craig, and Lyle. I won't tell'ya how I know they're actual gender."   Terra has been pregnant for quite some time, so her claims that they will be there until they hit puberty just might come true.

TimesHeart's 'Tummy Ray Time Portal' Offers Coati Hope

Timesheart, a Care Bear cousin, mentioned in passing the other night of his Tummy Ray's power to 'see into the future'.  It was suggested that Austin, who had become 'elastic' after coming in forced contact with a strange potent Steve made, along with Natasha who suffered the same fate after rubbing against Austin, might look into the Care Bear ray and see what, in the future cured the 'elasticity' condition.

Although Austin has yet to reveal what he saw in the future, and has taken no action towards curing his condition, this reporter's eagerness to record the facts of the occurrence seems to have irritated LilBit.  'Hmmph' ing and saying 'Reporters!'. his barely contained distain finally boiled over.  His eyes began to glow and with a burst, rays shot out of them focusing on this reporter's notebook, setting it afire!

Dropping the notebook, along with notes for this story, and some cool drawings of giant robots battling jet planes he made in English class, LilBit seemed satisfied that the story would not be printed.  Luckily this reporter has a fair memory and the sequence of events made this edition of the paper.

Stolen Hard Drives From Los Alamos Nuclear Facility Found

Two computer hard drives. missing from the Los Alamos Nuclear facility since it was evacuated due to wildfires last week have been found.  Authorities revealed today that a search discovered the missing drives behind a Xerox machine in the Secret 'X Area' of the facility.  Although the FBI is still investigating the case, news reports and information given exclusively to @Action News indicate that the SED's leader Morticon is the number one suspect.

Agent Elliot Friday, who gave us this information on condition of anonymity, revealed that the method of the crime, and the discovery of the hard drives near a Xerox machine indicated that no one but the SED could have been responsible.  "Who else but an SED stooge would be stupid enough to think making copies of computer discs could be done on a Xerox machine?"  It was indicated that Wallaby tracks, and what appeared to be a fur boa dragged along the ground gave further credence to the theory it was an SED job that went awry.



Well, we had an 'episode' the other night.  Morticon, with the help of a few folks attempted to start a little RP session in the Rose Garden.  A few other folks loudly and somewhat rudely expressed their desire not to participate.  Some remarks concerning the quality of the RP, and Morticon's alleged 'forcing them to participate' bordering on flaming.  As a result, feelings were hurt, a couple of folks either gave up an attempt to entertain themselves and others, or walked off in a huff.

Cries of 'I don't have to be in an RP unless I want', and 'I thought Austin wanted us to do what we enjoy, and having to be in Morticon's RP isn't what I enjoy,' went up in defense of the actions taken.  These and other arguments are valid.

The rule in a Democracy is:  The majority rules, as long as the rights of the minority are not infringed.  However, the opposite applies.  The rights of the minority cannot restrict the rights of the majority.  In the context of what occurred , this means that if you don't like what's happening in a public room, and you are in the minority, you cannot infringe upon the majority's right to enjoy the activity.  To boil it down, if you don't like Morticon's RP, or Topaz chatting about photography, or Balloonatic talking about being a clown, or Sunni and her diapers, while 'most' everyone else does, YOU are in the minority.  Calling the RP or discussion lame or stupid, or making a scene about it is infringing on the rights of the folks who ARE enjoying it.
Now, the idea isn't that you have to 'love it or leave it'.  Most of us are open minded and flexible enough to 'go along' with most any discussion or activity.  But if the only response you have is a wise crack about how it's silly, or 'you' don't like it, then just take a time out and leave the room.
I understand that Austin wants SpinDizzy to be 'fun with a sense of whimsy'.  Austin built this place, arranged to get us space on Findra's server, and has worked hard to keep the place running.  He does so in the hope that SpinDizzy can offer a place for players, and himself to 'have fun' and allow their 'sense of whimsy' to exercise  itself.  We are allowed to connect to SpinDizzy when we choose, and use the data base in almost anyway we see fit.  It costs us absolutely nothing to be here.  We get to RP, chat with friends, have discussions, and meet and make friends from all over the world who share the desire to 'muck'.  I think in return for all this, for the bandwidth, and server space, and effort to keep it running, it wouldn't kill us to give Austin at least a hint of what he is hoping SpinDizzy will be.  No, not 24 / 7 hearts and rainbows and Care Bear tummy symbols, but at least not looking for excuses to gripe about someone else's idea of fun.

You may not care, but I like SpinDizzy.  I have friends here, I get to do neat things, meet interesting folks, and be something my player isn't.  And all I have to do is to relax and have fun and encourage and respect other's right to do the same..  I'm simply saying that some folks need to widen their focus, 'go along' with the things that happen here, and look on the bright side of things rather than complain about what you don't like.  And most importantly, help make this place something like what Austin wants.  Otherwise, he could very well give up the project and leave us dodging the spam on another muck.  I don't want to see that happen. 

Argon, Editor @Action News


 You Are Cordially Invited To

The Wedding Of

Mavra and Argon

Saturday, June 24th, 2000 At 11:30PM EST


At the 'Chapel' Off Centaur Square 

On SpinDizzy Muck.

Argon and Mavra are asking all their friends from SpinDizzy and elsewhere to witness the wedding, which will be non denominational.  They do ask that proper decorum be displayed, and that poses and conversation be muted during the ceremony.

Entering ' Chapel ' will take you there. Dress (if you wear clothing) is informal for Guests.  

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